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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

TI's Wireless Learning System

This wireless classroom learning system allows teachers to assess student comprehension levels in real-time and adjust their instruction to address individual student needs. TI-Navigator also aims to promote open discussion and interest and give shy students a means to more fully participate. For example, a teacher can disseminate class materials, assignments and quizzes from the PCs to student handhelds. When students respond using the handhelds, their answers and completed assignments appear on the teacher's PC, often in the form of a chart.

The 16-student classroom package includes a classroom kit (software and hardware required for a wireless connection, one student kit (includes four hubs serving up 16 students and a charging bay) and one individual hub (for the teacher or up to four additional students). The 32-student package comes with one classroom kit, two student kits and one individual hub. Additional classroom package scales are available.

Education Communication Unlimited

What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know: School Leadership for the Real World, Book, $24.95

Three Illinois superintendents share advice and good humor on what works and what doesn't in education leadership. Topics range from assessment issues and building trust to getting referenda passed and what to say to the press and when. More than 336 pages, the authors offer leadership lessons learned and ideas for everyday problem solving. Readers are asked to share their own leadership ideas to be posted on a special section of the book's Web site. CIRCLE #531 FOR INFORMATION


Odyssey Manager 6.0,Software, $2-$50 per student

The updated version of this learning and management software offers features to help teachers with reporting mandates of standards. The software features learning and management tools such as online instructional guides to help teachers correlate curriculum to state objectives, state correlations that display activities by state standards, online user guides and endof- year procedures that help organize student data for the next school year. CIRCLE #532 FOR INFORMATION


ReadyMade Curriculum Activities, Software, $49.95-$199.95

Built with IntelliTools Classroom Tools, these supplemental activities aim to help students develop literacy, math, social studies and science skills. Teachers can modify activities for individual student needs.

The latest releases in the series are Animal Habitats (science, math and language arts for Grades K-1), Oceans (Grades 3-5), Lewis & Clark (Grades 3-5) and ReadyMade Primary Literacy (for grades K-2). The literacy software relates to last year's Primary Writing release, as well as IntelliTools' Balanced Literacy program. CIRCLE #533 FOR INFORMATION

Wolfram Research

Mathematica 5, Software, Student version $139.95

This new version of Mathematica technical computing software was designed to outperform dedicated numerical systems in raw computational speed. Previously, similar functionality was available only in custom packages costing tens of thousands of dollars. Among the enhancements are faster speed for numerical linear algebra, wide-ranging support for fast sparse matrix operations, optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations and major new algorithms for solving equations and inequalities symbolically over complex numbers, reals and integers. CIRCLE #534 FOR INFORMATION

National Education Service

Through New Eyes: Examining the Culture of Your School, Video, $174.95

This 35-minute VHS video for educators examines school culture via the experiences of a young boy. Created by Richard DuFour, it places the student in two different schools and ask viewers to relate to his feelings, assess the practices of the schools and examine the reality of their own schools from a critical perspective. Included with the video is a 40-page facilitator's guide for leading a four-hour workshop. The guide includes smalland full-group activities, presentation materials and guiding questions. CIRCLE #535 FOR INFORMATION

Hi Willow Research & Publishing

Powering Achievement: School Library Media Programs Make a Difference: The Evidence, Book, $27

Authors Keith Curry Lance and David V. Loertscher summarize 10 state academic achievement studies and include presentations for facilitators. The emphasis is on commitments that districts and library media staff should make to ensure quality library media programs, as well as on the impact of well-developed programs. This second edition features updates and revised presentations. Two one-minute presentations, a five-minute presentation, a 15-minute presentation, reproducible handouts and visuals are included. CIRCLE #536 FOR INFORMATION


PB7220,Hardware, $3,695

This digital projector includes the DLP DDR chip set, proprietary video-processing technology that promises high-contrast digital images that won't fade or degrade over time. It features XGA resolution, and it is HDTV compatible with direct YpbPr/component, S-Video and composite video inputs, as well as RS232 control port and two PC inputs. The projector features PIP/POP functions, a digital keystone correction system, 2,000:1 contrast ratio at 2,500 ANSI lumens, and can support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. CIRCLE #537 FOR INFORMATION

Outside the Classroom

AlcoholEdu College-Bound Program, Software, $995-$10,000,depending on enrollment

This online prevention program leads students through decision-making exercises that emulate real-life situations they may experience at college. High schools are given access codes for all students assigned to take AlcoholEdu, then Outside the Classroom monitors usage and reports back to the schools on the number of students who have completed and passed the program's final exam. CIRCLE #538 FOR INFORMATION


Mobile Multimedia Teachers Workstation, Hardware, $879/cart including security package

This workstation can be shared among different grade levels, with teachers attaching various equipment, of any brand, as needed. Equipment might include a data projector, VCR/DVD, document camera, powered sound system, laptop/CPU computer or power strip. The workstation has secure transport and lock-up features. CIRCLE #539 FOR INFORMATION

Preferred Educational Software

The Administrative Observer Version 3.5,

Software, Palm and Pocket PC handheld version $99.95 ($295 Windows desktop version required for use)

Staff evaluations and observations can be done on a Pocket PC with the latest version of this software, which is also available in a Palm version. Features include the ability to use language and criteria from existing evaluation instruments and a database with hundreds of performance indicators to assist in creating job categories; nine common education categories are already built into the software. Staff evaluation, job appraisal, walk-through observation and observation summary reports are included. Predefined rating preferences are available. CIRCLE #540 FOR INFORMATION


i-know Progress, Software, $4 per student/year

I-know Progress is a Web-based longitudinal student achievement tracking system that allows data to be aggregated and disaggregated to meet the federal adequate yearly progress requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. The system can report on custom assessments, third-party assessments and CTB's achievement tests. The system's cost included unlimited reporting. McGraw-Hill has also expanded its i-know online assessment system to include language arts, science and social studies in grades 3-8. CIRCLE #541 FOR INFORMATION

Inspiration Software

Inspiration 7.5,

Software, $69/single unit; $310/5 computer licenses-$895/20 computer licenses

Updates to this visual learning software offer support for writing, including one-click transfer to Microsoft Word or AppleWorks. A new transfer button allows users to access a word processor, which automatically opens and displays student work in a new document. Ten additional templates are available for student writing projects, such as "biographical essay" and "experiment critique." An updated version of Kidspiration for Mac OS X (also $69) for grades K-5 is another new release from Inspiration. CIRCLE #542 FOR INFORMATION


Gyration Ultra Professional Mouse, Hardware, $179

New to the education market, this optical mouse allows teachers and lecturers to move around the room freely as they present to their students. The mouse features a 100-foot range, has no line-of-sight limitation and launches effects via simple hand gestures. The battery-operated, rechargeable mouse has "in-air" cursor control and can be used with PowerPoint presentations or any Windows or Mac applications. On the desktop, the mouse's radio reports data at 80hz. The product is also available as a package with a wireless keyboard, for $329. CIRCLE #543 FOR INFORMATION

Sagebrush Corp.


Software, $1.65 per student grade 3 and up/first year; $0.33 per student thereafter/year (with capital funds)

Students can use this integrated research tool to locate the best available resources from multiple sources, including library catalogs, proprietary databases, intranets, Web sites and Web search engines. The software evaluates, ranks and reports the most relevant results from such sources and allows students to clip and save text and images with citation information. Students can navigate search results to select the most relevant content groups. Pinpoint costs just to $0.65 per student annually when non-capital funds are used. CIRCLE #544 FOR INFORMATION


PT-L735NTU, Hardware, $5,799

This portable XGA projector features three 0.9" LCD panels with Micro Lens Array with a 200W UHM lamp for a 2,600 lumens and 90 percent image uniformity. Users insert an SD Memory card and use the Wireless Manager 3.0 software to transmit data using Wireless Networking standard (IEEE.802.11b) to the SD card for projection. The SD memory card also lets users load presentations onto the card and use the projectors Auto Slide Show function to run a presentation without the use of a PC. Also available is the PT-LC735U for $5,499. CIRCLE #545 FOR INFORMATION

TeachingNetwork Corp.

E-mail and calendaring system, Internet, Free

Schools, administrators, teachers, students and parents can register for this new Web-based e-mail and calendaring system at no charge. Schools that register receive a address and calendar to make communications between parents, students and staff efficient. Since 2001, the system has only been available to participants in the Web site's tutoring program. CIRCLE #546 FOR INFORMATION



Inspiration in Science and Inspiration in Language Arts, Books, $39.95 each

These two new lesson plan books offer teachers resources for integrating Inspiration and Kidspiration into classroom instruction. Inspiration in Science includes lesson plans for building concept maps and developing experimental designs and lab reports. Inspiration in Language Arts contains resources to help students build skills in critical analysis, persuasion, narration and expression. CIRCLE #547 FOR INFORMATION


The CD Workshop: PowerPoint 2000 for Administrators, Software, $49.95

Learning to use PowerPoint for daily tasks can be daunting. This CD was created to equip busy administrators with the knowledge and skills required to make powerful, informative presentations to school boards, staff, parent groups and other key constituencies. Step-by-step video tutorials show how to create slide shows, add pictures and text, animate text and build Web links. There are also tutorials for educationspecific applications, such as creating an interactive school tour, running a staff meeting and making a presentation to a school board. The software is suitable for all levels of administrators. CIRCLE #548 FOR INFORMATION


WebEvent View, Internet,

District license $10,000 (500 to 1,000 users) and up

This universal Web-based calendaring platform integrates public, group and personal calendars and schedules. The tool can be used to help increase event attendance; promote more effective communication with students, alumni and parents; and increase staff and departmental productivity.

Designed to integrate with PDAs, course-scheduling applications and other existing systems, WebEvent View allows users access from any location and runs on all major operating systems. Customization is available to accommodate any event requirements that a district may have.

Uses include setting up meetings, clicking on an event of interest to automatically make it a part of a personal schedule and sending email notifications on schedule changes. It can also be used for light project management, with a more comprehensive module for that purpose expected for release by spring 2004. A resource scheduling module, ideal for schools that allow community groups and others to meet on campus, is also set for release next year. CIRCLE #549 FOR INFORMATION

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