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Has It Come to This?

Accused of lying about her address and falsifying records, Ohio mother Kelley Williams-Bolar was jailed for 10 days for sending her daughters to a school in a neighboring district. "I did this for my daughters," Williams- Bolar told reporters.


Reviving Vouchers

GOP House Speaker John Boehner introduced legislation to restore a school voucher program for students in Washington, D.C., two years after Congress began phasing it out. Mayor Vincent Gray opposes the program.


Analytical Thinking in US History

Trevor Packer, vice president of Advanced Placement at the College Board, said the board is changing the AP U.S. history curriculum to increase the level of analytical thinking. The revised curriculum will be ready in 2013.


From DC to Wake County

Wake County (N.C.) Public Schools' new superintendent, Anthony Tata, faces reports of resegregation and Title IX violations in the district. Tata is the former chief operating officer for D.C. Public Schools and a retired Army general.


Special Ed Funding

Four districts in Oklahoma will file a lawsuit against the state's attorney general, Scott Pruitt, after he mandated districts to comply with a special ed bill allowing students to use money for their IEP plans to pay for private school tuition.