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New Products

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.


ELMO Wireless Tablet, $399


ELMO, known for its visual presenters and surveillance cameras, is expanding into other technologies, as represented by this new wireless slate/tablet, designed for use with interactive whiteboards and document cameras. The device enables teachers or students to draw, annotate or manipulate images, or run applications from around the classroom with a stylus pen, which has different user modes for operating a document camera, whiteboard or a PC. ELMO's Image Mate Accent software is included, which offers document camera presentation tools for annotating over images, as well as recording video and audio. The tablet has a wireless range of 50 feet and lasts up to 18 hours on a single charge.


4320t, Starts at $525


Hewlett-Packard continues its drive into virtualization with this new model, a mobile thin client. Much like a streamlined desktop thin client, the 4320t is an inexpensive subcompact laptop that lacks high-end processing power or expansive onboard data storage because it is intended to be essentially a terminal connected to a server, where most applications and data are stored. This server-based computing requires less maintenance and is more secure, as centralized storage reduces the risk of lost or stolen data. Features of the 4320t include a 13.3-inch LED backlit screen, an Intel Celeron processor, up to 4GB of RAM, a 6- or 9-cell battery, and either a 2GB or 4GB solid-state hard drive for fast startup and shutdown times.


Easiteach Next Generation, Free upgrade for current users, $50 for users of competing programs, $347 new


A redesign of the company's flagship interactive whiteboard software, RM Education's Easiteach Next Generation provides tools and content to create multimedia lessons in math, ELA, social studies and science. Teachers can select from predesigned lessons, templates or diagrams in each content area, or select from the library of over 4,500 media resources to create their own. New features of the next generation include a collection of Easiteach widgets, which are applications designed specifically for interactive whiteboard instruction, over 250 lessons and graphic organizers, and an improved, more intuitive user interface.