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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet


Xserve RAID,, Storage system, $5,999

This 3U high-availability, rack storage system delivers seven terabytes of storage capacity at $1.86 per GB. Designed with 14 independent 500GB Ultra ATA drive channels, the dual independent RAID controllers with 512 MB cache per controller offer sustained throughput of over 385MBps. Other features include 1TB RAID 0 total storage available, dual 2GB Fibre Channel SFP ports with 200MBps throughput per channel, four 250 GB ATA Apple Drive Modules and 8MB on-drive cache. More powerful versions are available at $8,499 and $12,999.


Toast 7 Software, $99.95

This upgrade to the company's Mac CD and DVD burning product suite includes multi-image high definition slideshows with pan-and -zoom effects, transitions and background soundtracks and audio DVDs with over 50 hours of Dolby quality music. Its advanced navigation and data spanning enables users to backup large files, folders and applications across multiple CDs and DVDs. It also supports DivX 6, which allows users in a single step to turn DivX format files into DVD -Video discs, convert any video file to DivX and turn iMovie HD and FinalCut HD projects into true high definition video discs.

Extron Electronics

MMX 32 VGA MTP,, Hardware, $995

This compact three input, two output VGA and stereo audio matrix switcher features a built-in twisted pair transmitter for RGBHV and summed mono (L+R) audio. It's capable of driving UXGA (1600x1200) computer-video and audio signals 300 feet or more over a single low-cost UTP cable, making it well-suited for classrooms and conference rooms where a PC, document camera or other sources often need to be switched to both local and remote displays. Also introduced was a CLK 100LCD Clock with Thermometer, priced at $50.

Principia Products

Remark Office OMR 6.0 Software, $895/single user license

This new version allows users to scan virtually any plain paper OMR form, without the need for registration marks or special inks. The data from filled in bubbles or checkboxes is recognized and placed into a spreadsheet where it can be exported into over 35 different formats or analyzed in the software's built-in analysis compartment. Users can design and change forms according to need using any word processing or design program. Other features include respondent ID tracking, enhanced recognition algorithms and the ability to produce a respondent detection report.

Califone International, Inc.

LCD-16 Wireless LCD Projector Audio Transmitter, Hardware, $144

This product was designed to help schools better use and enhance audio from LCD projectors, most of which do not have built-in audio amplifiers. This lightweight transmitter has a single connector, is about the size of a deck of cards and provides wireless transmission up to 50 feet away from any projector to the company's PresentationPro sound presentation system for high-quality audio support.

InFocus Corp.

X3,, Hardware, $1199

This multi-use, digital projector offers a 4,000 hour lamp and 1600 lumens to fill a screen or wall with images from data and video sources. At 6.8 pounds, it provides a 2000:1 contrast ratio and automatic deinterlacing for true-to-life images that meet the needs of educators displaying text or multimedia lessons. It also uses DarkChip2 DLP technology from Texas Instruments for sharp, colorful images that won't deteriorate.

Infacta Ltd.

GroupMail 5 Software, starts from $99.95

This family of Windows applications enables users to send personalized communications to large groups of people. Besides personalizing the body of e-mail messages, subject lines and attachments can also be individualized. Rich text is supported, allowing users to add images to e-mails. Power users can use if-then-else and other conditional scripts inside their messages to further customize them. Existing address books and databases can be used to prepare and schedule messages for delivery at any time. It comes in three editions, including a free version with a 100-message limit.

AutoSkill International Inc.

Literacy Intervention Suite Software, License starts from $1,200

Available for the K-12 market, the package consists of two research-based products that provide a consistent methodology and common management and reporting tools to help administrators make data driven decisions and meet accountability requirements. Benefits include a systematic approach to building foundation reading and math skills using individualized training programs, consistent, automated monitoring, management and reporting tools to track students, classroom or school progress and one web-based interface, one username and password and one database for the entire school district.

Paraglyph Press

Degunking Your Mac, Tiger Edition Book, $24.99

This book provides users of Tiger--Apple's new operating system for Mac's--with tips on how to clean-up and streamline their computer. With her 12-step program, the author, Apple expert Joli Ballew, teaches users how to configure the essential Tiger features to make their Macs run faster, improve security, streamline their file system, reduce the clutter that fills up hard drives, including uninstalled or seldom-used programs, simplify their start-up operation so the computer boots quickly, reduce or eliminate spam and clean up and organize e-mail folders.

Pearson Digital Learning

Math Concepts & Skills 2, Software, $450/ user license

Designed for kindergarten through grade eight, this new version offers interactive practice and assessment in elementary mathematics foundations. The interface features one new theme for K-1 and new themes for each remaining grade level. Themes are highlighted with illustrations, new multimedia characters that act as lesson guides, session intro animations, reward animations and student resources. They provide a continuous learning experience, remaining consistent throughout the school year for each grade level to ensure that students are performing on par with their peers and remain actively engaged.

Atomic Learning

Promethean's ACTIVprimary2, Web-based software, Free

This software is among the 350 tutorials that the company recently released, boosting its library to more than 15,000 tutorials for more than 85 different applications. The introductory series of 20 tutorials on Promethean's ACTIVprimary2 enables young learners to use many activities on the ACTIVboard. The 20 introductory tutorials are available for free at Another tutorial is Excelsior Software's Pinnacle Gradebook2, which is a customized software application that supports standards-based grading. These 49 new tutorials for Macintosh users are available on Atomic's and Excelsior's software Web sites. Subscription service starts at $1.25 per user.

AutoSkill International Inc.

Academy of MATH,, Software, $1,000 and up

This software's latest version can help students achieve mathematical proficiency through its systematic approach toward building and mastering skills, including conceptual understanding, computations fluency and strategic competence across recognized mathematical skill areas. The product has 42 programs across eight levels of content with each level featuring 10 subject strands. Features include automated intervention that allows teachers to focus on data-driven instruction, a comprehensive read-aloud option and automatic tracking of performance level improvements using levels defined by the National Assessment of Education Progress.

Avery Dennison

Avery Photo ID Software Platinum, Software, ranges between $600-$700

The latest version of this visitor management system includes many new features. Users can create customized badges from a blank template or modify pre-designed badges and manage visitor profile information, such as ban a visitor, deactivate a badge, reprint badges, extend a badge's validity and modify informational details. Users can also add custom informational fields to collect visitor profile information that does not appear on the printed badge, pre-enroll visitors manually and search a pre-enrolled visitor log and conduct advanced searches of the digital visitor log using multiple criteria.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Premier Online Edition

Web-based program, starts from $15.95 per student/year

This program employs instructional and multisensory learning techniques to connect middle and high school student to Spanish-speaking countries, their arts, culture and people. Students can select from over 40 hours of visual and audio resources, point-of-use, self-grading workbooks, SoundBooth, a voice recording feature, a searchable grammar bank, an electronic notebook and a travel log photo tour. Teachers can also use the online assessment feature to assign pre-loaded tests or upload their own through the One-Stop Planner with Test Generator, which automatically grades tests.

Elmo USA Corp.

Document Cameras: All You Need to Know to Make Great Presentations, Book, Free

This book, available on the company's Web site, covers what document cameras are, what they can do, and the various types available to educators. Also included are more than a dozen case histories of successful applications in education and training.

Weekly Reader

Spanish/English editions, Magazines, $4.15-$5.45/student

The company's classroom magazines are now being offered for Spanish-speaking students in grades K-2. They offer a bilingual format for students at different reading levels and come with: nonfiction content that supports reading assessment; activities that link reading with writing and sharpens skills; a read, write and share activity kit; teacher's guides; and wall posters for grade 2. Additional Spanish/English materials are available online.

Compass Learning, Inc.

Odyssey Mathematics, Software, Starts at $50 per student

This latest addition meets the needs of many of the 5.5 million children who are English Language Learners and whose first language is Spanish.

The first level of this math curriculum targets the K-4 Spanish market and is based on the company's English version of Odyssey Math. The product is browser-based with flexible delivery options and is customized to align with NCLB mandates and individual state standards.

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