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WindStreet Energy

Green Card Series, Fund-raising program

Books & Materials, $25-$29 for each card

WindStreet Energy’s new school fund-raising program is modeled after traditional cookie or candy bar sales campaigns, but instead of sweets, fund raisers sell Green Cards. With every purchase, WindStreet buys renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset the carbon emissions from the consumer’s car or home electrical use. An average of 20 percent of all proceeds goes to the school running the campaign.



Diggiditto, Document camera

Hardware, $599

Califone’s new USB-powered document camera is the first to include software with image recognition capabilities, enabling the camera to identify objects from their saved images and reopen relevant pictures. Additional features include a flexible pedestal that may be detached for handheld operation, 2-megapixel resolution with autofocus, image stop, rotation and movement, image annotation functions, 3X optical zoom, and an internal microphone for recording multimedia presentations on a computer.


Black Box

VPS Plus, Projector accessory

Hardware, $449.95

The Video Presentation System (VPS) from Black Box is a device that plugs into a projector or other display with a VGA port, allowing multiple laptop or desktop computer users to connect wirelessly using a “token” that plugs into each computer’s USB port. This upgraded version, the VPS Plus, now also includes 4-to-1 split-screen capabilities for simultaneous presentations, support for wireless PDAs, and compatibility with both PC and Macintosh computers.



CP-X3010N Projector

Hardware, $3,395

Hitachi’s new 3LCD projector has a brightness of 3,000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. Additional features include 16-watt built-in speakers and a long lamp life of 3,000 hours, or up to 6,000 hours in Eco mode. This model is also network-ready, which, when combined with Hitachi’s new version of its Projector Management Application, allows users to control, diagnose and manage one or more Hitachi projectors from a remote location over a network using a desktop toolbar.



vClicker Mobile Edition Student response system

Software, Starting at $129 per instructor plus $17 per student annually

This new program from eInstruction expands the company’s student response technologies. vClicker Mobile Edition is a virtual response system that runs on Internet-connected devices such as PCs, laptops, iPhones and BlackBerrys, allowing students to participate in lessons, answer questions and more from their own device either in class or from home. The program supports up to 1,200 users and retains data even with intermittent or interrupted phone service.



MultiSync EA231WMi, Desktop monitor

Hardware, $379

NEC’s new high-end, 16:9 enterprise model is the first 23-inch monitor in its MultiSync series and is designed for use in education, either in classrooms or administrative offices. It includes a number of green features that earned it EPEAT Gold certification, including one-touch Eco Mode activation, an ambient light sensor for reducing power consumption, and a carbon footprint meter. Additional features include down-firing multimedia speakers with headphone jack and a built-in carrying handle.

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