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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Hitachi Software

Starboard T-15XL, Hardware,$1,795-$1,995

This 15-inch interactive TFT display comes with XGA quality graphics and an integrated electromagnetic sensing digitizer for wireless pen-driven operation. Presenters can operate and annotate computer applications from the pen-driven display. The annotated images or data, which may be saved in different file formats, can be simultaneously displayed on rear projection or plasma displays and on any traditional screens using LCD projectors. The latest version product's software- Starboard Software 6.0-offers six electronic inks, three different pen types and personal videoconferencing capabilities. It is included on new StarBoard systems. CIRCLE #525 FOR INFORMATION


WordPerfect Office 12, Software,Education version $99.99

This office suite, now more compatible with Microsoft, aims to be a less expensive and more flexible alternative to Microsoft Office. It features WordPerfect for word processing, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets and Presentations for multimedia slide shows. Also included are an address book, a wireless office suite (to keep users connected to e-mail, and calendar functions via a mobile phone) and a template browser with 40 new templates. File compatibility enhancements have been designed to make it easier to exchange information with Microsoft Office users. Workspace Manager allows users to adjust the interface, placing toolbars and menu items exactly where they would find the Microsoft Office equivalent, as well as apply keyboard shortcuts from that suite. Compatibility toolbars assist in opening, printing, saving and publishing Microsoft Office files. Other features include Microsoft Outlook integration, navigation control for long documents and a PDF publishing tool (not requiring Adobe Acrobat). In addition, users have full control over paragraph numbering, outlines, bulleted lists and tables, with real-time previewing of formatting changes before they're done and the ability to view and edit formatting codes. CIRCLE #526 FOR MORE INFORMATION

Smart Technologies

Rear Projection Smart Board 2000i, Hardware,$7,999 (with Smarter Kids Foundation grant)

This interactive whiteboard has new, lower education pricing. Teachers can access, control or write over the top of any computer application in digital ink, including Internet resources and CD-ROMs, by using either their finger or a stylus, and save their notes to a single file. Integrated controls are accessed from the front of the unit. The screen can be lowered or raised to accommodate users of different heights. CIRCLE #527 FOR INFORMATION


Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac, Software, Approximately $135 for student/teacher edition

This software suite-with full versions of Word 2004, Excel 2004, Entourage 2004 and PowerPoint 2004-features several new tools. The Project Center helps in managing contacts, email messages, files, notes and schedules for a particular assignment from one central location. Compatibility Reports help users identify and resolve platform and version issues before they arise. Audio Notes in Word gives users the ability to record audio into their notes as they type. Animations and smoother transitions can help in creating PowerPoint presentations; more than 100 new designs are included. Students or educators can access dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias and online research sites from within each software program. In addition, Word Smart Buttons give the option to decline automatic corrections, numbering and bulleting for better control over documents. Excel features new charting tools and a new page layout view to view on screen exactly what will appear on paper (including margins, headers, footers and page count). The student and teacher edition can be installed on up to three computers. CIRCLE #528 FOR INFORMATION

Extron Electronics

MVC 121, Hardware, $325

This three-input microphone and line level mixer with volume control can be integrated into existing AV systems where centralized audio is required. Its two microphone/line level inputs and a third line level stereo input have their own volume control. The mixer also provides switchable 48V microphone phantom power to enable the use of condenser microphones. It offers two line level audio outputs. The variable output drives a power amplifier, while the fixed output is optimized for recording devices, assisted listening systems or other peripherals requiring a fixed output level. CIRCLE #529 FOR INFORMATION

NEC Solutions

VT770,Hardware, $3,195

Weighing less than eight pounds, this projector offers 3000 ANSI lumens, one-touch setup and operation, automatic vertical keystone correction for instantly square images, color-coded inputs and built-in wall color correction presets. With the projector's picture and color management capabilities, users can tailor images to accommodate personal preferences. It comes with both PC card and USB storage device slots, an input/output panel including HDTV and SDTV compatibility and built-in 5W X 2 speakers. Security features include password protection, a control panel lock, logo capture and a PC card protection key. CIRCLE #530 FOR INFORMATION


Solid Ultra,

Hardware, $1,995

This projector is suitable for small conference rooms and classrooms. Its features include 1500 ANSI lumens, whisper mode, a separate monitor output, an input for component video and connection points for any device, such as a PC or DVD player. While HDTV compatible, it also offers an IR remote control with mouse function, digital zoom and freeze frame tools along with optimized video playback by integrated de-interlacer. CIRCLE #531 FOR INFORMATION


PB6200, Hardware,$1,795

Features of this XGA digital projector include a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1700 ANSI lumens and a native resolution of 1024 x 768. While it supports resolutions from 640 x 350 up to 1280 x 1024 and 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, it's also compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM and NTSC 4.43 video systems. The projector supports 16.7 mil lion color palettes and includes foursegment color wheels to ensure accurate color reproduction. The optical engine lifetime exceeds 100,000 hours while the lamp life is up to 2,000 hours. CIRCLE #532 FOR INFORMATION

Elmo Manufacturing Corp.

HV-5100XG Visual Presenter, Hardware, $3,450

With high resolution XGA output, this digital model features an 18x power zoom lens with a 2x digital extender for extreme close-ups, auto focus and full auto-iris capability. Combined with an 850K pixel 1/3-inch CCD, it reproduces color-accurate still and real-time moving images and text as small as 10 pt. Other benefits include a special frame accumulation mode that eliminates artifacts for the clearest possible images. A RGB downcoverter converts RGB signals into video signals for output to standard video input devices, such as videoconferencing and distance learning systems. CIRCLE #533 FOR INFORMATION


4x4 DVI Matrix Switch, Hardware, $2,499

This product combines multiple, crossplatform DVI video sources with multiple DVI displays to create an integrated environment without networking or patching cords. It may be used with digital video sources, displays and projectors that use DVI connectors to send and receive visual data. When used with computers, it accommodates a keyboard/mouse connection via an USB connector that is switched for each source along with the video. The unit comes with an IR remote control and creates four flexible workstations in which each source is routed to one of the four displays. CIRCLE #534 FOR INFORMATION


101 Best Web Sites for District

Leaders, Book, $26.95-$29.95 (based on ISTE membership)

This spiral-bound directory organizes useful Web sites into sections for each central office department-business, educational services, personnel, legal services and superintendent's office (a section featuring DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION's site). Each single-page entry includes a site description and links to related information. The book also contains sections on Internet basics and National Educational Technology Standards. CIRCLE #535 FOR MORE INFORMATION

Information Today

AV Marketplace 2004, Book, $199

(plus S/H)

This business directory contains 8,500 updated listings of video, multimedia, virtual reality, computer graphics, digital audio, presentation software and more. Extensive search options help guide users through the more than 1,250 product and service categories. A company directory details more than 7,000 companies. CIRCLE #536 FOR INFORMATION


PowerLite S1+

Hardware, $999

This multimedia projector uses three LCD panels to project a wide variety of computer and video images with rich color saturation and full-time color. It offers 1400 ANSI-lumens, SVGA 800 x 600 native resolution, a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a lamp rated at 2,000 hours. Weighing seven pounds, the projector is equipped with a monitor-out feature, which displays the image on the screen six seconds after the power button is pressed. Also new is the Epson PowerLite 9300i SXGA projector ($11,299), which delivers 1100:1 contrast ratio, 2500 ANSI lumens and a 7,000-hour bulb life. It features 1.4" LCDs and a 33dB, as well as a new onscreen interface called Quick Corner that lets users make keystone corrections to compensate for a room's alignment. Power-On Protect requires the use of a password to turn on the projector, while a timer function allows for time limits on usage. Logo Protect projects the user's logo when the projector is turned on. CIRCLE #537 FOR INFORMATION

Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard Content System, Software,

$20,000 and up/year

This content management application includes capabilities in four key areas: learning content management, e-portfolio management, virtual hard drive management and library digital asset management. It allows users to share and reuse large volumes of individual content assets across courses, organizations and institutions as well as assemble, present and share information within online portfolios for students or staff to use in academic growth documentation, career evaluation and course preparation. It also creates an interactive environment for faculty to search, access and incorporate digital library resources for use in course preparation. CIRCLE #538 FOR INFORMATION

QuickLogix International

NetControl 1.0 Advanced Package, Software, Site license $795 and up

This software tool assists users in controlling and maintaining projectors and plasma displays over an ordinary TCP/IP network. Designed to run in 24/7 applications, it allows users to control their equipment from another location and do maintenance remotely from a computer without actually seeing the AV device. Other features include a theft control function with e-mail messaging to regular e-mail accounts or digital cell phones. The software also generates customized event schedules and status reports for AV equipment so that lamp life can be tracked and projectors can be turned on and off at specified times. CIRCLE #539 FOR INFORMATION


TLP-S70U, Hardware, $1,399

This projector offers 2,000 ANSI lumens along with a variety of multimedia features, such as composite and S-video inputs, audio in, an internal speaker, a standard remote and one-touch auto set-up. A special monitor output connector allows users to view presentations from both the projected image and an external display. The TLP-T70MU projector ($1,999) provides similar features, such as composite and S-video inputs, 2,000 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution. Users can also add sound, and a special output connector allows them to view their content from a monitor. CIRCLE #540 FOR INFORMATION


Oasys Online, Software, Approximately $500 per user/year

This software suite, which monitors the progress of children with disabilities, aims to streamline the process of creating individualized education programs. It automates the process of writing customized IEPs, evaluation findings and all other required forms and records needed for these students. Other features include an automatic inspection process for checking the accuracy and completion of the entire IEP. In addition, the software enables staff members to communicate student progress in real time and ensure that IEP team participants have instance access to IEP changes. CIRCLE #541 FOR INFORMATION