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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, internet and software

Camelot Learning

Math Intervention Curriculum Curriculum, $349

Each of this curriculum's 120 lessons fit within a traditional classroom period. Social development and team building are enhanced as students are motivated to share and interact through small group instruction, games and activities. Math vocabulary has been added to all-inclusive kits that include Computation, Fractions & Decimals, and Geometry & Measurements. Each of the optional lessons is based on the best practices of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' teaching strategies. The lessons include games, mental math strategies, daily problems, test-taking skills, and hands-on activities using manipulatives.

Scholastic Get Test Smart!

Book, $6.99

The book's author, Dr. Laurie Rozakis, who is also an experienced teacher, provides students between the ages of 9 and 12 with concrete advice about strategies to use on test day, including how they can get into the right frame of mind. She provides sample questions based on the formats of actual standardized tests and offers helpful hints for answering every type of question, including essays, short answers, and multiple choice. A similar book by Rozakis-Be a Super Test-Taker!-is also priced at $6.99 and offers similar tips for children between the ages of 7 and 10.


New LCD projectors, Hardware, $4,399-$4,999

Panasonic's three new LCD projectors-PT-F100U, PT-F100NTU and PT-FW100NTU-offer lens shift and 2x power zoom capabilities that help reduce installation costs by allowing the projectors to be placed near an AC power source. Administrators also avoid the expense of reconfiguring network equipment in order to comply with building code regulations. The Auto Rolling Filter, an electrostatic technology, automatically detects and removes dusty filter sections. The last two models come equipped with a wireless, local area network capability that allows them to connect to multiple PCs without any cables.


NetOp School 5.0, Software, $727/one teacher and 10 students

NetOp School 5.0 enables teachers to monitor student activities and to simultaneously broadcast their or any student's screen image to every PC in the class. With the improved test center, teachers can customize tests, choosing from 10 different types of questions, and determine the weight of the individual test questions in relation to the total result. Specific questions can also be given a negative score if the answers are wrong or if a student doesn't provide an answer. Teachers can also correct and score tests automatically and offer students immediate feedback on their performance via electronic reports.

RM Educational Software

Podium, Software, Starts at $499

With Podium, students can create, edit and publish podcasts from a simple interface. Through its scripting tool, they can also record an extract from a classic, such as Shakespeare, for one of their podcasting episodes. Students can color code the text on the screen for different characters so that each person knows when it's his or her turn to speak. Teachers also can use Podium to regularly communicate with parents and colleagues through posting updates on the school's Web site and publishing lesson guides for students who have missed sessions. It is also a great way to ensure completion of assignments.

Airwave Wireless

Wireless Management Suite 5.0

Software, Starts at $5,000

This management suite supports a broad range of WiFi solutions, including controller-based systems and autonomous access points. It now encompasses mesh and WiMax infrastructure. Its Universal Device Support enables more intelligent root-cause analysis by monitoring key components of the wired network infrastructure that directly impact the performance of the wireless network. Other features include Custom Compliance Audit, which allows security to specify which configuration violations should generate high priority alerts. An enhanced user interface with QuickView maps allows the Help Desk to locate users and devices on the network.

Learners Online

WebLessons, System, Starts at $750

WebLessons offers students a step-by-step learning path complete with instructions, study questions, vocabulary, quizzes and inquiry-based projects. Students can turn in their work online and also complete a final written project that uses a creative application of the knowledge they should have gained from the lesson Web sites. WebLessons also helps teachers plan a complete Web curriculum, assign topics and track student progress. Each lesson includes a comprehensive instructor's guide with additional Web resources, extension activities, and document-based questions for whole-class learning.

Knowledge Adventure

Kids Works Deluxe Software, $30/license

Kids Works Deluxe has been upgraded to run on Windows Vista and Macintosh OSX systems. Its all-in-one publishing tool combines a word processor and paint program. Elementary school students can create media-rich stories and illustrate them in the painting module that includes 54 new textures. Students also have the ability to import JPEG files and photos as well as listen to their stories read aloud by the computer. Its cross-curricular, ready-made projects covering math, science and social studies also help students begin the writing process.


vRoom, Software, Free

This free version allows online interaction for up to three users for communication, collaboration and education through Web conferencing. Users can offer online tutoring or schedule virtual office hours and small group meetings in real-time. It provides VoIP audio functionality, direct messaging, application sharing, file transfer and live Webcam through any Internet connection. Also provided is broad cross-platform support for Mac, Linux or Windows-based operating systems.

Pearson Assessments

Prosper assessment system

Software, Starts at $1,695/single computer license

The latest version of the Prosper assessment system includes new reports that allow teachers and school administrators to identify at-risk students as well as standards for instructional intervention. Educators can develop classroom tests and analyze results to tailor instruction to meet student-learning needs. Its new networking capabilities make the software easier to install, and data easier to manage and share. With its enhanced imaging features, educators can score performance items and compare them to objectives.


PassagePoint EDU, Software, $1,685

Using this security software, school staff can badge visitors and volunteers and also pre-register visitors and groups by pre-printing badges. It works with TEMPbadge's expiring school badges and includes the ability to scan many forms of ID for accurate data entry. Screens can be custom designed for each type of user. Staff can see who is on campus, what areas they are authorized to visit and who is authorized to pick up students. They can also import watch lists, including sexual predator information. The software comes in English, French, German and Spanish.

Pearson Digital Learning

ELLIS Essentials 2.6, Web-based software, $65-$76 per year

This English language learning software is categorized into three age-appropriate modules that gauge the abilities of elementary grade students, prescribe targeted instruction and track their progress. Features include multimedia lessons that consist of real-life social and cultural situations. Authentic language contexts and native speech lessons will help students move more effectively toward English language proficiency. The Academic Version 5.0, designed for students in grades 7-12 and adult learners, includes five modules with optional native language translations for Spanish, Chinese Cantonese, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole and Hmong.


Odyssey Assessment Solution Software, Starts at $220

Odyssey's PreK-12 standards-aligned curriculum provides interactive and self-paced activities that promote exploration and individual and cooperative learning through problem solving, reflection and real-world connections. It uses the latest brain research about how students think and learn. NWEA's (Northwest Education Association) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) provide an effective, stress-reducing assessment solution. The assessments are customizable to districts' curriculum maps. When combined with the software's curriculum, educators know exactly where a student stands and can recommend strategies to improve those test scores.


Modero Touch Panel


Hardware, $6,300

This touch panel now comes with an intercom with Voice over Internet Protocol technology. The intercom capabilities enable users to place panel-to-panel calls and broadcast a message to all touch panels within the same physical location. It also supports one-way monitoring or a listen-only feature and hands-free communication. Users can engage in interactive panel-to-panel conversations without holding down a button. A privacy option allows users to temporarily disable all intercom capabilities.

Tom Snyder Productions

Science Court, Software, $45 per title

This program helps elementary school students build an understanding of hard-to-teach science concepts and tackles scientific fallacies through guided discussion, written worksheets, multimedia and hands-on learning activities. Teachers can mix and match 12 titles that come with support materials, such as title specific teacher guides and assessment materials with answer keys. Multimedia World Wall supports vocabulary instruction, and worksheets can be printed with one click. Other new features include text captions for hearing-impaired and ELL students. Technology support is provided for computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards.


Toast 8 Titanium, Software, $99

Toast 8 Titanium targets users of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray burners and iPod owners. It includes Blu-ray Disc burning support, automatic disc cataloging, cross-platform data spanning and disc restoration. Complementing the features of iTunes, it also enables users to apply professional quality tools to create superior audio, CD mixes and music DVDs. It also offers a readily accessible media browser, and its user interface has been streamlined to maximize the efficiency of the drag, drop and burn.

Interwrite Learning

Virtual PRS, Software, $29 per user

Virtual PRS is designed to be used with networked computers or Windows-based PDAs in a classroom with or without the company's PRS RF clickers. It functions as a virtual clicker, allowing the devices to operate in the same way as other wireless PRS RF clickers. Users can create quizzes and lessons within the PRS software using PowerPoint slides or by importing questions developed by leading textbook publishers. It also includes grading, reporting and data management features, such as the ability to export student results to Blackboard Learning Systems, WebCT and other learning management systems.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

American Anthem Power Presentations with Video CD-ROM, Curriculum, $193.75

These support materials complement the American Anthem textbook programs for students in grades 9-12. The CD-ROM contains a variety of resources that help teachers infuse visual elements and multimedia into their lessons and classroom activities that accompany the main ideas in each chapter of the curriculum. The CD-ROMs include quick facts, all maps and images from the text, and video clips. Each presentation can also be customized.

New Dimension Media

CCC! Video On Demand 2.0, Video, Starts at $2,995

The 2.0 version integrates with iTunes, allowing students and teachers to watch K12 core curriculum content anywhere on their iPods. Webcasts of classroom sessions, school sporting events, cultural performances and professional development workshops can be broadcast or stored for playback. This open system enables users to search for and play back content from an external application. It also features Digital Director, which enables teachers to select from over 40,000 teaching segments from any of its titles and customize their own video segments.



Online courses, $169/15 hours, $249/45 hours

WGBH Education Foundation in Boston has partnered with PBS to bring its Teachers' Domain online science courses to PBS TeacherLine's national online professional development service for educators. TeacherLine currently offers more than 100 online courses in math, reading/language arts, instructional technology and instructional strategies. WGBH will provide PBS facilitators with strategies for effectively facilitating the science courses and will offer information to local PBS stations so they can align the courses with specific district and state needs. TeacherLine will offer Teachers' Domain courses as a special collection that will be available through the PBS course platform.

Pokemon USA

Pokemon Learning League

Online lessons, $145 per classroom

The Learning League suite of animated, interactive lessons helps teachers reinforce core curriculum topics in language arts, math, science and life skills for grades 3-6. The lessons use the watch-try-apply method of instruction to move students from understanding a concept to applying it in interactive challenges that require problem-solving skills. It also covers life-skills development, featuring topics ranging from sportsmanship to conflict resolution. Themes include teamwork, improving skills, hard work and being a good student. These concepts are threaded throughout the content to provide positive modeling and to motivate students in their learning.

LeapFrog SchoolHouse

The Literacy Center

Software, Starts at $1,895

This new version for English language learners includes interactive books with Spanish language support and new teacher resources for multilanguage classrooms. It has almost 500 new activities specifically designed for students learning English. An expanded version of the Link to Lessons instructional management system offers more than 5,000 activities for individual, small group and whole class instruction. It tracks student progress with comprehensive individual and classroom reports and allows teachers to create detailed lesson plans. The software comes in three editions-PreK, Grades K-1+ and English language development.

Wireless eSystems

iRespond, System, $1,223-$4,753

The wireless scoring and reporting system automates the creation and distribution of assessment. Teachers can instantaneously identify and track each student's comprehension level, modify any lesson and assist individuals who need further help. Students log in and begin an assessment using a wireless student remote. They enter their responses into the device and instantly communicate their knowledge back to the teacher. Instructors can then monitor and evaluate the testing session using the device's immediate dashboard reporting and postsession, standards-based reports. Other features include student-paced testing modes, homework collection and survey capabilities, as well as instant messaging to targeted student remotes.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Holt Mathematics Online Editions, Online textbook, $53.95-$63.95

The online series includes Courses 1-3, Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 for students in middle school and high school. Teachers can choose from ready-made exams that are correlated to the textbook content, or they can upload their own tests, track results and view trends using reporting features. Other new tools include lesson tutorial videos, formative assessment and a multilingual glossary with terms defined in 13 languages. Additionally, there are algebra tiles, fraction bars, various calculators and integer chips, as well as workbook and lab activities.


Painter X

Software, Starts at $99/education edition

This painting and illustration software uses a RealBristle Painting System that replicates traditional art media with individual bristles that blend and splay. It also offers a Match Palette that enables artists to match the color intensity between two images. The Workspace Manager can back up, share or switch between customized workspaces. Other features include dodge and burn capabilities. Composition tools like Divine Proportion offer guidelines that follow the Golden Ratio, allowing artists to compose their images like the Masters. The software is optimized for Intel-based Macintosh computers.


Classroom materials, Annual subscription, $579 per school

This online resource for K12 classrooms offers more than 4,000 maps that are easy to print or can be downloaded. Educators can access over 200 lesson plans, daily and weekly current events articles, up-to-date world and U.S. reference atlases, educational quizzes, games and more. Teachers also receive monthly newsletters filled with updates on new features and maps, lesson plans and teaching resources. For a free, two-week trial, visit and you'll also receive a free assortment of desk maps.


Student Response System

Hardware, $2,170-$2,993, Curriculum packages, $75-$485

The student response system tracks performance in both group and individual learning environments. While students can respond to questions posed during lessons, tests, reviews and learning games, the system provides instant right/wrong feedback directly on each student's remote. All responses are captured in real time and stored in the student data management system. Educators can immediately recognize where each student is excelling or struggling. Reports on classes, groups or individual students can be viewed in any number of formats, printed and e-mailed.


NAG Connector, Software tools, $295

Maplesoft partnered with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) to produce this toolbox. When used with its flagship product-which solves complex math problems and creates rich technical documents-it provides an integrated environment to make code development easier. The toolbox eliminates compile times, provides simplified calling sequences and searchable documentation to the NAG routines. It enables the use of NAG routines in seamless combination with the company's mathematical analysis and visualization tools. Appropriate default values for many parameters are also provided automatically.

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