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News Update

New School Grant Opportunities

School district leaders across the nation can benefit from two new grant-funding services. CDW-G has created a new, first-of-its-kind site called, worth $600 million in combined grants. And Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has created a cloud-based database of federal and state grant funding information for district leaders, including superintendents, and grant writers, particularly related to safety and security.

CDW-G will operate and manage the GetEdFunding site, which was active as of Sept. 1, to help educators find the necessary funds, including technology grants, that they need to supplement already tight budgets.

It’s the only site focused on K12 and higher education, as opposed to having specific vendors provide information to customers or having to go to individual organizational sites to look for grants, according to Julie Smith, vice president of K12 for CDW-G. provides more than 600 grants and opportunities culled from federal, state, regional, and community resources. Each program on the site has been evaluated by a team of educators and grant specialists, to help any program from pre-K through adult education, Smith says.

“Times are so challenging with funding in K12 now. It’s just heartbreaking,” Smith says. “And when you think about what technology looked like in the K12 space just 10 years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find technology... and now technology is really being embraced in the classroom.”

The site is also searchable by words, so district leaders looking for a specific grant can customize searches within 45 focus areas and nine content areas on the site, and keep track of interesting grants in their own ‘mygrants’ folder. “You can even build a profile based on your unique requirements, such as, ‘I’m looking for grade 4 grants in this content area and skill level,’" Smith says.

The Ingersoll Rand database, which augments the company’s already existing grant-funding services, provides access to all public and private grants for public and private schools, but also explains who must write the grant and relays the type of equipment the grant will help purchase.

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