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Overheard on the Pulse

Here are just a few excerpts of ongoing discussions among today's leaders in education -- from DA's

"What part of 'the Internets' is so difficult for educators to understand?"

Gary Stager-The Shoe-box and the Telephone

"They didn't ride the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. We must not follow the script, DIBEL, or give the tests. We must stand up and say "No!' to the corporate-politicos, which amounts to saying "Yes!" for children. And I have a little plan for achieving this goal, a $71.40 plan to help teachers come together in a grassroots movement of refusal."

Susan Ohanian-Defend Democracy:A $71.40 plan to Stop NCLB

I just hope those in Congress are intelligent enough to understand what they MUST do to stop the insanity. The double speak NCLB Act is to be repealed. As I have said over and over again, "How could so many schools be failing? It must be the Act and all the greed, not to mention the endless stupidity surrounding it."

Posted by: Yvonne Siu-Runyan on Thursday, November 16, 2006

"I used to say that everything evil in education starts with the letter P. There were six Ps. But now I have found a 7th."

Roger Schank-The 7th P

If we are going to continue with NCLB, the federal government is going to have to provide states with the funding to properly implement it. In my opinion, NCLB and its all or nothing mentality is driving effective educators out of education.

Posted by: Todd Holden on Friday, November 17, 2006

"The next time you hear the increasingly negative news coming out of Iraq, do something democratic in your school and remember that democracy begins in kindergarten."

Etta Kralovec-Everything We Need to Know about Democracy We Learned in Kindergarten

"OK, maybe we don't need to be a technology leader anymore. Maybe it is time to let another country take the lead for a while."

David Thornburg-A Time to Chill Out?

"What did you do in school today? "I got DIBELed." Within a few days of entering kindergarten, hundreds of thousands of five year olds are given their first opportunity to taste failure."

Ken Goodman-The DIBELing of Little Children

The DIBELs are working well in our state, as is Reading First.

Posted by: Kristine McDowell on Sunday, October 22, 2006