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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet

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LeapFrog SchoolHouse

LeapTrack Assessment & Instruction System 4.0, Software, starts at $3,695

Now aligned with every state's content standards, this software supports thousands of teachers nationwide with formative assessment and differentiated instruction in reading, math and language arts. Features include reporting options like the Parent Report, a take-home report for parents that outlines their child's learning needs, areas of strength and performance against key state standards. The system also includes updates to many of the skill cards and delivers hands-on student learning experiences that merge standards-based content with the interactive LeapPad and Quantum Pad personal learning tools.

Gateway, Inc.

E-Series Desktops, Hardware, ranges between $659 and $1,059

The new E-series line includes ultra-reliable BTX designs, Intel's latest dual core processors and 945 chipset, enhanced graphics fast SATA hard drives and systems that include firewire and on-board RAIT support. Components can be easily accessed without having to remove the front bezel or replace optical drive retention screws. Dual system fans are also included to keep internal components cool.

Also introduced were two new Performance flat panel LCDs that offer higher contrast ratios, faster response times, increased brightness, height adjustable stands, an energy efficient design, intuitive control menu and optional lockable speaker bar.

PLUS Vision Corp. of America

U5-732 and U5-632 projectors, Hardware, $1,995 to $2,195

These compact DLP projectors have a contrast ratio of 2000:1 While the 732 is 2300 lumens, the 632 is a 2200 lumen projector with 3000 lumens in bright mode and features a short focus lens that allows large images to be displayed within short distances. Both have full automatic adjustment, including digital keystone correction, and Advanced Color Wheel technology, which improves the color reproduction and clarity of a projected image.

Also new is its patent-pending Dual Color Mode, which allows users to switch between color modes.

Kramer Electronics, Ltd.

TP-41, TP-42, Hardware, $200

The TP-41 component video and S/PDIF digital audio transmitter and TP-42 component video and S/PDIF digital audio receiver were designed to simplify the routing of component video and digital audio signals over inexpensive and convenient CAT 5 cable. Both products constitute a component video and S/PDIF digital audio line transmitter/receiver system. The TP-41 transmitter/encoder includes an analog component video and a digital audio input, all n RCA connectors. The range of the CAT 5 output to the TP-42 receiver/decoder exceeds 300 feet.

Apangea Learning, Inc.

SmartHelp LIVE, Service, $2-$5/per student hour

This combination of intelligent software and real-time support from human tutors offers a supportive environment in which students can learn a consistent, structured approach to solving word problems and improving their math skills. Features include a research-based approach to problem solving designed to help struggling students learn how to solve math problems, an adaptive learning environment that caters to individual students needs, intelligent software that monitors student progress, interactive lessons, automatic progress alerts and live tutors who provide additional individualized assistance through live chat sessions.


Macromedia Breeze, Software, starts from $3,600 per year/license

Featuring an intuitive user interface, this new release delivers rich online conferencing and collaborative Web communications for anyone with access to an Internet browser. Users can host virtual classes, meetings and professional development sessions or enter an online meeting or access on-demand presentations without needing the large client downloads associated with other Web communication systems. Other benefits include Voice-over-IP, on-demand video, real-time multipoint video conferencing and recording capabilities.

Follet Software Company

Destiny Media Manager, Software, starts from $4,000

Designed to help districts ensure that students get the learning resources they need, this browser-based software helps teachers search for, reserve and track different types of instructional media, including software, videos, activity kits, manipulatives and more. Using barcode technology, it keeps track of relevant information for every media item ranging from a detailed description to who needs it next. Its centralized system lets districts share expensive instructional materials across their district while its usage reports let business managers plan purchases and budgets more accurately, eliminating over- and under-ordering.

Pearson School Systems

Pearson Benchmark, Web-based System, $3-$6.50/per student

This benchmarking testing system and reporting tool enables educators to measure and manage student achievement through testing, reporting and analytics. Educators can accurately pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses against predetermined standards. With the ability to gather student performance results, teachers and administrators can monitor student progress, address deficiencies and recheck mastery by class, course, grade level, school or various demographics.

Another new product is Centerpoint 6.0, a Web-based student information and performance management system. Key functions include SIF compliance; grade book and transcript capabilities; and an improved attendance function.

Knowledge Adventure

Math Blaster--Master the Basics, Software, starts from $59.95/teacher edition

This platform-based program, designed for students ages 6 through 12, uses intuitive math games that incorporate addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fact families. Students receive instruction through thousands of challenging practice problems that help them master everyday math skills, increase problem-solving and mental math abilities. The program also provides automatic progress tracking for each student. Content is correlated to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and individual state standards.

The company also introduced Reading Readiness, which provides content in over 30 skill areas ranging from letters and sounds to word building, spelling and decoding. Systematic lessons help students master the basics of reading.

Vantage Learning

MY Access! 6.0, Online Software, $10-$36/per license

This instructional writing tool helps students practice and revise their assigned essays online. It incorporates MY Vocabulary, which lets teachers add vocabulary words and lists to writing assignments; Approximator, which provides an immediate general holistic writing score for any response submitted by students to teachers; Violert, which flags student responses for violence and intent to hurt themselves or others; MY Peer Review where students can anonymously review each other's essays, Writer's Companion, a writing portal with links to additional content, and, MY Tutor, which analyzes writers' responses.

Sagebrush Corp.

InfoCentre 2005, System, starts from $995

This library management system combines the best features from three of the company's other information management products and includes additional enhancements. Users now have the ability to generate customized reports, work on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X and Novell, scan all current barcodes, create virtual unions so that users can search only one library, all libraries or a group of libraries within the district and clean up MARC records by merging the same records into one bibliographic record.

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