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New Products

New Products

The latest in software, hardware, books & materials, facilities and the internet.

Lauren Innovations
NaviGate Prepared
This web-based security system was recently adapted for schools and gives first responders access to critical information, such as maps, floor plans, emergency protocols, call lists and real-time video feeds where there are cameras. The information is stored on secure, redundant off-site servers in a digital cloud. Critical information can be accessed via any internet-enabled device, including on-board computers in police cruisers and handheld devices.

More than 2,000 e-books are available through McGraw-Hill’s new purchasing alternative that is designed to give libraries more flexibility. Users can access hundreds of thousands of pages of content from authors and titles in the areas of engineering, computing, medical, business, and student study aids such as AP study guides, self-teaching texts, and course outlines. Over time, collections will be continuously updated with new e-books. 

PowerLite W16SK
As a new 3D projector that was specifically designed for the classroom, Epson’s PowerLite W16SK delivers WXGA widescreen resolution and supports multiple HDMI 3D formats. It includes two projectors (for 3D and 2D mode), polarizing lenses, and a stack mount. It also delivers up to 6,000 lumens of color brightness and white light output to deliver ultra-bright passive 3D projection. It works with 3D glasses that can also be purchased through Epson. 

Virtual Appliances
These virtual appliances mirror Bloxx’s current hardware versions of its web filter and secure web gateway, to fit with any organization looking to digitize its web security. The new Bloxx appliances offer real-time content filtering and classification of web pages, analyzing web content in real time, gateway level security including anti-malware protection and SSL filtering that mitigates the growing risks of HTTPs traffic.