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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

SMART Technologies

SMART Board displays, Hardware,$3,299

These two new 40" SMART Board for flat-panel display interactive overlays are touch-sensitive for large-area LCD panels. The overlays support the NECMitsubishi LCD4000 and Clarity Bobcat II LCD panels. The overlays, which help educators to engage students' interest and increase lesson retention, feature Digital Vision Touch technology and are powered by SMART Board software. Pressing the overlay's touchsensitive surface allows access and control of computer-based information. Users can also write notes over the top of any application in ink and edit, save and print those notes. Districts may apply for a grant worth 30 percent of list price. CIRCLE #525 FOR INFORMATION

Failure Free Reading

Failure Free Reading, Internet,

$999/year (up to six students)-$9,999/year (more than 100 students)

This Web-based program of age-appropriate reading materials and interactive software emphasizes the use of word repetition, appropriate sentence structure and meaningful story content. The program includes The Plight of the Phonetically Deaf: Hope and Help for the Sight Reader, a book by literacy expert Joe Lockavitch. It looks at children who are phonetically deaf-that is, those who "can hear, but [who] cannot make sense of the letter sounds that make up words." The book suggests that whole word, linguistics and whole language approaches don't always work for these students.



On-Net Surveillance Systems, $1,995 (including transmitter and one receiver)

NetMatrix's new software will allow a school to respond immediately to emergency situations that have been captured on CCTV. The new software from On-Net Surveillance Systems allows live video from any installed security camera to be forced to designated display monitors at the principal's office, campus security, school district headquarters, or police and emergency services. It can be set to trigger if a door or window is opened, equipment is tampered with, or unusual activity is detected in a restricted area. The NetMatrix-controlled camera will force a live video feed to pre-designated workstation PCs. And using the automatic setting allows a school to force video to a central security service at night, weekends or during holidays. And police and emergency services can receive video as soon as an event occurs. To install it, users will need to buy the NetMatrix Base, which includes transmitter and one receiver.


PLUS Vision

M-series, Hardware,$2,095

This series of electronic copyboards allow text and drawings to be copied directly from the board's surface to a memory card, which eliminates the need to connect to a PC. The copyboard also allows information to be written on the whiteboardlike surface and then printed on plain paper in four colors, or downloaded to a memory card.



USB-500, Hardware, $799

This extender lets USB devices operate up to 1,650 feet from the computer for remote usage. It has a built-in, four-port USB hub and uses fiber optic cables to connect the sender and receiver units. The sender is connected to the computer and the receiver is connected to the USB peripheral. Both units are connected with fiber optics in lengths up to 1,650 feet. Each unit measures 5" x 5", weighs under two pounds and is equipped with a 15-volt power supply.



Impulse LTX, Hardware, $8,995-$9,495

This updated multimedia whiteboard system lets users connect a PC to the board to project and interact with images and programs. New capabilities include an on-board scanner, which lets users scan written notes and other hard copy onto the board to instantly view the image in digital format. Users can then save, modify or print the information. The system's new Live- View technology lets users send a live video feed of what is written or projected on the board to display on large overhead screens in real time.


Maupin House

Research in the Real Classroom: The Independent Investigation Method for Primary Students, Book, $19.95

This book by educational consultants Cindy Nottage and Virginia Morse is the first in a series of resources intended to help educators teach research skills logically and sequentially. In this primary-level book, research concepts are introduced as a guided whole-class project. The book explains a seven-step process with matched, sequenced work pages and mini-lessons for each step. Reproducibles, mini-lessons and an assessment section are included.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Administrator's Guide: How to Support and Improve Mathematics Education in Your School, Book, $14.95

This book aims to lead schools to better math achievement, offering tips on how to: align improvement efforts to the six principles of a high-quality mathematics program; identify the most important actions to take to improve math instruction; discover the essential elements of effective mathematics professional development programs; and read practical ideas for how to communicate about math with families and others in the school community.


SETI Institute

Voyages Through Time,

Program, Individual module $199;Six-module curriculum $999

This year-long, standards-based integrated science curriculum for ninth and tenth graders focuses on change over time in the natural world. Students consider scientific evidence while exploring the breadth of science in inquiry-based lessons. The curriculum is comprised of six modules: Cosmic Evolution, Planetary Evolution, Origin of Life, Evolution of Life, Hominid Evolution and Evolution of Technology. Each module includes teacher and student CD-ROMs and printed student readers, which include current science articles on subjects relating to the lessons and activities.



Inside Mrs. B's Classroom,Book, $22.95

Leslie Baldacci got lots of kudos-and more than a few caveats-when she left behind her journalism career and the Chicago Sun-Times for a fasttrack route to teacher certification. By page 16 of this memoir, Baldacci has completed a six-week introductory course and gotten her school assignment. The rest of the book covers her first two years on the job. The rookie teacher spends a lot of time being ignored-by seventh graders cursing and playing musical chairs during lessons, by a mentor teacher who stops by from time to time to help take the class to the restroom, by a principal who doesn't respond to simple requests submitted multiple times in writing. But there are more visible, positive moments, as well-her class stealing the show at the school Christmas program, a free field trip to the theater, the parent pep talk given by then-superintendent Paul Vallas. And then there are the everyday struggles and successes as Baldacci, who now teaches at a different Chicago public school, focuses every ounce of energy on making a difference in the lives of her students.


US Netcom Corp.

PhoneMaster, Starts at $2,599.00

Instant messages to parents or others is made possible by this company's high-tech version of PhoneMaster for Windows and Web products. The 4.6 version makes outbound communication easier and walks you through the process in minutes. It gives schools the power to communicate any information in any language to and from clients by phone or computer. It allows users to record messages, make calls, create voicemail boxes and build information lines quickly with simple Wizards. It includes such options as full-featured Interactive Voice Response. An onboard database means client names and any client data can easily be retrieved.



Bcool XG1 and SV1,Hardware, $3,650 (XG1); $2,250 (SV1)

This new series of ultra-portable projectors connect to a desktop PC or laptop. The projectors are compact and weigh 3.5 pounds (XG1) to 4.2 pounds (SV1). The XG1 offers XGA native resolution and a reduced audible noise of 33 dB. The SV1 provides SVGA native resolution and an audible noise of 32 dB. Both use DLP technology and miniature 180-watt high-efficiency lamps for 2,000:1 contrast ratio. The series also features a choice of video and data inputs, including composite video, S-video, component video and RGB data, as well as DVD-D and USB inputs. The average lamp life is 1,500 hours, extended to 2,000 hours by using the SmartDimmer mode.



RoboPresenter, Software, $399

This software lets users create eLearning and Flash presentations from PowerPoint with no Flash knowledge required. The software lets users add synchronized audio narration, quizzing, graphical interfaces with navigation, software simulations and other rich-media to their existing PowerPoint presentation. In addition, users of any skill level can create and distribute on-demand eLearning courses to engage audiences and increase learner retention. The software also features a built-in search engine and open architecture. Its rapid delivery of information lets users upload their files to the Internet or an Intranet, as well as copy them to CD or distribute them via e-mail.



Golden Retriever, Internet, $14.95

This Web-based tool lets users retrieve and photocopy information on the Internet. The program saves pages with personal annotations and highlights for retrieval on- or offline. The toolbar downloads to an Internet Explorer browser and lets users choose from a list of the most popular search engines, such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.


Curriculum Associates

Student Behavior Intervention Planner, $199.95 per building/annual subscription

Student Behavior Intervention Planner Online is a subscription-based behavior management system that allows teachers and administrators to track and analyze student behavior to meet IDEA-mandated Behavior Intervention Plans development. The new Web-based version features online forms for: incident observation; behavior analysis; functional behavior assessment summary; and BIP, generated from a database of goals and objectives, providing all documents needed to include in a formal IEP. It also includes a Discipline Action Plan for tracking placements as well as supplemental forms. The service and data are on secure serves that are password protected.


Middle Atlantic Products

Quiet-Cool Series, $806

This engineered active thermal management system keeps equipment cool when surveillance consoles get hot. The Quiet-Cool Series Security Console isolates the user from noisy equipment by using gasketed doors and factory-installed sound-damping material. It also provides an unprecedented level of thermal management, while offering cable management and easy access to mounted equipment. As consoles get warm the risk of system failure increases. The Quiet-Cool series consoles use active cooling components to prevent that, extending the life span of sensitive digital equipment.



FileMaker Meetings, Software, $49 (or $323 for districts without File-Maker Pro 6)

Built on FileMaker Pro 6 database software, this meetings management application provides task-specific features to help reduce the administrative work of preparing for and communicating about meeting content. Task functions include Goal-Oriented Agenda, Manage the Meeting, Action Tracker and Meeting Archive. The software supports major Internet and data standards, and can be used by workgroups of up to 250 simultaneous users who share FileMaker Meetings database files via FileMaker Server. CIRCLE #541 FOR INFORMATION


Never Mind the Laptops: Kids, Computers and the Transformation of Learning, Book, $33.95

This book looks at the world's first laptop schools and the effects of laptop use in today's classroom. Author Bob Johnstone argues that children deserve to be educated in the medium of their time. It looks at learning with technology and features philosophical and peda- gogical history-tracing the history of computers in the classroom from the 1960s to the present-as well as the teachers who pioneered the use of laptops in school.



StarBoard P-50X,

Hardware, $11,000 and up

This new interactive 50" plasma display device offers new levels of responsiveness, flexibility and space optimization using plasma technologies. The display device consists of a bezel frame with integrated sensors and fits over the new Panasonic Model TH-50PHD6uY 50" display monitor. The display and its accompanying software enable presenters to run and annotate computer applications or digital video right on the plasma screen using a supplied pen or any form of non-electronic stylus, such a finger. Data can be saved in file formats, including .html files, for viewing with any Web browser software. The accompanying software, Star- Board release 5.1.2, is updated and provides a new optional module for integrated Polycom videoconferencing setup.




Hardware, $3,499

This new LCD projector displays from 8.2 feet from a screen, wall or other surface. The projector features a 1.6x ultrawide zoom lens, which produces theater-sized images in small classroom settings. In addition, the projector supports Canon's new optional networking, including Multi Card Imager (LV-M101), Wired LAN Card (LV-WN01), Wireless LAN Card (LVWN02) and Compact Flash Card (LVWN03). A 2500 ANSI lumens, native XGA resolution and a 35dB are other features. Also new are the LV-7210 ($2,499), with XGA resolution and 2000 ANSI lumens, and the LV-5210 ($1,999), with SVGA resolution and a 2000 ANSI lumens.


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