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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software


Washable Keyboard, Hardware, $49.99 to $79.99

Two common problems-dust settling on the keyboard and lots of people touching the keys-are addressed with these new keyboards. Specially designed with SpillSeal technology, the keyboard is sealed against liquid or airborne penetration. This allows for repeated immersion in water as well as frequent applications of commercial disinfectants without compromising effectiveness or user- friendly touch and feel. Corded and wireless versions of keyboards and mice are available.


CP-X251 Projector

Hardware, $2,295

The CP-X251 ($2,295) and CP-X1 ($999) continue the company's CP-X line of projectors. Both units have 2000 ANSI lumens and a transition detector, which locks the projector if moved, rendering it inoperable until the proper PIN is entered. The CP-X251 also allows users to customize the names of individual input sources, features two RGB inputs, MyScreen/MyMemory preset options, and a remote control with MyButtons function. Presenters can also automatically resize special resolutions or undetectable wide-size resolution images and set them to the best position on the screen using customizable resolution. The CP-X1 is 3.9 pounds and features a wide-angle lens, allowing presenters to place the projector close to the screen to avoid obstruction of the image. It contains a USB reader, which simplifies the connection process by eliminating the need to connect a laptop to the projector.


EtherneTV Media Distribution System 4.0, System, $12,500

This turnkey platform to record, stream, and manage digital video across Internet Protocol (IP) networks has received a major upgrade. This upgrade includes access logging, which allows administrators to manage compliance reporting and copyright enforcement automatically, by tracking user access and recording of live and stored video assets. Another new administrative feature enables IT staff to manage their enterprise-wide video networks centrally without increasing staff size. Expanded wizard/help functions simplify navigation of content and special features, and VBPresenter enables users to incorporate PowerPoint and other rich media into video presentations. The system now also stores rich media on its portal server. The software upgrade is free for customers that have the VBsafe services contract.


Online application, $500

School districts can install this online help desk on their own Windows servers. When teachers experience a technology problem, they submit an online ticket alerting their IT department. Tech staff can then sort through the trouble tickets and assign and schedule maintenance. School Help Desk tracks problems, logs their status, groups similar problems together and can create several different reports that simplify the process of managing IT issues and maintenance. IT departments can also write self-help modules to cover the most frequent problems that arise.


Google Apps for Education

Web-based software, Free

Email, instant messaging and an online calendar are all captured in one area. The free, hosted service can be customized with a school's logo, colors and content. Administrators appreciate that accounts can be added, removed or suspended in bulk. The product is open source, and it can run on a variety of operating systems.


PowerCam Presenter, Hardware, $1,195

Teachers leading combined live and online classes will have the freedom to roam with this camera. The presenter wears an ultrasonic locator, which allows the wireless camera to automatically track, focus and zoom, keeping the presenter in the center of the screen. Users can also store four preset framing options, or control movement with a remote control. It can be used with any video conferencing system. The company has also released the Polycom HDX and VSX Ceiling Microphone Arrays. The ceiling mounted units offer 360-degree room coverage, easy installation and adjustable drop height. Suggested price is $1,195.


FlexSmart card readers

Hardware, $165 to $610

A new line of smart card readers is now available. FlexSmart MIFARE HID Format Secure Reader (6075), FlexSmart MIFARE Custom Reader (6076) and FlexSmart DESFire Custom Reader (6077) are interoperable and ISO 14443A-compliant for card interoperability. Users have the option of using the readers "out of the box" or having them customized. They work at new and existing installations.


App-Control Classroom

Management Software

Plug-in software, $3 per student computer, Site license starts at $375

Designed for Vision classroom management software, teachers can now start the entire class on the same assignment by sharing and opening a document simultaneously on student computers in either standard or kiosk mode. Kiosk mode limits students to working within one or more applications selected by the teacher. Surf-Lock2-offered at the same price-enables teachers to turn classroom browsing on or off from their computer with a single click, allow students access to only selected Web sites, and instantly stop or limit Web browsing for a single student or entire class.


Informational Pamphlets, Pamphlets, Free

Four new titles have been added to the Filtering Out Confusion series of informational pamphlets. Designed for HVAC and facilities maintenance professionals, the pamphlets cover the health and business costs of poor air quality, ways to reduce energy costs, the role of air quality in LEED certification, and panel filters. The pamphlets are a free download from the Kimberly-Clark resource center, but registration is required.


2300 Notebook Series

Hardware, $849.99 to $949.99

This new line of 12-inch widescreen notebooks includes dual-core processing and Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Education. Incorporating AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology, it can handle complex 3D simulations, streaming media files, large database management, video editing and sophisticated user interfaces. Other features include 1GB of high speed DDR2 memory, a 100GB high speed SATA hard drive, a dual layer DVD burner, built-in 802.11 b/g wireless networking and an integrated 4-in-1 media reader that supports SD, MS, MMC and MS Pro media formats for easy transfer of digital photos.

GTCO CalComp

InterWrite PRS upgrade

A software upgrade is available for this student response clicker system. The latest version, Response, supports over 14 different languages and features a new, sleeker user interface to make it easier for educators to use. It is also now compatible with Intel Mac and Linux, as well as Windows and MAC OS X. Another new feature is the roster "wizard," which allows users to easily merge any class roster into the system. Existing users can upgrade for free.

Audible Magic

Education and Administration Module

Software, Varies depending on number of users

There is a new way to respond to the recording and movie industries' rampage about illegal file sharing. This module is an add-on to CopySense Appliance, which automatically detects and stops illegal downloads and transfers, while still allowing legitimate P2P traffic. Penalties escalate from notifying the user of the restricted action, to totally blocking network access. Education modules about copyright laws are also an option. The system can be customized to comply with institution policy. Users must have CopySense Appliance in place, which starts at $12,000. Pricing for the Education Module varies depending on the number of users; 500 users cost $1,400 annually, 5,000 users cost $5,000 annually, and 15,000 users cost $11,000 annually.

ClassLink, Inc.


Software, Annual Subscription: $1,415/up to 3,000 students

This tool can synchronize a school's active directory user list to its student information system. It can identify bad log-in accounts, correct missing information in the active directory and fix the organization unit paths from a user-friendly interface. It's compatible with Windows 2000 active directory and above and can be used an unlimited number of times during the school year as needed.

InterAct Public Safety Systems

School Safety Starter Kit

System, $9,995

This package includes the TrueSentry digital video surveillance system and MissionMode emergency notification system. The kit comes with four network IP cameras and a TrueSentry network video recorder. Integrated motion detection triggers recording onto a hard drive, eliminating the need to store or replace VHS tapes and speeding video review times. In the event of an incident, automatic alerts can be sent to key school coordinators so they can respond quickly. Also included is the MissionMode alert notification system with an unlimited number of free "Parent Profiles." In the event of an emergency, pre-recorded messages can be sent to student emergency contacts within minutes with critical information. The kit can also be integrated into local dispatch centers to quickly communicate an emergency to local law enforcement. Response teams can take control of live cameras to get a current view of the situation to plan a faster and more effective response.

Maupin House Publishing

Desk-level Writing

Curriculum Guides

Program, $2,699 for six-teacher pack

Writing instruction of all assessed genres from kindergarten through eighth grade is supported by this new grade-level specific program. The curriculum includes instructional levels that naturally differentiate instruction for general descriptive writing skills, as well as information expository, literature response, personal narrative, procedural/how-to, opinion, fictional narrative, comparison, and persuasive genres. Included are Target Skills for all genres; pacing charts; organizers for planning, teaching and assessing writing; study group supports; lesson plan scaffolds; and a CD with K-8 writing samples and other classroom supports. The program includes a set of 16 instructional and workshop videos, professional books, and facilitator's library. Free samples are available.


InformationNOW Data Management System, Online system, Starts at $15 per student

This Web-based data management system now includes a next-generation student information system that enables educators to collect, analyze and report student data, and connect school improvements to the needs of students. Educators can search multiple data sets and integrate data to produce informative reports, select packaged reports or use the program's query tools to create customized reports. The system also includes modules that are tailored for administrators, teachers, parents and nurses to track a wide range of school information, such as demographics, enrollment, attendance, grades, discipline, and federal and state reporting requirements.


ClassLink OnTrack

Online program, Annual subscription starts at $3,995

This program provides a curriculum mapping tool and compiles an electronic collection of student work tied to rubrics and standards. Teachers, administrators and parents can review students' portfolios, determine how to better support their learning, and identify their skills, subject area proficiencies, and achievement of state and national standards. It also enables the automated update and distribution of district curriculum, lesson plans and grading rubrics.

I-Control Academic Programs

Writing Tutorial System

Tutorial, approximately $549.99

Every mode of writing from narrative and persuasive to business letters is covered in the program, which is aligned with the Six Traits of Writing Assessment. It slows down the writing process and enables students to focus on creativity, composition writing sentence by sentence, the development of ideas, and the use of literary devices, such as personification, hyperbole, similes and metaphors. The set includes a teacher manual, 20 student handbooks and 20 student notebooks, additional student handbook/notebook bundles are available.

Lucid Data Corporation

PDExpress 2007

Software, Starts at $12.50 per teacher

This professional development management software system was designed to help K12 educators manage, track and report all facets of their professional development and NCLB programs. This latest version creates workflow processes for custom Web-based forms, identifies approval levels and unique routing paths, tracks the approval process for specific forms and offers automated e-mails and alert messages. Other features include enhanced course registration and enrollment management that automatically manages enrollment and scheduling conflicts, custom Web-based forms and pages, and support for active directory and LDAP services.


Video Management System

Software, $50 to $165 per camera

The software allows users to capture, review and manage video from multiple locations, as well as access live and archived video from a PC. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with an existing IT network and is scalable to an unlimited number of users and cameras. The Windows-based platform allows users to display live video while still working in other applications and to assign user privileges. It offers secure remote access and has a flexible recording schedule.

Library Video Company

Safari Montage

WAN Manager

Software, Base price $2,995, plus $299/school

A district's video-on-demand functions can be centralized using this product. It can deliver true digital media management over a wide area network regardless of each school's bandwidth. Users can store, manage and access digital video from one central location. It comes with a licensed video package, and users can also create, upload, store, disseminate and manage digital video content created in-house. It runs on Safari Montage WAN-1000 10-bay Dual Xeon Processor Server, which costs $12,995.


TLP-XC2500U, Hardware, $1,539

With the ability to be both a projector and document camera, this unit fills two needs. Users extend an integrated arm to access the camera, which has

3-megapixel resolution, 16x zoom and built-in LED light. The projector features 2500 ANSI lumens, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, and 400:1 contrast ratio. For security, the unit won't operate without the proper password. It also has auto set-up, quick cool down, and low operating noise. If transformers aren't your style, the company has also released the wireless TDP-TW100U, which has 2700 lumens and retails for $1,699.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Forensics Science Kit, Curriculum, $210

Developed by a former forensic examiner, this nine-kit series uses actual case-based examples that teachers can use to supplement instruction. Students investigate handprints, invent their own fingerprint classification, process evidence and prepare classroom exhibits. These activities help build a student's scientific inquiry skills through observation, classification, analysis and communicating conclusions. Designed to supplement middle school textbooks, each kit includes instructor guides, PowerPoint presentations, overhead transparencies, leveled operative exercises and materials for 150 students.


LCD projectors

Hardware, Starts from $3,695

The XG-C330X projector offers power saving features, theft deterrent capabilities, color accuracy, 3300 ANSI lumens and image detail via three polysilicon LCDs. In addition to four optional lenses, it also includes ImageACE Resizing and autoSYNC, which ensure that projected images are uniform, regardless of signal source. Other features include a built-in LAN terminal, low power mode, DVI-D input with HDCP compatibility for further PC/Video connectivity, and two RGB or component inputs. The XG-C430X also offers these features but delivers 4000 ANSI lumens and is priced at $5,495.

Bytes of Learning Inc.

WebArrow, Webconferencing, $30 per month/5-named user license

This service accommodates 2 to 100 or more participants at a time. Participants need headphones with microphone and a medium- or high-speed Internet connection. They can collaborate on a single document in real time or perform tasks on another person's computer. In large groups, the moderator can set the session on push-to-talk mode, which allows participants to speak on demand by clicking the talk button. Participants can also ask questions with the built-in chat tool or raise their hand to speak.


PowerVault MD1000

Storage enclosure, Starts from $4,200

This direct-attached storage enclosure is designed to give users significant gains in bandwidth, capacity and performance. Incorporating 3.5-inch SAS drives, users can achieve four times greater bandwidth versus traditional SCSI drives, increase their data throughput by 30 percent and double their storage capacity. The new Dell/EMC CX UltraScale series, which includes the CX3-20, CX3-40 and CX3-80, provides an end-to-end 4-gigabit architecture that can support Fibre Channel, iSCSl1 protocols and up to 480 drives, equaling 239 terabytes and up to 256 high-availability hosts. Price starts at $27,000.

Pearson Education

Teacher's Interpretive Guide/PASeries, Assessment program, $7.74-$19.74 per student

This online or paper-based assessment program now includes separate guides for teachers and parents to help them understand assessment results and how to use the data to improve teaching and learning for students. The guides focus on the program's Student History and Forecast Report, the Class History and Forecast Report, and the Items Analysis Report. They also include information about the Lexile Framework for Reading and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, the reading and math measurement scales used in the program.


Criterion Online Writing Evaluation v7.1, Software, Annual student subscription:

$15 (minimum order of $1,000)

Upgrades to this new version include enhanced user features and improvements to the company's e-rater scoring engine, which is the technology behind its online learning tool that evaluates student essays. Intended for use by students in middle and high school, the software detects run-on sentences and missing commas and has expanded its sentence fragment detection. It also analyzes and provides feedback about the technical quality of a student's thesis statement as well as how that statement reflects the assigned topic. Students also have the option to plan their essay online using eight plan types, ranging from an outline to a cause and effect essay. Entries on the plan screen automatically populate to the essay screen. Other highlights include a split-screen window during the revision phase, additional resources in easy-to-use tabs for students, a systems requirement check and report enhancements.

Sunburst Technology

Write Brain

Online program, $2,000/per building

Designed for students in grades 2 through 8, this writing program provides a progressive and complete presentation of writing skills with more than 150 educational writing prompts. Teachers can select prepared lessons; create their own lessons and writing prompts; or edit existing lessons from their school, district or the program's online community, correlating each lesson to state standards. Students also receive guidance and key strategies on all steps of the writing process, including brainstorming, organizing, drafting, editing, revising and publishing.


AppStream 5.1

Software, $49.00 per seat

AppStream allows any Windows application to be distributed or streamed to a PC, then executed by the user without the need for local software installs. It serves as an automated license management platform that ensures license compliance and helps IT administrators prevent piracy, and it optimizes use of software assets. It also offers third party software virtualization support for its streaming customers, and performance enhancements of up to 40 percent on first use of all packaged applications. It speeds up the application packaging process by making greater use of default settings.

Find the Fun Productions/Howard Egger-Bovet

Bundle of Compromises, DVD, $79.99

This American history production features humorous theatrical vignettes, original music, drama, puppetry and interactive critical thinking questions designed to teach students in grades 6-9 about the importance of laws, the Magna Carta and the struggle of this country's Founding Fathers to write the U.S. Constitution. It also integrates history with math, language arts and geography to show students how historical events relate to their everyday lives. By bringing together a variety of instructional techniques, the DVD also meets the diverse population in the classroom.


My Teacher Pages, Online system, Starts at $20 annually per account for multiple accounts

Teachers can use this system to create, customize and update their own Web pages with a range of features, such as calendars, booklists and quizzes. Average training time is two hours. The system also automatically moves teachers' web pages when they're transferred to other schools and updates their Web site with the new schools' logos and other key details. In addition to providing teacher sites, the company also provides other technology that allows school districts and individual schools to place an array of functions online, such as policy manuals and school newspapers, to reduce their use of printed paper.

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