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New Products

New Products

The latest in books, hardware, software and the Internet

SMART Technologies, Inc.

Sympodium DT770, Software, $3,999

This interactive pen display uses dual-touch DViT technology that allows users to touch the screen with their finger to navigate room-control menus and automatically switch to using a battery-free, tethered pen to control desktop applications and write notes in digital ink. Features include LED indicators and programmable buttons that provide access to Notebook software, pen tools, the eraser and right-click and room-control software interface.

LinQ Mobile software, priced at $49, allows users to control applications and write notes in digital ink on a SMART whiteboard from a Wi-Fi enabled PDA or smartphone. Users press the stylus on the device to bring up a flow menu with options to use a mouse cursor, write notes in digital ink, zoom in or release control of the whiteboard.

Tech4Learning, Inc.

Twist, Software, $44.95

This dual-platform, vector-based drawing tool is designed for all age groups. Some of its features include adjustable shapes and curves, text that can be filled with patterns, pictures or gradients, a wide variety of import options, including Pics4Learning, and multiple export options for Web, multimedia and print.

Sampo Professional

WXGA LCD Displays, Hardware, $1,499-$3,999

These 26-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch displays enable users to remotely control their digital displays through an existing network infrastructure. They offer standard NTSC tuners, advanced audio processing, HDCP Digital Content Protection System, high-definition picture-in-picture and side-by-side picture, ATSC signal compatibility and built-in audio amplifiers. Other features include a variety of connectivity options: RF, DVI, RGB input and loop-out, compost/S-Video inputs, SD/HD component video inputs, audio and subwoofer outputs and RS-232 and RJ-45 control ports.

NEC Solutions, Inc.

NEC WT610, Hardware, $6995

This projector uses a patented lensless mirror design to attain a short throw distance. It projects a 40-inch image from only two inches from the screen and a 100-inch image from only 26 inches from the screen. Features include a 3500:1 contrast ratio for image quality with deep black detail, wired and wireless networking technologies for the ability to communicate from a PC to the projector through a wired LAN system using a 10-base or a wireless system via Wi-Fi 802.11g. Users can also format a PCMCIA card as a security card to disable the projector to unauthorized users.

Meyer Sound

MVC-5, Hardware, $11,000

This graduated vertical coverage loudspeaker is a self-powered, multiple element, curvilinear array with fixed splay angles, housed in a single compact enclosure. The system was designed for voice reproduction in large spaces with single-level listening areas at minimal or gradual elevations. It's also capable of reproducing recorded music and sound for audio-visual presentations. When suspended in a venue, it can achieve levels useful for speech reinforcement at distances up to 300 feet. Its horizontal coverage angle is 100*, allowing each enclosure to cover a relatively wide listening area.

Discovery Education & CDW-G

unitedstreaming video servers, Hardware/Service, starts from $3,000 plus subscription

This partnership offers customized video servers to districts nationwide. Local hosting enables schools to access content via onsite servers. More than 4,000 full-length videos chaptered into over 40,000 content-specific video clips can be streamed or downloaded directly into the classroom, either via the Internet or locally hosted video servers. Server management software ensures automatic updates of the locally hosted content during off-peak hours. Schools can add their own searchable content, making it available only to network users.

New enhancements include more than 170 titles from the Assignment Discovery series, TLC Elementary, Weston Woods and 100% Educational Videos. Also added were more than 15,000 digital images in history, geography, science, language arts, health, art and music and interactive training modules, self-paced video tutorials, sample lesson plans and more.


SR-DVM70U, Hardware, $1,795

This video recorder/player combines a MiniDV, DVD and Hard Disk Drive Recorder with a 160 GB capacity that offers high storage capacity and long recording times with selectable recording rates. When dubbing, the deck analyzes content as it's being recorded on the hard drive disk and assigns optimum bit rates to ensure picture quality while calculating disc capacity.

PolyVision Corp.

Thunder, Hardware, $50,000

This electronic flip chart replaces one-dimensional tools, such as flip charts or videoconferencing, with an environment in which local and remote users can collaborate live by sharing, annotating, saving, recalling, displaying and distributing information, regardless of distance or time zone. Users can surround their entire team with projected information to be studied, absorbed, shared, then stored. With a touch of a button, it enables work groups to easily flip to and from different virtual charts, edit, save, print and e-mail their notes.


STI Curriculum Manager, Software, $3 and up per student

This software helps educators tie assessment and student information data with district curriculum assets. It integrates with STI's Web-based assessment management platform ($12 and up per student), which links to any student information system. When combined, educators can create tests correlated to standards or district benchmarks using a test-item bank or their own questions and obtain assessment in real time. Other features enable them to individualize instruction with resources targeting student needs and share assessment data and reports with government officials and parents through an online portal.

Generation YES

Generation Tech, Curriculum, first year pricing starts at $1,200

The updates include eight major units that offer teachers a leveled, multi-semester curriculum: communication and documentation; hardware from components to networks; software; problem solving; researching solutions from online and offline resources; preventive maintenance; portfolio building; and helping teachers ranging from long-term solutions and pro-active tech support to tutorials and help guides.

All units offer over 70 hours of instruction, utilize online tools, include supplemental teacher and student resources and provide scalable activities. Curriculum is also supplemented with blog entries and podcasts.

Extron Electronics

System Integrator, Hardware, $135-$495

These seven speakers were designed for A/V system integrators and are optimized for smooth, accurate reproduction of music and voice for both low and high power delivery applications. The series includes ceiling speakers with or without plenum-rated back cans, in-wall speakers with open back, infinite baffle designs and surface mounts speakers with all-weather enclosures. The company also introduced the DVS 304, a digital video scaler that delivers high performance scaling of video, HDTV, and RGB sources. It includes an on-screen display, optional IR remote control, contact closure and IP Link.

Sonic Foundry, Inc.

Mediasite 440 Series, Hardware, $22,250-$24,950

This series includes three rich media recorders: the VL440 videoconferencing recorder; the rack-mountable RL440, which supports the MediaSite Control Interface Protocol for programmable control with AV automation systems; and the mobile ML440, which features a built-in 17-inch LCD screen and a set of accessible analog and digital interfaces that allow for setup in under 10 minutes. It also captures, encodes, synchronizes and indexes audio and video with visual content without any pre- or post-production. The recorders also offer advanced automation and expanded browser support for playback.