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New Products

New Products

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Inspiration SoftwareInspiration Software
Inspiration Maps App, $14.99
This new application brings visual thinking and learning to the Apple iPad. Users can organize notes, documents and projects by creating visual models, maps and graphics. The app has dozens of templates to choose from and can be updated and edited easily. The program also works with Dropbox and iTunes to share and store documents.


Adaptive CurriculumAdaptive Curriculum
Class Pack Math + Science, $750
Based on the latest research and pedagogy, Adaptive Curriculum provides middle and high school teachers with strategies for implementing content, assessment and best teaching practices in the areas of math and science. Each class pack comes with one teacher account and 30 student accounts. Students are able to navigate through content, complete assignments, and view the results.

Series 5 Slate PC, starting at $649
Designed for Windows 8, Samsung’s Series 5 Slate can run the same programs as a full-size PC, but in a sleek, tablet form that weighs less than two pounds. The Slate is designed for the everyday user, including such features as handwriting to text conversion, a 500 GB hard drive and an ExpressCache for fast boot-up. It can also be seamlessly attached to a keyboard dock.


Penda Learning, pricing varies
Using avatars and competition to engage students in science and math, Penda Learning is an online resource for grades 4 to 10. It is based on recent brain research showing that it is vital for students to form an emotional connection with their learning. For teachers, automated reporting makes it easy to differentiate instruction, monitor progress and drive results.


TechSmith CamtasiaTechSmith
Camtasia Studio 8, $299
Camtasia Studio 8 can help create powerful, professional, interactive videos for education, training, marketing and sales, with all the bells and whistles you would expect from the software that video professionals use. The program also has interactive elements such as in-video quizzing, in-video linking to Web content, and video-sharing options.

Lauren Williams is products editor.