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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Maupin House Publishing

Flip for Comprehension

Book, $27.95

The freestanding, tabletop design of this book allows teachers to use the text in the classroom as a stand-alone literacy center to foster both shared and independent reading and writing. The book includes 55 reading comprehension activities to fit either expository or narrative texts that can be done before, during or after class reading. From distinguishing the difference between fact and opinion to discovering connections between the reader and the text, this is a comprehensive and self-contained approach to reading comprehension instruction. The book is also available in Spanish.

Crick Software

Clicker 5 Macintosh version

Software, starts at $199/single user

This writing and creativity tool for K-6 students is now Macintosh OSX-compatible. It incorporates the latest technology, such as all of the popular Mac multimedia capabilities, by providing easily integrated digital photos, MP3 files and QuickTime movies. Switch users can use it to create their own talking books and record their own sounds with help from a new speech engine that produces natural-sounding speech. Educators can also access free curriculum materials on the product's LearningGrids Web site.

Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.

Spectrum 520 School Intercom System, System, Starts from $10,000

The system now offers remote programming. Using a local area network and a serial to Ethernet adapter, a PC in one building can now program a bell schedule for the intercom system in another building. The system supports a full range of school communication functions including classroom-to-administration intercom, class change signals, safety tones, multi-zone paging and program distribution. The product line offers hands-free, digital duplex voice communications for a wide range of applications including parking facilities, school campuses and public areas.

ProCon Digital Systems

PC-DVD-1LS, Hardware, $499

This product is a 1 Reader to 1 Target DVD/CD duplicator that allows users to burn DVD or CD discs from their computer. It features LightScribe, which enables educators to burn artwork on compatible media with the drive's laser to create professional quality CDs and DVDs without the need for an expensive, stand-alone disc printer. Another new product the PC-DVD-4LS 4 Writer DVD/CD Duplication with LightScribe Disc Printing ($999), allows users to simultaneously burn up to four DVDs or CDs from their computer.

Planar Systems, Inc.

PR3010 projector,, Hardware, $699

The company introduced three new projectors that each feature 4,000 hours of lamp life, a top-loading lamp location, embedded five-watt SPL speakers, full-featured laser remote control and DLP technology. The PR 3010 projector delivers 2500 lumens; the PR3020 ($999) also provides 2500 lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The PR5020 ($1399) delivers 3000 lumens of brightness and enhanced connectivity with DVI input. A fourth projector-the PR6020 ($1,399)-is mobile, weighs less than three pounds and delivers 2000 lumens and 2200:1 contrast ratio.

Wireless Generation


Software/Hardware, Starts at $2750/school annually

Users can use the Web site to select standards to focus on, then print out scoring forms with a special dot pattern that guides their digital pen's data capture. Using this paper and pen developed by Anoto, users can mark each school on those standards and record additional observations. The pen has an infrared camera that records and time-stamps every mark made on the forms. Reviewers sync the pens to upload the collected information to a secure Web site. After reaching consensus on scoring decisions, then they produce a comprehensive final report with recommendations for school improvement.


Achievement Series,, Web-based program, $5-$9 per student/year

This content-neutral, online testing platform helps educators develop and administer online and paper tests. With the new item editor, educators can enter item content, properties, standards and passages all on one screen, streamlining the item entry process. Users can also duplicate certain properties or standards to the next item. Educators can also use the new version of the Performance Series ($6-$15 per student/year), as a diagnostic for student placement and progress reporting. Districts can also track student growth and trends from year to year and use the data for instructional decisions.

Dukane Corporation

LeaderBoard,, Hardware, starts at $1,399

A new interactive whiteboard is available from Dukane. This version comes in 62- and 77-inch sizes, has a multimedia pen for mouse functions and works with Windows and Mac. The LB62 is $1,399.00 and the LB77 is $1,599.00. It can be paired with the AirSlate, a Bluetooth enabled wireless slate, which can be used to control the LeaderBoard. It also comes with a multimedia pen and sells for $499. Both units ship with Virtual WhiteBoard software.

Florida Virtual School

Virtual School Administrator, Performance Management System, Starts at $4,500

This system provides the tools needed to manage the operations of an online learning program. It tracks overall performance through monitoring activities in four areas: student performance and data management; student registration and enrollment management; role-based reporting; and communications. Features include complete online course registration and status-driven admission system with options for fixed or rolling enrollment, automated classroom assignment process to place wait-listed students according to desired parameters and the ability to set caps to maintain desired teacher/student ratio.

Relatrix Corp.

EZEnterprise,, Online Software, $1 per student/year

This software help schools standardize content across school Web sites, provide common online communication functionality and centralize their list of stakeholders. The online contact center includes eNewsletters, emergency notifications, surveys, event calendars, opt-in groups and categories, searchable knowledgebase and e-mail response management. Users can also update their own information on any website, and the information is updated everywhere. They can also sign-up for district-wide notification groups or school-specific groups at their school's Web site.

Lego Education

Science and Technology Set,, Set, $83

This machine set-designed for fourth-graders on up-enables students to develop skills in scientific inquiry, physical science, technology, teamwork, problem solving and creativity in an engaging way. Students behave as scientists, exploring problems, inventing their own solutions, studying forces and motion, simple machines, measurement, energy, magnetism and more. With the activity pack, students can complete 12, 45-minute lessons and 12 extension activities. It includes reproducible worksheets, teacher notes and a CD-ROM containing helpful animations.

Bridges Transitions Inc.

Choices Planner (bilingual version)

Online Software, Starts from $365/annually

The software enables students to compare, connect and choose education and career options in either English or Spanish. This version has also been enriched with a more comprehensive suite of professional tools, enabling educators to achieve greater accountability with valuable insight into student plans and progress. Supplementary resources for parents extend the program beyond the classroom and into the home, helping to facilitate greater parental involvement in the career planning process.

Toshiba Digital Products Division

Satellite P105-S9722,, Hardware, $1,999

This notebook features a 17-inch diagonal widescreen TruBrite display, Intel Duo Mobile platform and the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS card with 256 MB of graphics memory. Other models featuring Intel's Core 2 Duo Processor are the Satellite A105 series ($750-$1,499) with truBrite technology, a DVD SuperMulti drive that reads and writes in up to 11 formats and DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM memory. The Satellite R25-S3513 ($1,499) allows users to work with a traditional keyboard or rotate and fold the screen down for use as a Tablet PC with digital pen-based input and control.

AOL, Search tool, Free

This search tool helps K-12 students with their homework by offering grade-appropriate resources. While students can enter sentences to find the most relevant information, it customizes material to each student's grade level and homework needs. It connects students with more than one million pieces of content and includes online folders where students can save searches and content and share the saved items with siblings and parents. The technology also incorporates a suite of learning services ($4.95 per month), each designed to improve students' proficiency in areas where they may require additional assistance.

TOA Electronics, Inc.

5000 Series,

Hardware, $622-$692

This series of wireless microphone systems operate in the 692-722 Mhz band with up to 16 simultaneous systems. Transmitter options include the WM-5220 condenser handheld, WM-5320 Lapel, WM-5320H vocal headset and WM-5320A aerobic headset. Each transmitter is powered by a single AA battery for 10 hours of continuous operation. Receiver models include the WT-5800 true diversity 64-channel wireless tuner, WT-5805 space diversity 64-channel wireless tuner and the portable WT-5810 space diversity 16-channel wireless tuner.

Teacher's College Press

Forever After: New York City Teachers on 9/11, Book, $17.95

New York teachers, school leaders and students wrote this collection of 9/11 stories. It brings into clear focus the enormous responsibility that teachers and administrators face every day and addresses the crucial role they play in helping students make sense of the world. In addition, two eminent educators offer their views on September 11 and its impact on the lives of teachers and students.

Sound Advance

FastMount Speakers

Hardware, $280-$620/pair

These three surface-mount models-FMS530, FMS660 and FMS860-feature 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch and 8-inch polypropylene woofers, respectively, with a 1-inch polyurethane dome tweeter and sophisticated crossover circuitry that yields accurate, foreground-quality sound reproduction. Each incorporates a built-in 60-watt multitap, 70-volt transformer with power taps at 3dB intervals and an 8-ohm bypass. All three speakers come with rugged drivers, cabinet enclosures, electronics that are engineered for weather resistance and FastMount, which permits snap-in setup in a wide array of situations as close as one-inch to the mounting surface with 180 degree pivotability.



Hardware, $1,495

This flexible neck camera offers high resolution output signals for RCA, USB, VGA and RJ-45 network connection. Applied Vision software is included for a USB connection, which allows notating on images, video streaming, capturing, editing and exporting of images and movies. The RJ-45 network output works with Internet Explorer and does not require any localized software. Other features include a touch pad for managing an XGA connection, brightening or darkening images, switching between a positive and negative image, mirroring or freezing images, controlling the iris and creating split screen images.

Valiant USA


Hardware, $279.95

This educational robot now features Bluetooth wireless technology to offer more instructional flexibility and provide students with new learning opportunities. Students learn math, science, technology and geography as they formulate and test programs to make the robot accomplish various tasks. It motivates them to learn and transfer abstract concepts to the concrete, enhancing their understanding of the subject matter. With supplementary software, educators can also connect it to interactive whiteboards, laptops and computers, program it via computer rather than its onboard keypad, and record and compare the robot's journeys.

BarCharts, Inc.

QuickStudy Books,, Books, $6.95 each

These eight new books cover key information on tough subjects that include algebra, American history, biology, chemistry, English, geometry, medical terminology and Spanish. Other new products include the Atlas of Human Anatomy ($24.95), which features never before seen body parts and uses a color-tabbed system for quick reference, and QuickStudy Flash Cards ($12.95), also with a color-coded tabbed system. Each box contains 1,000 cards covering French vocabulary, medical abbreviations, medical terminology and Spanish vocabulary., Online Service, Free

This service helps schools accept any kind of payment ranging from lunch money to book, athletic or lab fees through credit and debit cards. Administrators can view all transactions processed in their office and by parents at home. Reports-which can be printed out-include monthly totals of account information. Emails are also sent out with each monetary transfer and end of the month report. Almost all funds are transferred to the school through ACH wire transfer. While the service is free for schools, card users pay a small fee.


mm28 Portable Loudspeaker,, Hardware, $59.99

Featuring NXT's patented flat panel loudspeaker technology, these speakers were designed for use with MP3 players, CD players, laptops or any other device with a 3.5mm audio jack. At 1.25-inches slim, the speaker cover rotates to form the stand and its input cable is recessed into the rear of the product. It can be powered by the main adapter or four AA batteries, which provide up to 45 hours of music.

Hamilton Electronics

Wireless Classroom Sound Reinforcement

Hardware, $249.95

This speaker and microphone system includes a wireless lapel microphone for the teacher, a wireless transmitter, receiver and two speakers. Unlike other amplification systems, it's portable, sets up in minutes and can be moved from class to class. Used throughout the entire classroom or in small group learning, with or without headphones, it can produce significant improvement in student listening behaviors, academic achievement and comprehension of oral directions. Since the system is wireless, it also increases teacher mobility while decreasing vocal strain and fatigue.

Honest Technology, Inc., VHS to DVD Deluxe,

Software, $99.99 (with $20 manufacturer rebate)

This software converts less reliable and less accessible storage and educational recordings to DVD format. It provides the tools needed to transfer videos of school programs, sports events, theatrical productions, ceremonies and competitions into VCD, SVCD or DVD format for greater durability and preservation. Users can also convert home videos to DVD/CD movies or other recordings with a few clicks. Advanced scene editing tools enable users to also record movies and delete unwanted scenes, add special effects, titles and chapter points with digital quality.


Education Resource Center,, Online resource, free

Users will see sample surveys, learn surveying techniques, and find helpful tips, such as: keep it short and focused. The zPro for Education product allows users to send out an unlimited number of surveys, provides customizable templates or build-your-own surveys (which can be saved online), the ability to email the survey or link to a web page, and real time reports in graph form. Education pricing is $350/year. If there are less than 100 respondents, teachers can send a survey for free.

Curriculum Associates

Professional Development Course,, Course, Free

This one-hour online course for teachers consists of three lessons. The first explains the research behind higher-order thinking skills and how students benefit from employing critical thinking, creative thinking and metacognition. The second lesson enables users to assess their own teaching styles as they relate to higher-order thinking, see how higher-order thinking fits into all curriculum areas and learn ways to integrate it into lessons. The last part contains downloadable lesson plans and problem-solving and decision-making activities that build on students' prior knowledge and promote inquiry to foster high-order thinking skills.


VITA 8000S,

Hardware, Starts at $1295

Standard features of this all-in-one computer include an Intel Celeron D, Pentium 4 or Pentium D processor supporting dual core processing, 802.11b, g WLAN support, onboard Intel Gbit LAN and high quality video with integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics accelerator. The system can easily be expanded with four USB 2.0 ports, two PCMCIA Type II slots or one PCMCIA Type III slot, slim ODD and FDD options and legacy PS/2, serial and parallel ports. The display has a tilt range from -5 to +25 degrees and a swivel range of 180 degrees.


Print-Limit Pro 6.2, Software, $995 (unlimited site license)

This latest version can be installed on Mac OS X servers, allowing educators to manage printing across large, multi-platform environments. Schools can print when needed, while managing resources, recovering printing expenses and dramatically reducing paper and toner budgets. Easily scalable to networks serving more than 20,000 users, it supports all major operating systems and features an intuitive Web interface, advanced budgeting and reporting tools. Customers with active annual support and upgrade protection packages can download a free update.

Class One Software

QuizMaker Pro 6.0

Software, Registrations are $19.95/single; $119/site

This assessment tool can create, archive, administer, grade and analyze multiple choice, matching and short answer quizzes. Users can also edit previous tests, link tests of different kinds together to be graded as one and have the computer administer the tests, notify students of their scores, allow them to review missed questions and see scores in a file accessible only to the teacher. Pictures, movies, sounds and explanations can accompany each question. Tests can also be exported for formatting in a word processor.

Laureate Learning Systems

Nouns & Sounds Sterling Edition

Software, $125 per CD

This program was designed for children and adults with language-learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and autism. It teaches them to match 100 nouns with the sounds they make. A single switch option provides accessibility to those with physical impairments and an audible scanning option accommodates individuals with visual impairments. Its Optimized Intervention feature selects appropriate training material and adjusts instructional support in relation to emerging skills and competencies.

Another new product-Sterling Administration System-enables educators to build and maintain student files, individualize program settings and analyze performance.

Gateway, Inc.

E-4610 Desktop

Hardware, Starts at $939

This computer includes Intel's Q965 chipset with support for integrated RAID, Intel's Core 2 Duo processor, vPro with active management technology and the latest hardware security standard, Trusted Platform Module 1.2. Offering both integrated DVI and VGA ports, users can connect their monitor to the DVI port for superior video clarity or view presentation notes on one monitor and the actual slide show on another or see an enlarged version of a single application or image spread across two monitors.


eCommerce Service

Subscription Service, 8% monthly fee

This subscription-based service offers a customized fundraising solution for any school. As soon as their online store is created, schools can begin accepting credit cards. Features include immediate access to funds without monthly withdrawal limits. No merchant account is required. The company hosts the site, handles all the technical aspects of getting an eCommerce site running and completes all credit card processing so there is little need for volunteer staff. The monthly charge covers all credit card fees for transactions with Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.