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Collective Bargaining

Mark Roosevelt, superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools, says the district and its teachers union reached an agreement on a five-year contract that includes new pay elements focused on teacher performance.


Contract Not Renewed

Newark (N.J.) Public Schools did not renew Superintendent Clifford Janey's contract. Some speculate he may be asked to return to D.C. Public Schools if City Council Chairman Vincent Gray becomes mayor.


$400 Million Mistake

New Jersey State Education Commissioner Brett Schundler was fired after allegedly misrepresenting his efforts to inform the Race to the Top reviewers about a paperwork error. Schundler says he was honest with Gov. Chris Christie.


Waiting for Superman

Director Davis Guggenheim follows five students hoping for a better future but are stuck in an ineffective educational system in his documentary, Waiting for Superman, released Sept. 24. "We are failing too many kids," says Guggenheim.


Extended Day Online

Soon to be former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced a plan to extend the school day by 90 minutes by using online math and reading courses. The Chicago Teachers Union argues this online method is providing education "on the cheap."