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Not 100 Percent Clear on the Stimulus?

Try These Sites

These education-related nonprofits and companies have set up Web-based resource centers to provide information on the ARRA.



Allows visitors to see funding allocations for each state by guiding their mouse over a map.

National Education Foundation

Includes downloadable state-bystate charts on ARRA school-related allocations.


Gives district officials the chance to answer this question: How is your school district using the additional funds from the stimulus law?

Schools Moving Up

Includes links to five free webinars related to the ARRA’s education goals.


Curriculum Associates

Includes a downloadable grid showing a precise mapping of the company’s products to Title 1 requirements.


Features a video discussion between Microsoft’s general manager of U.S. education and its director of innovation and business development.


Includes a downloadable pocket guide to ARRA school funding.