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New Products

New Products

A new survey found that although high school students, teachers and IT staff overwhelmingly believe technology skills are vital to student success, just 46 percent of teachers regularly assign homework that requires them.

Viewsonic MultiClient

$1,299 per server, $175 per adapter

Monitor, projector and consumer technology manufacturer ViewSonic has just announced the MultiClient, a local cloud computing solution designed for classrooms. A single server ($1,299) supports up to 14 user stations—each with a monitor, keyboard and mouse—via an adapter ($175) for each, saving hardware and energy costs. The system comes with Microsoft's Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 installed, which provides classroom management tools and allows teachers to control, share and monitor all student screens from their station.


Lexia Learning, Lexia Reading v8

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Lexia's reading curriculum software uses a system of differentiated practice, embedded assessment and targeted instruction to foster skills development for preK-4 students and to develop reading ability for at-risk students in grades 4-12. The software uses an assessment technology that adjusts each student's experience based on demonstrated skill level and that provides detailed data to help educators target and prioritize reading instruction. The newly announced version 8 includes an iPhone application to provide teachers and administrators mobile access to the program, and new "Lexia Lessons," designed specifically for interactive whiteboard instruction.



Blackboard Collaborate

Free for existing Elluminate/Wimba customers

Blackboard, which acquired Web conferencing companies Elluminate and Wimba in 2010, has just announced the release of Collaborate, which draws upon the technologies of both companies. Designed specifically for education, Collaborate provides a Web conferencing platform with a streamlined, intuitive user interface. It includes enterprise instant messaging, voice authoring for presentations, and integration with learning management systems, all to support online teaching and learning, online professional development, and student, class and school collaboration.



SkillsTutor Classmate PC

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SkillsTutor, a division of Houghton Miffl in Harcourt and developer of digital supplemental curriculum and professional development materials, has announced a partnership with Intel and hardware manufacturer Equus to create the SkillsTutor Classmate PC. This convertible netbook—designed by Intel to be rugged enough for K12 students—comes with SkillsTutor's software preloaded as a bundled package, and at a reduced education price. Additional features include a responsive touchscreen and related touchscreen-specific applications, a rotating webcam, an integrated carry handle, and classroom management tools.



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ELMO has updated its "Teacher's Tool" line of document cameras with the TT-12, the fifth generation of the model. The TT-12 continues with ELMO's trademark design, using a solid arm instead of a gooseneck to ensure stability, but the new model also includes a multidirectional camera to capture objects at various angles, enhanced zoom capabilities of 12x optical and 8x digital, a 3.4-megapixel camera, and video display at 30 frames per second. The unit also includes internal memory for storing images and video, and coupled with ELMO's CRA-1 wireless slate, it enables teachers to conduct multimedia lessons without a computer.