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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet


FileMakerPro 8, Software, $299/$179 upgrade

This database software features the Adobe PDF Library licensed via Datalogics, which enables users to convert attractive graphic-rich reports of their data into PDFs and e-mail for sharing with non-users of the software. Designed for Windows and Mac OS X, users can e-mail the content of virtually any field, including images, documents and Excel files, automatically fill in field content based on previous entries or Value Lists and select information from the current field, and with one mouse click, find all matching records. FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced is also available for $499.

AG Neovo

E-Series LCD Displays, Hardware, about $270 The company announced a special rebate program for one of its latest products-a new 17-inch E-Series LCD display that features a 12ms

response time, a brightness of 260 and a 450-contrast ratio. It also supports SXGA resolution, built-in multimedia speakers with front access headphone jack and a Kensington security slot. These displays will have a 3 percent special educational discount, further reducing the price of $289.99.

Goldhill Educational

New DVDs, DVDs, $29.98 each; $160.98 boxed set

These six SAT Prep programs were designed to help students boost their scores and confidence. The first three titles help take the anxiety out of test taking by preparing students with time-saving techniques, like critical reading for the main idea and eliminating wrong answers, and provides practice quizzes along with easy-to-follow strategies for writing essays. The remaining three modules focus on introductory math, algebra and geometry and teach students how to succeed on the multiple choice and student response (grid-in) strategies.


PowerLite S3, Hardware, $899

This 5.6 pound projector offers 1,600 ANSI lumens of brightness and SVGA (800 x 600) native resolution. A verification tone lets users know that the power is on and that the projected image will appear on the screen in five seconds. The projector also recognizes if a cable from a computer or video device has been plugged into one of its input ports, immediately displaying that signal without having to press any buttons. A new feature--Instant Off--enables users to power down and unplug the projector immediately, eliminating delays often associated with cool-down cycles.

Fujitsu Computer Systems

LifeBook S2000, Hardware, $1,299

This notebook now features AMD Turion 64 mobile technology, which offers overall performance for 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Weighing approximately four pounds, it also includes up to 10 hours of battery life, an 100 GB hard drive and a 13.3 inch Crystal View XGA display capable of casual outdoor viewing. It also offers a new dual-layer multi-format DVD writer, a versatile modular bay to accommodate a variety of optical drives or a bay battery and an optional Atheros Super AG wireless LAN for fast data transfer.

Macromedia, Inc.

Macromedia Studio 8, Software, K-12 site license starts at $2,500

This combination of digital communication tools includes the company's latest releases of Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Contribute and FlashPaper. The software suite contains new workflow enhancements to allow Web developers to define and share templates with educators, administrators and students to update Web content. Flash video encoding capabilities and starter templates make Web video more approachable for student projects while new multiplatform support allows e-learning developers to create, rich, interactive, flexible content online.

Inspiration Software, Inc.

Inspiration for Pocket PC, Software, starts from $29.95

The software offers RapidFire, ready-to-use templates and a stylus to create graphic organizers by sketching symbols and arranging thoughts directly on the screen. Special zoom options are included so that students and teachers can review and modify details whether they're viewing the entire graphic organizer or focusing on one section. To finish a project, students can also transfer to handheld word processor, sync their handheld device to the software on a desktop computer or beam to a printer.


Parent/Teacher Appointment System, Online service, $2-12 per event (district discounts available)

This automated parent/teacher appointment system enables schools to publish available time slots of teachers online so that parents can book convenient appointments by visiting the school's Web site. Once a school's account is confi gured for an upcoming set of conferences, a link to the online system can notify parents to log in, where they can access teacher availability and arrange their own schedule. No additional effort is required of school staff; teachers can monitor their own schedules.

Educational Testing Service

Criterion 4.0,

Software, $10-$15/annual student subscription

The latest version of this learning tool that uses automated scoring technologies to evaluate student essays online offers increased accuracy of holistic scoring through the company's automated essay-scoring engine, new reports for teachers with details about each student's progress and ace features include the ability to aggregate data by class, school or district, trait-indicator messages that help pinpoint areas that need more attention, a Spanish/English bilingual writer's handbook, the ability to archive student portfolios and on-screen advisories for users whose essays are too long or off topic.

Meeting Maker, Inc.

Meeting Maker Mobile Powered by Intellisync, Software, $100/standard edition

This technology offers wireless calendaring and e-mail connectivity to a variety of mobile devices and can be used as an add-on module for Meeting Maker Millennium personal and group scheduling solution or as a stand-alone wireless e-mail and PIM solution. Users can access their Millennium calendar and e-mail from Pocket PCs, SmartPhones, Palm OS and Symbian mobile devices using wireless, Wi-Fi or cradle synch options. Users accessing e-mail form POP3, IMAP, Domino or Exchange 2000/2003 environments can receive, review, create, reply and delete messages directly from their devices.


M280 Convertible Notebook, Hardware, starts from $1,299

This PC can be used as a notebook via its full-sized keyboard, or as a tablet by using the enhanced digitizer pen input to take handwritten notes, draw diagrams and edit documents directly on the display. The system comes with a 14-inch widescreen WXGA TFT active matrix display, a magnesium display frame and internal super-structure for stability and reinforced ally hinge anchored in magnesium. Other features include dual magnetic activated display latches, modular hot-swap bay to house optional drives or second battery, multiple options for maximum configurability and a full-featured port replicator optimized for performance.


Achievement Series/Performance Series

Online System, annual subscription ranges between $4-$12 student

These are now combined in a single interface, offering a complete assessment solution for formative and diagnostic testing that's modeled after recommendations by the U.S. Department of Education's National Education Technology Plan that calls for a unifi ed assessment in a single, online platform. Achievement Series is a Web-based assessment platform that educators can use to develop and administer tests both online and on paper, capture results and produce standards based reports. Performance Series is a Web-based, computeradaptive test that educators can use as a diagnostic, for student placement and to do progress reporting.


Office 2004 for Mac Student and Teacher Edition, Software, $149

This latest version includes Project Center, which provides a way to view and stay on top of all e-mail messages, files, contacts, meetings and tasks related to a particular project. With Word's Notebook Layout View, users can quickly take notes, search and flag relevant information and record audio directly into a Word document designed to look like notebook paper. Page LayoutView in Excel also enables users to view spreadsheets exactly as they appear on paper while manipulating data formatting, including margins, headers, footers and page layout.

Boston Test Prep

BTP To Go, Online/Digital/Audio Course, starts from $19.95/month

This portable SAT test prep course can be downloaded into over 160 AudibleReady digital audio players, such as iPods, PDAs and smart phones. The audio format allows students the freedom to prepare for the SAT at their own pace and is divided into three sections: an SAT Introduction, Reducing SAT Anxiety and Writing a SAT Essay. Each section familiarizes students with test questions, strategies and test taking tips to help increase their score and alleviate any fears and anxiety.

Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.

Weapons Detection System

Hardware, $60,000/unit

This weapons detection system uses a millimeter wave camera combined with a video camera and special algorithm software. The technology, developed by Lockheed Martin, detects guns, knives or bombs, whether they're metal, plastic or composite, and it can interface with other like security devices as door entry systems, video surveillance systems and complex monitoring networks. The camera can identify up to 50 threats at the same time and has a range of up to 45 feet in distance with lens option.


Vision 4.1, Software, starts from $60/user license

This latest release enables educators to present prepared or spontaneous lesson notes that appear on computers in front of students. The software's enhancements include demonstration mode where users can broadcast any application in real-time and panel filmstrip review, which gives educators better lesson visibility and flexibility by allowing them to see several panels of a notebook at one time and present panels in any order during the session. Teachers can also use it's new prepared notes navigator in combination with the panel filmstrip viewer to preview prepared content before transmitting to students.