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New Products

New Products

New Tools Can Assist in Presentations


Hardware, $4,699 (projector) and $899(scanner)

When you've got a bright idea to share-whether it's with staff or students-the last thing you want to worry about is the room's lighting. Canon's new LV-7345 plugand-play projector aims to eliminate that concern.

Two brightness modes allow administrators and teachers to deliver presentations in any room. The True Color mode projects 1800 ANSI lumens and is ideal for rooms where lighting can easily be controlled. The Turbo Bright mode, with 2100 ANSI lumens, makes the projected image easier for audiences to view in brightroom lighting, so projected images remain clear when room lights must remain on or when daylight streams through windows.

The LV-7345 can project an image from 31 to 300 inches on screen, allowing small text and image detail to be displayed legibly and clearly. A 1.3X motorized optical zoom plus a 16X digital zoom are included for a closer look at any projected image.

Because it supports Windows and Apple platforms, the tool permits easy plug-and-play operation of laptops and desktop PCs. For those who store presentations and digital photos on a standard Compact Flash cards, it can be placed into the new optical Media Card Imager to display contents through the projector without using a personal computer.

Weighing 7.7 pounds and measuring smaller than a legal size sheet of paper, the projector is compatible with Canon's new PR-200S Presentation Assistant, which can scan and instantly project in full color. From paper documents and overhead transparencies to photos and handwritten notes, this color scanner works with almost any paper type. The 4.84-pound tool, which will be available in June, can be hooked up to any Canon multimedia projector.

Equipped with a precise automatic feeding mechanism for smooth feeding into the machine, the scanner can hold up to 20 sheets of standard letter-size papers at once. A buffer memory retains up to seven scanned pages for instant callup during a presentation.



Trivision,, Software, $1 per teacher/month

E-onCampus Professional Development 1.0 helps district administrators manage a professional development program by tracking curriculum, course enrollment and credential status. The software allows districts to centralize all activities associated with staff training and development, and users can access the system over the Internet through password-protected accounts.

Scheduled classes, training history, credential information, compliance with state-mandated courses and training can be tracked for administrators, teachers, new hires, uncertified and emergency credentialed staff, substitutes and classified staff. Participants in professional development can go online to enroll or check their professional development records at any time.




Ars Nova,, software, $125

Practica Musica ear training and music theory software is now available in version 4.3, which contains additional beginning and advanced activities and a feature that makes it easier to organize individual programs of study. The software allows teachers to fully customize activities to fit the curriculum. Notation tools allow students to write music in multiple parts, and compositions can be heard, saved or printed.

A new textbook, Exploring Theory with Practica Musica, is included with the software. Students can use the book to practice and reinforce what they've learned through the activities. The software also enables students to hear the music examples from the book. In addition, new activities are added periodically to the Web for downloading.

The software comes in a hybrid CD-ROM for both Macintosh and Windows. It works with or without MIDI (the screen piano or computer's letter keys can be used as a piano).



Kensington, www.kensington. com, hardware, $49.95

PocketType is a portable keyboard designed for the Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, Visor Pro and Visor Neo handheld computers. The small, clipon keyboard allows you to quickly and easily enter information without fussing with Graffiti or bulky keyboard attachments.

The keyboard's scroll wheel allows you to scroll through windows and documents or to select text quickly. Its key repeat functions and shortcuts make entering data faster. The layout is essentially identical to the QWERTY keyboard, so you won't have to search for keys, and its software is compatible with other portable keyboards and handheld accessories.