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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Author programs

Multimedia books,Starts from $325/year

TeachingBooks constantly adds to its collection of over 2,000 author programs. With the newest update, students can watch an interview with British writer and illustrator Lauren Child, the creator of the Clarice Bean books and the Charlie and Lola series. It includes a five-minute movie in which Child reveals her interest in reinventing fairy tales and an additional movie of her reading from Clarice Bean Spells Trouble. Another new program features Angela Johnson, author of Toning the Sweep, Heaven and The First Part Last. Students can watch six interactive slide shows, which include a reading by Johnson, and they can listen to her discuss African-American protagonists and universal stories.


PJ258D DLP Front Projector, Hardware, $999

This high definition projector integrates a video iPod docking station, which connects the iPod directly to the projector to eliminate the need for a computer to project video content. It also charges the iPod's battery while digital content is being played and supports other popular digital media through its multiple connectivity options, including S-Video and VGA, which enable users to connect to PCs, DVD players and video game consoles. Built on Texas Instruments' DLP platform, it boasts 1024x768 XGA resolution, 2,000 lumens of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.


Maple 11,, Software, $995

Incorporating dozens of interactive tutors, reference tools and content for math, engineering, physics and other subjects, this software helps students focus on concepts rather than the mechanics of solutions. Some of its features include self-documenting context menus that perform calculations and provide a description of the steps, enhanced plotting capabilities and a strong mathematical computation engine. Likewise, Maple T.A. 3.0 was designed for educators who prefer to design their own questions and assignments. Highlights include calculator-based versions of tests, six different subject tests, instant grading of results and more.

AVerMedia Technologies

AVerVision SPC300 Portable Visual Presenter, Hardware, $1,299.99

This projector can display documents, 3-D objects and microscopic images. Its 3.2-megapixel camera sensor produces high quality video. This includes visual effects like picture-in-picture and split-screen functions, so users can reference previously saved images or video while simultaneously projecting live video. Other features include 48x total zoom capabilities, a full 8" x 11" viewing area, and annotation, video and audio recording, and image capture software. A premium version is also available for $1,499.99.

Yamaha Corporation of America

Music in Education 3XG system, System, $18,500

Yamaha's content-centered Music in Education system is changing the way music is being taught. The MIE includes printed music notebooks developed jointly with Hal Leonard (a print publishing company), user-friendly cabling, a newly designed, colored keyboard, a rearranged voice structure and an iMac. It also extends the music classroom to the home with MIE Home, online hosting of content for music homework that's integrated into the framework of the company's Digital Music Notebook. The company will also provide unique proprietary content and work with additional manufacturers in content development.

Discovery Education

Science Connection,

Internet, Annual per building subscription price, $1,995

Discovery's online Science Connection, specifically designed for middle school educators, is organized into three areas - physical science, life science, and earth and space science - for easy integration into the science curricula. Interactive content includes two-way video that invites students to click on hotspots during a selected video clip to gain additional information and to reinforce a point. It also has open-ended Science Sleuth's mysteries that students can solve using clues and resources such as interviews, photos, articles and graphics.Students will benefit from virtual labs where they can explore inquiry and science process skills using topics such as noise pollution and plant growth, and can even test three virtual MP3 players to find out if they can damage hearing and are asked to recommend ways to make them safer.This Web-based program also integrates science simulations from Discovery's School Science CD-ROM collection. Discovery Education Science Connection is available for a free 30-day trial.

Eagle Vision Initiatives

Well Wishes and Blessings: Kids in America to Iraq, CD, $12.97

This CD is based on a grassroots project intended to connect children across the world in an expression of goodwill and common hopes for peace. Children ages 3-19 were interviewed regarding their wishes for the people of Iraq, as well as their thoughts about peace and life in general. The CD interweaves kids' spoken words with their onsite musical contributions-from traditional Sanskrit chant and African-American gospel to rap music, spoken and sung by teens with original songs created by five-year-olds. Award-winning composer Ruth Mendelson produced and edited the CD, which has been nominated for a Grammy as Best Spoken Word Album for Children (2007).


ReadAbout:/ZipZoom English

Software, Pricing listed below

ReadAbout, which starts at $11,250, combines nonfiction reading material with gaming theory to help students in grades 3-8 build academic vocabulary and content area knowledge. Priced from $3,800, ZipZoom English instructs and motivates English Language Learners in grades K-3. Other programs include Grolier Online, an online research portal for students, starting at $395 per building, and GO Solve Word Problem, starting from $100/one computer license, which teaches students how to use graphic organizers to assist with word problems. ReadAbout: and ZipZoom English were finalists in the Software and Information Industry Association's 22nd Annual CODiE Awards.

Pearson Knowledge Technologies

Summary Street, Software, $10/student

With this software tool, students use their own words to write summaries of text they have read, and they receive instant feedback. Their work is measured by the company's Knowledge Analysis Technologies engine, which automatically evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole passages. Research conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder revealed that students with mixed ability who used this tool for four weeks improved their content summary scores by more than 30 percent, while those with low and medium ability advanced one grade level in elementary school.

Plato Learning

Straight Curve Mathematics, Curriculum, Annual subscription starts from $25/student license

This teacher-facilitated supplemental curriculum offers an enhanced focus on concepts identified as most difficult for students in K-6 to master within the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics strands of numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability. Series 1, designed for grades K-2, and Series 2, which includes grades 3-6, are composed of five instructional blocks: mini-lessons, investigations, workshops, games and quizzes. Both map to the nation's top textbooks, integrate with classroom resources and embed teacher support materials within each level of instruction.

SmartDraw 8.1, Software, $297

The latest version of this business graphics software offers major enhancements and Tablet PC readiness. Features include auto-insert, where connector lines automatically redraw themselves when objects are inserted or deleted within a chart. The new Mind Mapping SmartPanel command set encourages organized brainstorming, which enables users to add details and ideas to their mind maps with a click of a mouse. With the SmartTemplate, walls, doors, windows, cubicles and furniture can be created. Graphics have also been improved, allowing users to set any color to be partially transparent in order to create new effects and Venn diagrams.

AVerVision 300AF

Portable Document Camera, Hardware, $999.99

This camera combines a 3.2-megapixel sensor for crystal clear video with auto focus and 16x total zoom capabilities. New software features include annotation, video and audio recording, image capture and a 24 frames per second video rate, which offers clear projection of moving objects. Its control panel, remote control and PC/Mac controls were designed to make the camera simple to set up and use for both basic and advanced functions.

Curriculum Advantage Inc.

Classworks Ohio edition, Software, $25,000/school

This new Ohio edition, which is designed to work with the Ohio Achievement Test, helps K12 teachers turn raw test data into relevant learning plans for English/language arts, math and reading. All editions read student scores from state reports and automatically prescribe individual learning paths, skipping concepts that a student has already mastered. This edition also includes a benchmark testing option and works with third-party assessment programs for added ways to ensure instruction is informed by data. Versions for Indiana and Pennsylvania have also been updated.

Videocraft Workshop

Start Editing Now!,

Software, $129.95

This classroom workshop edition incorporates instructional materials that guide teachers through the components of the program and illustrate how it can be successfully implemented in the classroom. Other highlights include a video explanation and overview of lessons, along with printable lesson plans for each tutorial, additional enrichment activities and an interactive two-DVD program with which students can learn the art of editing. Disc 1 provides interactive lessons and workshops with lesson plans; disc 2 features more than 150 professionally shot video clips.

RingCube Technologies

MojoPac, Software, $49.99

This software can turn any USB 2.0 compliant portable storage device, including an iPod, cell phone, flash drive or hard drive into a personal computer. Students can take all of their academic and personal information, settings and applications-ranging from Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop to PC games-with them wherever they go, on any portable storage device. They can plug the device into the USB hub of any computer to access their course work and pick up where they left off, creating a highly customized and personal computing device.

Videx, Inc.

Cyberlock Electronic IC Cylinder, Hardware, $205

Each Cyberlock cylinder is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock cylinder and installs without any wiring. The power required to open these locks comes from a 3-volt lithium battery in the key. Since they have no keyway, they cannot be picked like a mechanical lock and resist forced rotation. They cannot be duplicated either, since passwords in the software and hardware are unique to each installation. A standard key holds a list of up to 3,300 locks that users can open, with the schedule of days and times when they're allowed access.

SanDisk Corp.

Cruzer Contour, Hardware, $89.99/2GB to $239.99/8GB

Available in three models, this USB flash drive has the look and feel of a fountain pen or wristwatch. Hidden connectors are revealed when users slide the top back with their thumb. Supporting Microsoft's Windows and ReadyBoost, it delivers a write speed of 18 MB/sec and includes U3 technology for running applications directly from the drive, without those applications having to be installed on the computer.


X646dte printer, Hardware, $3,449

By using a color touch screen on this multifunction printer, educators can print, copy, fax and scan. It can be used with Bubble Sheet Technology software, which enables educators to prepare test materials, scan and score tests, create reports and analyze data to use for creating future exams. Schools can also print their own bubble sheets on plain paper, thereby eliminating preprinted forms and enabling schools to control their own designs. The printer can also create, print, score and analyze parent or community surveys, attendance sheets, student registration, incident reports and parental consent forms.


Software, Ranges between $8/GB to $16/GB per month

This online backup software provides mission critical data protection and automatically delivers disciplined backup and advanced recovery services designed for organizations unable to tolerate data loss or downtime. It recognizes and captures changes to files, and encrypts data for enhanced security and compresses it to minimize transmission time. The encrypted data is then sent over the Internet or private telecommunication lines to highly secure offsite Mass Storage Vaults. Even if someone were to break into the code, only a few unintelligible bits of data would be found, since only changed data segments are sent.

GFI Software

MailEssentials and MailSecurity,

Software, Suite starts at $825/25 mailboxes

MailEssentials offers spam and phishing protection and e-mail management at server level. It has a high spam detection rate using server-based Bayesian filtering technology that automatically adapts to each organization's e-mail environment and also offers very low false positives through its automatic whitelist. MailSecurity software seizes all incoming e-mails to automatically check for viruses, worms, Trojans and other mailware. Other key features include an exploit shield and an HTML sanitizer.

The National Council on Economic Education

Virtual Economics 3.0 , CD, $99.95

Offering K12 teachers new ways to teach economics and personal finance, the 1,250 activity-based lessons that comprise this application correlate to state economic content standards. Virtual Economics 3.0 includes 51 multimedia demonstrations of key microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and personal finance concepts. Each demonstration includes an in-depth explanation of the concept, teaching tips, related lesson plans, a hyperlinked glossary and multimedia clip that explains the concept with interactive video, audio and text. Auto, life and renter's insurance are also covered.

Knowledge Adventure

Books By You

Software, $20/license

This software helps students become creative writers as they choose ideas and transform them with their own stories by answering question prompts. Schools can help students publish these stories as books or offer parents the opportunity to publish them, which can be an effective way to promote parent communication. A teacher's guide is also included, which helps educators incorporate the creative writing experience into classroom instruction.


Classroom activities, Curriculum, $79/26 issues

Newsademic is a newspaper for young readers and anyone studying English as a foreign language. Classroom activities now accompany this subscription-based international newspaper, which is distributed as a PDF file by e-mail and targets readers between the ages of nine and 16. The activities are tailored to different ability levels and take the form of searching questions and a range of tasks based on the stories in each issue. Issues can be printed and distributed to students. The newspaper carries no advertising and does not feature television, sports, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture. Each issue features a book, film, CD or DVD review, glossary and Sudoku competitions.

Don Johnston


Program, $149.99 per set/site

This history learning series helps students in grades 4-8 build background social studies knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. The 13-set collection consists of five films with content matching state standards in social studies and language arts, featuring young actors in important historic events or eras ranging from the Roman Empire to the Age of Discovery. The DVDs include original short films about five to seven minutes in length and a comprehensive instructional model for teachers. A subscription license with renewal options is also available at $59.99 per set/site.

SMART Technologies Inc.

Senteo interactive response system, Hardware, 24 remotes,

1 receiver for $1,599; 32 remotes, 1 receiver for $1,999

Educators no longer have to wonder if students understand what they have been taught. With this system, they can respond on their easy-to-use remote handheld devices. Teachers can deliver quizzes, survey students, and test knowledge before, during or after a lesson. The system is compatible with PowerPoint and can import questions from Word and export answers to Excel. Its radio frequency technology does not require a line of sight to deliver questions or send answers, and the remote has a range of up to 98 feet.


mimio Interactive, System, $729

Simply attach this portable system to any standard dry erase whiteboard and, using a projector and computer, it becomes a full featured interactive whiteboard. Teachers can also post materials created in their Studio Notebooks on a Web site, e-mail them as PDFs or image files, copy them into other applications and even share material or lessons with remote colleagues via the Internet. Studio, the software included in each system, includes handwriting recognition, which allows users to convert handwritten notes into editable text in any text-capable application.

Web site, $35/one-year membership

This Web site houses a library filled with more than 12,000 documents that members can download and print. It includes supplemental worksheets in language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, French and German. Teachers can also create worksheets, crossword puzzles, word unscrambles, shapebooks, and math and handwriting practice sheets. Other extras include bulletin board letters, border trims, calendars, maps, flag patterns, report forms, book reports, word walls, arts and crafts, graphic organizers, portfolio materials for kids and teachers, and hands-on materials for early elementary and preK. Nonmembers have access to over 5,000 free documents.

AutoSkill International

SpanishTutor for Academy of MATH, Software, Starts from $2000/unlimited license/single product

This module was created for native Spanish-speaking English language learners in grades K-12. It is an optional instructional module that enables them to jump-start the development of fluency in foundational math skills by providing tutorials, assistance and motivational elements in Spanish. The Spanish elements are offered in neutral enunciation with generic accents, and the scope includes 10 skill areas that align to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. SpanishTutor is also available for the Academy of Reading and the Academy Suite.


Vision6, Software, $35/computer with 10-computer minimum

Since opening a new office in Beijing, the company has translated its flagship classroom management software, Vision6, into Chinese along with its plug-ins, App-Control and Surf-Lock2, which each start at $3 per computer. Teachers use Vision to enhance learning, supervise student progress, and monitor or prevent Web browsing. App-Control enables them to keep the whole class learning together by remotely launching applications, sharing documents and managing access to applications on all student computers. With Surf-Lock2, they can turn browsing on or off from their computer for a single student or entire class, or allow access only to selected Web sites.

Magnatag Visible Systems

Calendar System, System, $829

With this modular, magnetic, whiteboard calendar system, educators can view up to three months to make planning and scheduling decisions. Because the months can be removed and repositioned in the wall track, calendars can always be kept current. Each month is a separate framed section that educators can lift out and bring to meetings or offices. An optional kit includes magnetic cardholders that offer up to 50 color combination codes for instant visual communications to an entire office or facility.