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New Products

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, book & materials, facilities, and the Internet


WebPlus X4

Web design program

Software, $59.99 for a single education user, school site licenses starting at $1,499


Serif's new version of its Web design software geared toward education includes a variety of enhancements. Intended to be easy for K12 students and educators with no design or programming experience to use, WebPlus allows users to create graphics, edit photos or utilize multimedia, and publish their designs directly to the Web. This new version includes a QuickBuilder Bar, a toolbar of commonly used design tools to make development faster and easier, and the Learning Zone, which provides direct access to PDF and video tutorials, community forums and technical support.


Student Management Suite

Student information system

Software, Pricing varies


Skyward's Student Management Suite is available in a Base Package, which offers data modules for recording attendance, demographics, discipline, grading and transcript information, or users can select from a variety of optional add on modules that include food service, health records, lesson planners and more. Skyward has recently added an enhancement called "District to District Data Transfer," a feature that allows districts to immediately transmit student immunization, grade and demographic data over a secure, encrypted Internet connection to another district when a student moves, eliminating the costly paperwork that is usually necessary.




Hardware, $1,299


The XJ-A255 is part of Casio's new Green Slim series of portable projectors, which includes a significant new industry development: LEDs. These models are some of the first on the market to use LED light sources instead of lamps, and as a result they use a fraction of the electricity, are entirely mercury free, last tens of thousands of hours longer than typical projectors and do not require warm-up or cool-down times. This model projects images at WXGA (1280x800) resolution and at 3,000 lumens of brightness, while it weighs just five pounds and is less than two inches thick.