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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Excelsior Software

Pinnacle Analytics, Software, $15,000-$20,000

Designed to help educators identify student performance history and trends, this management tool streamlines and organizes myriad data sources. It allows multiple users to simultaneously connect to numerous data sources that may reside in different locations and programs. Users can work with millions of records from either a desktop or browser environment, respond to queries in real time, and never have to worry about exceeding broadband or storage capabilities because the product is a RAM-resident application. The margin for computation error is near zero.


School Alert, Hardware, $300-$500

This security system consists of fixed panic buttons that are placed in common areas around school and wireless emergency buttons carried by school administrators via lanyard or keychain that can be activated anywhere in the building. When pressed, the buttons activate audio sensors and/or video cameras. Monitoring personnel can hear or see events occurring in real-time. Other features include an integrated door control system that allows schools to limit and control access to their buildings, as well as theft-prone areas such as computer rooms, science laboratories and administrative offices.


Teaching Comprehension, CD-ROM course, $499

Created for grade levels K-2, 3-6 and 6-9, this series is built around six reading comprehension strategies: prediction/prior knowledge, questions and questioning, think-aloud, text structure and features, visualizing and summarization. There is one CD-ROM for each level, with modules that provide theory and teaching ideas, instructional practices, general comprehension activities, assessment, and further reading resources. Product features include broadcast quality videos of real teachers in real classrooms modeling best practices;audio files of teachers explaining how they plan their teaching for the whole class, small groups or individuals; downloadable articles and more.

Lumens Integration

DC160 Document Camera, Hardware, $1,295

This SXGA resolution document camera is portable. Offering 1280 x 1024 pixels it captures 66 percent more details compared to (1024 x 768 pixels) XGA presenters in this class. Features include 3x optical zoom, a split screen, seamless switchovers and a flexible gooseneck design. Weighing 4.85 pounds, it also contains a slot for a Kensington lock or screws to mount to a cart or table. With a small footprint-a base of 7 x 5 inches--it takes up minimal space for teachers who are concerned about available desktop or cart space.


PLC-XP57L, Hardware, $9,495

This portable XGA projector delivers 5500 ANSI lumens with a 1000 to 1 contrast ratio and deeply saturated yet realistic colors-10 bits each RGB with video sources. It also has the ability to continuously network with the optional PJ-Net Organizer Plus II with a digital LVDS interface and to project bright, colorful images. It comes equipped with three separate image inputs along with a new image processing system containing Auto Picture Control, Dynamic Auto Gamma Correction, and a new Vertical Horizontal Edge enhancement process.

GoKnow, Cooties, Software, $199.95/classroom set

Students collaboratively use this simulation program to examine the spread of disease. Teachers can determine the incubation time, individual immunity levels and how many characters, called coodles, will start with the infection. Students meet and possibly infect each other by beaming between their Palm OS devices. The program tracks which students have met, and will let students know if their coodle is sick. After meeting each other, students collaboratively determine the initial carrier of the disease and trace the transmission path among coodles.

Crick Software

Clicker Paint

Software, $49/single user and $499/site license

These customizable paint tools were designed for struggling readers and writers, English language learners and students with accessibility requirements. With the ability to integrate with Clicker 5, the program allows educators to create educational activities at a variety of levels. Ready-made classroom activities and templates are included that enable students to paint their own pictures in a talking book, color line drawings using the fill tool and a small number of colors, work on a symmetry activity or create personal stamps to bring their paintings to life.


Hotmath, Web site, $49/annual subscription

This Web site explains real homework problems from more than 150 middle school, high school and college math textbooks. The site covers 90 percent of the math textbooks used in today's middle school, high school and college classrooms. Step-by-step explanations are offered for the odd numbered homework problems from the actual textbooks, so students can be challenged and assessed by their teachers using the even-numbered problems in the textbooks. Algebra review lessons are linked from every tutorial for immediate remediation.

Olympus America

Stylus 720SW, FE-180, Hardware, $379.99, $179.99

These new digital cameras help educators integrate digital imaging and visual learning into their curricula. The 720SW can withstand a five-foot drop and shoot under water for up to 10 feet. It offers 7.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD, Bright Capture Technology and digital image stabilization mode. With the FE-180, users can take up to 500 shots on a single charge. Features include digital image stabilization, a 2.5-inch LCD, a 6.0 megapixel CCD image sensor and a 3x or 5x optical zoom lens.


CP-X253 3LCD, Hardware, $1,795

Delivering 2,000 lumens of brightness, this projector weighs 3.9 pounds. It comes equipped with a wide-angle lens, two RGB inputs, one RGB output, one audio output and a one-watt internal speaker. Other features include a built-in transition detector that prevents potential thieves from removing it from a ceiling mount without entering a PIN code. It's also HDTV theater-ready and offers both blackboard and whiteboard modes. The lamp life is approximately 3,000 hours in whisper mode.

Fourier Systems

Nova5000, Hardware, estimated at $600

This handheld computing unit now comes bundled with two software programs by GoKnow Learning: Handheld Learning Environment (HLE). HLE provides productivity applications designed for K12 students and works well with existing lessons and curricula while simplifying the management and assessment of student materials. When students sync their units, PAAM retrieves their documents and stores them on a secure Web site. From any networked computer, teachers can review and assess student work, distribute assignments and provide feedback.

Savia, Sagebrush Viewpoint, Software, $5 per student plus additional fees

The company rewrote its Analytics software to provide seamless integration with Viewpoint, a data warehouse and data management system. The Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council (cmERDC) sells Viewpoint for Savia. It works with multiple browsers on both Mac and PC platforms and provides simple drag and drop reporting mechanisms. Educators can access, analyze, print and share student information as well as aggregate and disaggregate data on groups and subgroups based on variables, including demographics and test results via a guided Q and A format and at-a-glance reports.

ProCon Digital Systems, PC-M255 Duplication System, Hardware, $2,199

This technology allows users to link up to 255 ten-target towers for a maximum of 2,550 targets simultaneously. Duplication can be made from a single master DVD/CD-ROM or hard drive. Features include a built-in 160GB hard drive, dual password protection modes, DHP Dynamic hard drive partition technology, and the ability to load disc images to hard drive and rename the partition. The PC-M255PRO, which is available for $2,499, offers the duplicator with a 160 GB hard drive, USB 2.0, and daisy chain capability.

Farstone Technologies

RestoreIT Server Edition, Software, $149.99 per server license

This system recovery program lets users roll back their entire system, including files, applications, personal settings and passwords whether the operating system is able to load or not. The software automatically backs up server files to a protected partition on the server hard drive, a network share or external device at any frequency set by the user. In the event of a server disaster, users reboot the server and press the space bar on the keyboard to activate the program, rolling back the system to the most recent backup point.


Online subscription, $60 a year per student, group discounts available

This Web-based resource was designed to improve student proficiency levels in writing, grammar and critical thinking. It includes a comprehensive range of standards-based instructional and skill-building content that covers the entire spectrum of language proficiency. It uses a drill-down diagnostic process that measures overall proficiency in eight different language-related skill sets. It also identifies individual concepts within each skill set that may be creating problems for each student. Rubrics, templates and sample practice tests that simulate the SAT, ACT and state competency exams are also included.


Learn Big IN32, IN34

Hardware, $920, $1,066

These digital projectors offer 2,000 and 2,500 lumens, respectively, XGA resolution, Digital Light Processing from Texas Instruments and enhanced connectivity. Weighing 5.2 pounds, each projector features an LED display that answers users' questions and shows the projector's working status. A keypad also gives access to more than 90 percent of its functions. Other features include security PIN codes, color-coded cables, multiple computer inputs, serial interface and monitor out capability.

National Geographic Maps and

Supplement Maps

Maps, $14.95-$59.95

Hundreds of the magazine's classic supplement maps can now be purchased online. The collection, dating from 1891 to the late 1990s, includes high quality, poster-sized reproductions of maps of space, the world, global regions, continents, countries, oceans, U.S. states and thematic maps crafted by world-renowned cartographers. The collection also features several war maps, including Map of the New Balkan States and Central Europe, released just as WW1 erupted in 1914, and others that highlight natural and cultural resources, wildlife and peoples of the world.



Software, Starts at $900

This communications management system introduces three new features. With My Desktop, staff can communicate and collaborate with each other using shared workspaces and even submit work requests to technology and maintenance staff via an integrated work order system. Its Emergency Messaging System sends a text message alert to parent cell phones when there is a school emergency. The Form Builder allows educators to create online input forms through a few simple clicks, export the data to a spreadsheet, or capture it in an e-mail as it arrives.



Hardware, $249 at

This computer companion includes versatile learning software for developing writing, keyboarding and quizzing skills, and purposely does not include Internet capabilities. Features are a full keyboard, large LCD screen and spell check, thesaurus, word and page count tools, and Spanish-English word lookup. Students can transfer text to any Macintosh or Windows computer with a single keystroke. It operates off of three AA alkaline batteries (for more than 700 hours of use) or a rechargeable battery pack and can store hundreds of pages of single-spaced text.

Califone International, Inc., USB Jackbox, Technology, $65

By connecting this unit to the classroom computer through a USB plug, educators have the option of combining the functionality of audio output and input to help students enhance both listening and oral skills. Up to six students can practice their language skills or listen to recorded books and online streaming video as a group or at the same time. The unit can benefit those who may need additional reinforcement, including English language learners or special needs students. Students can also create their own podcasts or connect with keypals through any VoIP application with the input functionality.


ThinkPad X60

Hardware, $1,799

This tablet PC features a new 12-inch multiview indoor/outdoor, antireflective/antiglare display that helps increase viewability in multiple environments. This screen is combined with a MultiTouch feature that allows users to move the cursor with a pen or finger. It also comes equipped with an Active Rotation function that orients to the user. A redesigned navigational dial lets users move easily in four directions and remaps keys so up is always up as the user changes orientation. In addition, a new, more natural and durable pen resumes from suspended mode automatically when a user removes it from its cradle.



Software, Starts from $185

Educators can use the program with any standard writing software, such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad or Outlook. When users type a letter, it predicts what they might want to write and displays a list of correctly spelled words from which to choose. After seeing the word they want, users select it with a single keystroke or mouse click or have the option of hearing the word spoken to help them choose. After typing their sentence, the program reads it back to them so users can check for mistakes, such as missing words or punctuation.

Harcourt Achieve

NorthStar Math

Online tool, Starts from $1,750

Offering four million standards-aligned math problems with step-by-step solutions and a completely integrated math dictionary, this tool helps educators produce differentiated practice problems, assess their students, and report findings for predictive analysis for grades 3-12. Educators can generate assignments for all levels of learners, including under-performing and advanced students. Its practice problems are generated by an algorithm and complement any math textbook used in the country. Educators can also customize the tool for after-school and summer programs or for prescriptive assignments that can help students practice for state exams.


TT-02U Teacher's Tool

Hardware, $699, before educational discount

This USB, transportable tool enables teachers to bring visual technology into their classroom presentations. With a frame rate of 20 fps, it captures and displays moving objects in real-time, making hands-on lessons easier to understand. Miniscule subject matter on microscope slides can also be displayed for science lessons. A logically designed control panel with simplified buttons and LEDs makes operation intuitive. Users can also switch to a PC image display or project images to any standard monitor or projector for greater presentation flexibility.

Toshiba Digital Products Division

Satellite P100-ST9742

Hardware, $2,899

With a 17-inch diagonal widescreen display, this gaming notebook includes the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX graphics card with 512 GDDR3 SDRAM VRAM for delivering high-end graphics for the latest 3D games and multimedia programs, as well as a DVI-D output port to allow users to connect to an HDTV. Other features include a DVD SuperMulti Double Layer drive that reads and writes in up to 11 formats that can nearly double a recordable DVD's storage capacity for photos, music and video files in either DVD+R or DVD-R double layer formats.


Freedom F64 Code Free Security System

System, Installation pricing varies

The Freedom F64 code-free security system. It "eliminates false alarms and maximizes account retention." It's the first code-free system that turns on and off automatically using existing deadbolt systems. The Freedom F64 uses a multifunction touchpad with wireless interface, which controls up to two doors, has a built-in alarm siren, Pet PIR sensor with 25-foot-wide angle coverage, talking voice assist speaker, 4-zone expansion module and a wireless lock retriever. The Freedom F64 is expandable up to 64 zones and supports all Gemini wireless transmitters and standard security devices, including smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass-breaking detectors, as well as video surveillance and panic buttons. The Freedom F64 offers easy installation and ease of use.

RM Educational Software


Software, Starts from $109

The program consists of two components. Content Packs provide teachers with ready-made lessons and short activities for math, science, and ELA. All lessons are aligned with state standards; target primarily K6 students and work on all brands of interactive whiteboards and other interactive technologies. By downloading the Reader, students can access, open, and interact in Use Mode with the software's files at home. Subject Toolbars are also available. As an add-on, teachers are provided a range of cross-curricular and subject-specific tools to create and deliver highly visual instructional resources.


Wi-Fi Array with Firewall

Hardware, $3,000-$12,000

Wi-Fi Array, award-winning technology that packs 4, 8 or 16 radios into a compact device along with an onboard Gigabit Switch, now includes an onboard, rules-based Firewall that enhances the security of Wi-Fi networks. It provides blocking of ports and protocols to and from any source, destination, SSID, network or user, providing IT professionals with the ability to control which applications are run and by whom. Station-to-station blocking also prevents clients from gaining access to other clients associated to the same radio or the same Wi-Fi Array.

Microsoft, Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007, Software, $69.95

This latest version presents a variety of tools, tutorials and instructions to help students tackle math and science problems. Step-by-step math solutions help them solve math problems in middle and high school pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II and trigonometry classes. Students can use a graphing calculator to visualize and solve difficult math and science problems, or the triangle solver to explore triangles and the relationships between their parts. Also included are more than 125 interactive common math equations and formulas, a unit conversion tool, online math homework help and more.

MindWare Publishing


Game sets, $32.95

Footsteps are economics-based game sets that help students become aware of political ideology, culture and day-to-day life in different geographic locations. The games teach global awareness in four regions of the world: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Each can be purchased separately. Each student selects a vocation, such as a poor street vendor in Brazil or a middle-class farmer in India. Players can then experience the effects of poverty or the influence of government. After the game ends, students discuss their experiences and insights about the country. The games are fun as well as enlightening. Each game requires five to eight players.

FrontRow, FrontRow ToGo

Hardware, $899

FrontRow ToGo allows a teacher to wear a wireless microphone and use a portable (14 pound) battery powered speaker tower to project his or her voice. FrontRow uses OptiVoice standard, a single switch that works like a 12-band equalizer to allow the speaker to be understood even during the noisiest activities. A typical system includes a wireless microphone, a receiver/speaker unit and a charger. A student pass-around participation microphone and carrying bag are also available. Set-up is quick and easy, and FrontRow ToGo can be used up to eight hours before recharging.


Online Learning Environment and Lesson Planner Version 7.5

Online tool, Site license $1,800

eChalk's Online Learning Environment has released a Version 7.5 upgrade to its school communication improvement environment. eChalk provides administrators, teachers, students and parents (24/7) access to schedules, homework assignments, academic resources, discussion boards, curriculum materials, student safe e-mail and teacher contact information. This version offers personalized Web site options allowing schools to create a more consistent and professional design. Newly added features allow teachers to organize better and save time planning, as well as engage students and parents more effectively. Curriculum specialists are provided with new tools to better manage and report on curriculum. eChalk is a hosted service so that districts can upgrade without installations or upgrades. Districts new to eChalk can find more information on their Web site.

Qarbon, Presentation Software, Software, Starts at $119

This software features Viewlet technology, which are Flash-enabled animated presentations that enhance the effectiveness of online marketing, employee training and customer support. With Viewlet Builder Professional, trainers can reduce the cost of training by creating online classes, integrate e-learning content into any SCORM or AICC compliant system, and capture and analyze trainee's responses with quizzing and reporting. Viewlet Cam allows them to create new training content without being designers or developers and to convert PowerPoint training content to Flash and post it on their Web site, while Viewlet Poll surveys the audience.

History Education ? The History Channel

Multimedia Classroom Global History Series, Software, Individual titles $49.95,

Sets are $139-$189, 21-box set $849

The Multimedia Classroom Global History Series is the latest release in educational learning tools by The History Channel. The series of twenty-one21 lessons covers global history from Mayan temples to WWII trenches, and travels from the Nile to the Great Wall of China. The Global History Series uses video-based interactive lessons that bring history to life for students in grade 6 and higher. The series contains short video segments organized by topic, printable primary source documents, maps, and historical images, review questions, critical thinking assignments, and Internet-based student activities and links. This Multimedia Classroom product presents thousands of relevant teaching resources allowing that allow teachers maximum flexibility for creating activities to fit individual curriculum needs. The series is available on PC- or Mac- compatible CD-ROM and comes with the full-length The History Channel documentary on DVD. The History Education Web site offers an online demo for more information.

PARAT Solutions

32-Unit Mobile

IT Transport Systems

Hardware, $7,103-$8,372

PARAT Solutions 32-Unit mobile computing transport system is a convenient way to transport, store, recharge and synchronize up to 32 notebook computers in an efficient and cost-effective way. Computers no longer need to be updated individually because the The PARAT Solutions Paradidact? can administer and synchronize the contents of an entire series of docked systems using wake on-LAN technology from a remote location. The 32-Unit system transforms a mobile cart into a portable notebook classroom. Integrated intelligent features include wireless access point, ergonomic docking, and embedded USB speaker system. The 32-Unit (V32) is customized and guaranteed to accommodate nearly every computer manufacturer's products with seamless network and power supply connectivity.

Toshiba, TDP-FF-1AU Palm-Sized Projector,, Hardware, Site license $699

The one-pound palm-sized TDP-FF-1AU projector comes with a foldable 23-inch diagonal screen, rechargeable battery, battery charger, credit-card-size remote control and a carrying case. The TDP-FF-1LAU uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology for screen consistency and delivers 400 Lux of brightness with SVGA 800 x 600 resolution and sharp 1500:1 contrast. The USB connection makes it easy to use with portable media and DVD players, mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops and USB memory sticks. The TDP-FF-1AU can professionally display an 11- to 68-inch diagonal image. It is built with an energy-efficient LED light source for up to 1,000 hours of use. The light source does not heat the projector, which eliminates the need for a fan, resulting in quiet projector operation. The TDP-FF-1AU includes computer, video and audio inputs.