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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in hardware,software and the Internet.


Building Math

Software, $39.99/per volume

Walch Publishing, in partnership with Tufts University and Boston's Museum of Science, has launched a middle school enrichment curriculum that inspires students to learn algebra by solving engineering challenges on imagined adventures to Mount Everest, the Amazon and a deserted South Pacific Island. They design items such as a bridge, transporter, shelter, water-collector and canoe to survive. The software includes a reproducible teacher book at each grade level, with student handouts and teacher support materials, a poster of the design process, and a DVD of classroom implementation.


PDF Equalizer

Software, $89.95

With PDF Equalizer technology, users can access electronic books directly from the publisher, converting alternative media into accessible media without going through a conversion process. Educators are not required to do anything special except provide the publication directly to students. Students end up reading the book in its original format and can choose what, how and when something is read aloud. Features include Auto Arrange, which arranges text into a logical reading order, Audio Converter, which turns any portion of a book into an MP3 file, Built-in Notes, and Book Marking.


PJ500 Series Projectors

projectors Hardware, Starting at $799

ViewSonic's budget-friendly projectors include Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor technology. The PJ557D, PJ559D and PJ560D each feature an extended lamp life of up to 4,000 hours. Integrated RS232 port provides PC remote access and integrated third-party control systems for easy system administration and decreased downtime. They deliver clear video with a 1024x768 XGA native resolution and provide bright images with 2,200 lumens, 2,700 lumens and 3,200 lumens, respectively. Multiple screen modes, such as Blackboard, Whiteboard and Greenboard, also reduce the glare on each of these specific surfaces.


CipaFilter Hardware, $4,000-$10,000 average first-year cost; $1,500-$3,000 average annual cost thereafter

CipaFilter's technology was designed to decrease overall management of a network and provide a better way to combat common network and Internet-related issues. It provides routing, security, an advanced firewall, proxy features, a mail server, and processing system with complete transparent functionality. Database features include Web reporting, traffic and bandwidth management, and e-mail archiving. No blacklists or database updates are used for pornography filtering. Other filtering categories are also used as a second part of the content filtering system, with a more traditional blacklisting approach that updates daily and weekly.


One More Story

Books and materials, $1.10 per student per year

One More Story targets pre-readers and early readers; its online library contains the best of classic and contemporary children's literature. Children choose a book, see the illustrations, and hear the book read to them. The text of the book has been removed from the page and placed in a text box at the bottom of the screen in large-sized type. As the narrator speaks, the words are individually highlighted. Emerging readers can turn off the sound track and read a book.



Hardware, Pricing dependent upon customer needs

The Talk&Listen kit is a portable, wireless, voice-silencing system for use in schools that removes the language barrier in order to leave no parent behind. The kit allows for multilanguage communication, which can increase parent and student involvement. As a speaker gives his presentation, an interpreter speaks into the PrivacyMic, which is connected to the transmitter (about the size of a deck of cards). Listeners in the audience, equipped with a receiver and earhooks or headphones, hear the interpreter's voice. Multiple languages and meetings can be interpreted simultaneously.


OSX 10.5, Software, $129

Apple's Leopard (OS 10.5) operating system offers signifi cant advancements in how users access files and maintain their system. It boasts 300 new features with plenty of wow

factor. For example, Quick Look lets users preview documents visually without opening them-a huge time saver when a dozen students submit a fi le called "Civil War Essay." Time Machine is an archiving feature that lets users go back to recover a previously saved file or setup. Spaces reduces clutter with easily changed multiple desktops for users who work with different application sets. For those who must occasionally work in a Windows environment, Boot Camp is now built in. Significantly, Leopard doesn't drain system resources. Although it is optimized for Intel Macs, it runs just as smoothly on a Mac G4 (867 MHz or faster), with at least 512 MB of memory.



www.hdwifi .com

Hardware, $199

HD Communications' Wi-Fi wireless access point installs in a wall using a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable to power it and retrieve data. It installs in a single gang box and has an RJ-45 connector on the front of the unit so a classroom or office will not lose its wired connection while obtaining a wireless connection in each room. The product has all the security features needed to support wireless network security. The company also offers a low-voltage ring as an option.


InspireData 1.5

Software, $79

InspireData allows students in grades 4-12 to build critical data literacy skills by actively exploring and analyzing data using Venn diagrams and bar, stack, pie and axis plots to interpret information and draw conclusions. New capabilities include an e-survey function for online data collection, more plot and expanded table options, over 100 content-rich databases, and expanded teacher tools and resources. Teachers also receive a lesson plan book to help them integrate the software into their science, mathematics and social studies curricula. It includes 27 content-rich, standards-aligned lessons with step-by-step instructions.


WordBuild Vocabulary Development System

Books and materials, $99 per teacher; Student activity book starts at $9.95 per student

WordBuild's collection of educational materials was designed to improve vocabulary, language and reading comprehension skills for students in grades 3-12. Based on morphology, it helps students fi gure out unfamiliar words. Students learn how English words are constructed by focusing on the meanings of prefixes, roots and suffixes, also known as morphemes. Once students learn the definitions of common morphemes, they gain skills to decipher thousands of unfamiliar words, which enhance their ability to master content area reading while improving classroom performance.


Crystal HD Video

Surveillance System

Hardware, Starting at $1,999

Crystal HD cameras provide up to 12 times greater resolution and a 30 percent wider field of view than analog cameras, offering schools much better quality video information to monitor their campuses. Each camera connects to a dedicated, high-performance Distributed Media Manager. DMMs store archived video at the edge of the network so zero bandwidth is consumed until the video is called up to be viewed. It has virtually no impact on a school's IT network, making it accessible and manageable without causing network bottlenecks.



Internet, $29.95/annual subscription

MyBrainTrainer's Web site encourages and facilitates student learning through interactive, cognitive exercises that require users to respond rapidly to a series of random stimuli. Each exercise isolates a specific area of the brain, resulting in a much more focused, intense and beneficial mental workout than can be obtained with old standbys, such as solving crossword puzzles or playing Scrabble.


Biometric Identifi cation System

Hardware, Contact for pricing

The Biometric Identifi cation System does away with PINs, personal lunch cards, or the need for students to carry lunch money. The company introduced finger-scan reading to access personal accounts set up in advance by parents. Students swipe their finger next to point-of-sale readers when they enter the school cafeteria. Their fingerprints are not stored as an image but as mathematical maps and used only for purchases. Parents can also set up an account for their children online and know exactly what they buy from the cafeteria every day.


TerraNova 3

Internet, Pricing dependent upon district needs

TerraNova 3 is a research-based, norm-referenced assessment solution; that helps educators measure and monitor student progress. It motivates students to perform by using engaging and relevant content that matches local curricula and state and national standards. Items are presented using authentic, age-appropriate content to refl ect real-world situations so students are motivated to do their best. Educators can further target instruction and improve student achievement with meaningful, actionable and accessible data. More than 30 comprehensive and diagnostic reports are available at the student, class, school and district level, offering access to critical performance information.


Deep Freeze

Internet, $35

Administrators can use Deep Freeze to protect a workstation's operating system and software without restricting user access. With every system restart, it resets the computer to its original state, making computing environments easier to manage and keeping expensive computer assets running at 100 percent capacity. Workstations are also immune from software misconfigurations, viruses, malware and spyware. The Enterprise Edition protects multiple computers across a distributed LAN, WAN or over the Internet. Another company product-Power Save-uses intelligent energy management to ensure that workstations are available when system resources are required but conserves power during productivity times.


DAVID Organizing Assistant

Books and materials, $35.95 per student/30-59 students

These color-coded, nested pocket fi les allow students to quickly categorize, store, fi nd and view their notes. They can simultaneously see their homework, quizzes, project sheets and reference papers alongside their schedule and assignments, just like windows on a computer screen. Each nested folder has a place for every type of paper, which can be stored and retrieved without opening or closing rings. The system greatly minimizes the problem many students experience of misplacing or losing their work.


Teracom IP, Hardware, Pricing varies

Teracom's computer-based IP intercom system offers many different benefits. Schools can set their bells with tones from a computer or have their school song substitute for the bell to begin each school day. The system's programming can be monitored remotely, while time is automatically corrected from the Internet. Educators can also use it to change their schedule from their computer or make room calls and announcements from their phone or master headset. The system uses Cat5 data cable but doesn't need home run wires from the speaker/call-in to the main headend.



Internet, $3.60 per student per year

Connect-ED enables school administrators to record, schedule, send and track personalized voice messages in minutes to tens of thousands of parents and staff via voice, text, e-mail messages and TTY/TDD receiving devices. It's SIF certified, fully hosted, and managed and designed exclusively for the education market. It will also track message delivery, offer comprehensive reports, and send targeted messages in a household's native language. It easily integrates with most Student Information Systems.


Clarity 210i, Hardware, $3,400-$8,700

As a hybrid data collection scanner, the Clarity 210i combines production-level data collection with high-resolution imaging in a single device. Handling up to 2,100 forms per hour, its features include direct path simplex image capture with the latest in mark recognition technology to maximize functionality and minimize operator interaction. Compared to traditional OMR scanners, its technology increases operator productivity by reducing the need to organize or arrange forms in a certain order or orientation. Improved mark recognition processing adds skew correction that adjusts mark locations and reduces form errors. The company's 280i model offers many of the same features. It also combines high speed-up to 2,800 forms per hour-and direct path duplex image capture with the latest in mark recognition technology. Its technology employs sophisticated algorithms to correct common mark sense errors, including misidentification of erasures and bubbles. It also recognizes marks on forms completed in ink or pencil without having to change cartridges or purchase add-on cards. It performs full-page and multi-orientation barcode recognition, eliminating the need for separator sheets in many applications.



Books and materials $12.00 per kit

Curriculum Associates has partnered with the San Joaquin County Office of Education in California to honor English Language Learners who have been reclassified as fully English proficient. The program, which stands for Children Achieving Multiple Proficiencies, recognized reclassified students at two elementary schools with award certificates and resource kits containing the company's research-based supplemental materials that will further help them once they join a regular classroom. The kits contain a thesaurus with entries that include the parts of speech and synonyms for words, a word finder containing 3,000 base words with their suffix forms, and more.


StudentWatch Suite

Software, Starts at $3,000

The StudentWatch Suite is an automated Web-based system for managing student safety. The Student Bullying Reporting System gives students and parents a 24/7 online and telephone system to report bullying incidents, while the Student Helpline provides students with crisis resources and allows them to report safety issues either online or via the telephone. The Student Accident Reporting System offers trend reports so school safety committees can better manage accident prevention. The Student Behavior Management System serves as the school's or district's automatic student behavior referral management, documentation and reporting system.


SU1500RTXL2Ua UPS System, Hardware, $799

This solution from Tripp Lite maintains continuous operation through blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges with zero transfer time; the system was designed for critical voice, data, medical and industrial network applications. It's true online, double conversion UPS provides perfectly regulated sine wave output within 2 percent of 100/110/120V (user- selectable) under all usage conditions. It also removes harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses, frequency variations and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types. Other features include a standard internal battery set that offers 17 inutes run time at half load (600W) and 5 minutes at full load (1200W).



Books and materials, Starts at $99/survey classroom set

SSSMART targets students in grades 4-8 and focuses on their ability to read, understand, and learn from their science, social studies, and mathematics textbooks. It includes instructional intervention materials for teachers and students, diagnostic tests, survey tests, professional development strategies, and instructional activities to help teachers improve student performance. It assesses academic vocabulary, concepts, and understanding of essential skills, comprehension, skimming, and scanning. Each diagnostic test is composed of three reading tests that reflect each of the three content areas.


Electronic Transcript System,

Internet, Pricing varies

The Electronic Transcript System offers a pre-K12 solution that provides the same user interface and a centralized system for educators to send, receive, manage, track and import electronic transcripts and student records in the data format they prefer. Records can also be exchanged among school districts and colleges within the state at no cost to the institution and sent out of state for a nominal fee. Its data translation engine allows schools to exchange academic records and transcripts with institutions that use other data standards without purchasing additional software.


Software, $50 per student-minimum 30 student accounts

Elementary school teachers can use MaestroReading software to help teach children how to read. Features include Leonardo's Reading Adventure, which is an interactive storybook about Leonardo da Vinci, with text that adapts to match the reading ability of the child. Learning Tools is also included, which is a set of games that allow students to practice one specific element of the reading process.


eBuddy, Hardware, $729

This semi-rugged eBuddy laptop withstands the rigors of everyday school use and accidental mishaps by incorporating industrial features such as a magnesium case and chassis, shock-resistant hard drive and LCD displays, and a water-resistant keyboard. Other technology solutions include FlexCart 24, a mobile computer lab that can store, secure and charge up to 24 laptops. The cart can be integrated with its Power-Pulse Architecture, which enables users to simultaneously charge all laptops and 24 batteries, and to power all peripherals from one standard wall outlet.


Destiny Resource Management Solution 8.0

Software, Pricing dependent upon district needs

Destiny's latest software version features a number of signifi cant improvements, such as new Server Health Reports that give technical administrators a snapshot of the performance of all the software's modules. Administrators can access request response times, browser reports, bandwidth reports and server uptime, enabling more accurate system monitoring and troubleshooting. Students, teachers and librarians can also write reviews of books and post them in the bibliographic record for other patrons to read, encouraging students to respond to literature and share their written work.


Get Ahead Math, Software, Pricing is on a per pupil basis

Get Ahead Math is a standards-based intervention program that includes individual student workbooks, motivational tools such as progress charts and rules posters, and the ability to install on an unlimited number of computers. Students begin working at their own ability level, allowing instructors to simultaneously address the needs of accelerated and remedial students. Teachers can also determine which objectives students have mastered and which ones they're working on, measure their improvement through pre- and post-tests, and print out a certificate of completion for each level mastered.


Actus Tale

Books and materials, $11.95

The object of the Actus Tale game is to improve emotional intelligence and foster expression of thoughts and feelings in different life situations. If players pick a green Expression Card, they answer the question on the card. But if they choose a Selection Card, they perform the task on the card. By expressing or acting out emotional situations, students can improve their emotional and social skills. When playing the company's other game-Wordigy Jr.-students form words using Word Cards that have letters with assigned values. It retails for $10.95.