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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet


Network Cameras,, Hardware, Starts at $1,349

These two cameras come with built-in servers and 26x zoom lenses. The VB-C50Si fixed network camera--priced at $1,349--and the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR pan/tilt/zoom network camera--priced at $1799--offer a 12x digital zoom to enable users to capture fine detail from far distances and 640 x 480 pixel resolution video with up to 30 frames-per-second quality. Both capture, play back and transmit two-way audio over an IP network and feature a quarter-inch, 340,000-effective-pixel CCD for high quality image capture combined with powerful low light capabilities. A Motorized Infrared Cut Filter can also be turned off to significantly brighten viewing areas.


Perfection Photo scanners,, Hardware, $99 to $249

The company introduced three new scanners: Perfection 4490 Photo, Perfection 3590 Photo and Perfection 3490 Photo. The 4490 model offers hardware resolutions of 4800 x 9600 dpi, 3.4 Dmax with one-touch color restoration and scratch and dust removal capabilities. The 3590 provides resolutions of 3200 x 6400 and an automatic film loader built into the top of the scanner that enables users to view and scan multiple frames on 35mmfilm strips. The 3490 offers the same software and capabilities as the 3590--excluding the auto film loader--and includes a built-in transparency adapter for added versatility.


IPELA cameras,, Hardware, Starts at $1,584

The company unveiled three new IPELA cameras: the SNC-CS50N, SNC-RX550N, priced at $3,000, and the SNC-RZ50N pan/tilt/zoom at $2,315. All have multi-codec capabilities supporting JPEG/MPEG4 compressions to increase flexibility and optimize bandwidth use. They also offer new motion detection, unattended object detention, Voice Alert and an image stabilizer that corrects for camera vibration. The cameras also store audio messages that can play according to schedule or in response to an alarm.

Educational Testing Service

System 5,, Software, Starts at $35,000

This customizable suite of K-12 products is composed of five solutions that target school improvement, professional development, data-driven decision-making, instruction and assessment. Schools and districts can either purchase the entire suite or choose products that fit their needs. The company has repositioned all of its flagships K-12 products and services under this brand and will add new products and services to expand the suite's offerings, such as an assessment toolkit, teacher content training and an online professional development management system.

Prosoft Engineering Inc.

Data Rescue II,, Utility, Starts at $99

This data recovery utility for Mac OS X offers a variety of new features. It includes a Cocoa-based GUI user interface, assistant mode and expert mode operation, drag-and-drop recovery and the ability to open single files with a double-click. While optimized for Tiger, it also runs on Panther and Jaguar, supports 10 times more file types for content scans than Data Rescue X and integrates thorough and content scans in one scan. The utility has more reliable file recovery algorithms and the user's password is only needed when launching the first time.

Learning Resources

Reading Rods Spanish Literacy Kits, Book/Cards, $129.95/kit

These three literacy kits were designed for elementary school children who are native Spanish speakers. Developed as a series of systematically ordered lessons, the kits are Phonemic Awareness, an effective starting point for pre-emergent readers; Phonics and Vocabulary, which teaches word building and develops spelling and vocabulary skills and, Basic Sentences, which offers practice in sentence construction and more.

The Princeton Review

SideStreets,, Curriculum, Starts at $75/student

This reading and math curriculum targets students in grades 2-8 who face academic difficulties. Aligned to state and national standards, it helps students acquire content-area knowledge and study skills that they can apply to their classroom learning and assessments. The instruction encourages goal setting and provides guided instruction, discussion, hands-on activities, practice, study skills, problem-solving and self-reflection. Teachers also receive instructions on how to use the materials and deal with learning challenges. A parent guide focuses on activities that parents can do with their children to complement the lessons.

ViewSonic Corp.

LCD displays,, Hardware, $239-$339

The company added four new models to its VA series of LCD displays. The display size for the VA702b and VA 712b is 17 inches while the VA902b and VA912b offer a 19-inch display. All models support high-end features, such as 1280 x 1024 native resolutions, sharp motion video for Web and video conferencing use and response times between eight and 20 milliseconds. OptiSync technology, which is integrated on the VA712b and VA912b models, supports multiple inputs, including direct DVI signals for optimum source-to-display synchronization.

Sagebrush Corp.

Viewpoint,, Web-based system, Starts at $5/student

This data warehouse and data management system enables educators and administrators to access current actionable information on a secure Web site. They can enter data to complete preconfigured, district, state and federally compliant forms for a variety of plans. Users also obtain comprehensive, on-demand views into student performance through class reports for national, state and local assessments, student summaries and school reports. They can also access, analyze, print and share school and student information and more.

SMART Technologies Inc.

SMART Board 600 series,, Hardware, $999 to $1,999

This latest series of interactive whiteboards offers larger screen sizes--ranging from 48 inches to 77 inches. The pen tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser and incorporates a Help button and an expansion slot, which enables the hardware to be upgraded over time. As a USB native device, the whiteboard is plug-and-play, allowing for integration of USB peripherals. Accessories include a SystemOn module that provides a one-touch start-up of the computer, projector and whiteboard simultaneously and an audio system that includes two, 15-watt speakers.


WeatherBug Achieve,, Web-based program, Starts at $6,490

This interactive, standards-aligned program for K-8 students offers 24 new science, math, geography and technology lessons that use live and historical weather data and colorful computer animation. The application streams live, neighborhood-level weather data to schools, which can share live weather information and experiences with other schools across the country via its network. Each lesson concludes with a student quiz, offering instant feedback and positive reinforcement.


IK-WB21A Surveillance Camera,, Hardware, $999

This video surveillance camera offers ultra-fast pan/tilt/zoom capability, SXVGA resolution (1280 x 960) and network functionality to achieve higher levels of remote monitoring performance with a wider field-of-view than standard TCP/IP cameras. The 300-degree per second panning speed and 200-degree per second tilt speed permits the camera to immediately pinpoint a location. Other features include an integral Web server that transmits video with audio signals at rates nearly 30 frames per second via M-JPEG compression streams and the ability to remotely view video and control the camera's PTZ and multiple presets without additional software or plug-ins.


ThinkVision C400 Wireless Projector,, Hardware, $2,499

This wireless projector enables educators to project image files, deliver a presentation or share photos without the need to connect to a computer. It comes equipped with 802.11b/g integrated wireless capabilities, USB memory key input, 2,650 lumens and weighs 7.5 pounds. The projector is automatically activated when users press Fn+F7 to run its Presentation Director, a notebook software program designed to manage project settings and simplify user experience. Other features include DLP technology, which produces brilliant colors, XGA native resolution and picture-in-picture capability to display multiple input sources at once.

H.W. Wilson

Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog,, Catalog, $275

This ninth edition covers new topics, Web resources, periodicals and graphic novels. It offers a current, reliable core collection of fiction and nonfiction books for readers at grade levels five through nine, plus review sources and other aid for school librarians and media specialists. The main volume includes entries for more than 6,000 items and over 2,000 analytic entries for sections of anthologies and composite works. Free annual supplements--which will be delivered through 2008--will also introduce roughly 2,400 titles. An electronic version is also available for the same price.

Teachers College Press

Breaking Through,, Book, $25.95

In this book, author John Simmons, who is president of Strategic Learning Initiatives, demonstrates how cutting-edge thinking about system change in business has been used to successfully transform schools and close the achievement gap among diverse students. The book provides an overview and assessment of current reform efforts by superintendents in large districts and applies current research to illuminate what has succeeded and what has not worked in cities like Boston, San Diego, Houston and Chicago.


Student News,, News, program, Free

This free, 10-minute educational program airs at 3:12 a.m. (ET) weekdays throughout the school year on CNN Headline News and is also streamed for the new student Web site. Aimed at middle and high school students, the program offers high quality videos at a high-bit rate, available in widescreen format with 16x9 ratio. The new Web site also allows users to find classroom content from the program and the latest education news from the network all on one page. Also new is "10 Questions for 10 Minutes," which offers recall and critical-thinking questions for students associated with the day's top stories.

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