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New Products

New Products

The latest in software, hardware, books & materials, facilities and the internet.

myCreate iPad App
The myCreate app is based on Stop-Action Movie (SAM) Animation software. Students can edit videos by slowing down or speeding up the delivery of frames, duplicating frames to lengthen scenes and adding music or audio recordings to their videos. Completed videos can be saved to personal albums and/or shared with family members and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or HapYak.

EXPLORE Teaming Table
This new Teaming Table is built for small learning groups. It features a large monitor at one end and allows up to five students to connect and share the screen content on their laptop or other mobile device. Each four-leg table includes a monitor mount, cord management and a Fluid Up Power System to charge any device. Locking casters allow for table mobility and glides support stationary installations of the table.

MimioStudio 10
The latest software solution from Mimio can be used with any interactive whiteboards a classroom already has. MimioStudio 10 software integrates all MimioClassroom products and powers most types of interactive display from any other manufacturer. The new collaborative feature allows the simultaneous use of iPads and MimioPad tablets for participation in group activities. The software also includes MimioStudio Gradebook, which automatically records student answers and reduces the amount of hand-grade tests.

Now available to all schools nationwide, the Grammaropolis program teaches grammar using parts of speech as animated characters starring in songs, books, and videos, whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence (noun, verb, adverb, etc.). Teachers can access it online through the website, as well as the new Grammaropolis Complete Edition iOS App. Each lesson, created to address students’ unique learning styles, explains the role of a single part of speech as it relates to the others, using narrative, character, and conflict to show that relationship in action.

fx-55 PLUS Manipulative Kit
This elementary mathematics kit includes Casio’s fx-55 PLUS fraction calculator, a teacher’s guide, and Emulator Software. For grades 3 through 5, the kit focuses on fractions, decimals, and algebra. The calculator has large, color-coded buttons to make it easier for younger students. Along with the kit, Casio also offers professional development services for teachers who require assistance integrating the kit’s components into their daily instruction.

Common Core Assessment and Remediation Tool
As a new set of online assessment tools and instructional materials to support Common Core State Standards (CCSS), ODYSSEYWARE’s Common Core Assessment and Remediation Tool helps K8 teachers accurately identify student competency levels in relation to CCSS. It also provides supplemental materials for targeted skills remediation and practice to help them achieve mastery. These lessons are skills-focused, vocabulary-intensive, media-rich, and assessment driven.

Made for 1:1 and BYOD learning initiatives, LaunchPad is a cloud-based virtual desktop solution accessible from any device. It delivers personalized instructional technology with single sign-on to web resources and access to files and school resources from any device. New features include: Google Docs connectivity, custom link delivery, more than 100 single sign-on connectors for many popular educational web apps, and personalized avatars.

A4 Color Multi-Function Printers
These new printers are built with dual-scan technology and are designed to automatically scan both sides of a document. With print speeds of up to 40-51 pages per minute, the printers feature a large seven-inch touch screen and its smartphone-like interface includes smooth flicking and scrolling controls. The touch screen also allows users to create shortcuts for the most-used functions.

Smart School Systems
SmartScope iGO
This new handheld digital microscope connects wirelessly to various mobile devices from Apple and Android by using a free app in the iTunes store. One SmartScope iGO will connect to up to three devices at once and each device can take pictures and record videos. Its six LED lights are controlled with a dial directly on the microscope. Designed for all grade levels, it can be used in life science, earth science, and physical science.

PT-RZ470 Solid Shine Series Projector
These lamp-free projectors with digital link technology deliver up to 20,000 hours of operation, and 3,500 lumens of brightness for any classroom. The PT-RZ470 has a 2x zoom, wide lens shift capability, HDMI/DVI digital inputs and Crestron RoomView compatibility, as well as portrait mode projection capability, edge blending, color matching and 3D projection.