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Walcott Moves In

Dennis Walcott, who had served as a NYC deputy mayor and liaison to the school system, was appointed chancellor of New York City schools April 7. He had helped champion mayoral control of the schools and the lifting of the charter school cap.


Saying Goodbye

The nation's longest-serving state schools superintendent, Nancy Grasmick, is retiring on June 30 after 20 years in Maryland. Grasmick was the first female state superintendent in Maryland and is praised for increasing accountability and assessments within the state.


CheatIng Scandal

An investigation by USA Today examined data from D.C. Public Schools and found a high amount of erasures on standardized tests, suggesting widespread cheating under Michelle Rhee's tenure. Rhee denies any cheating occurred on her watch.


Bloomberg Goof

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg forced out Schools Chancellor Cathleen Black, who held the post for less than 100 days, after four top school administrators, including John White who was named the new superintendent of the Recovery School District in New Orleans, left.


Budget Unlawful

Judge Peter Doyne of the Bergen County New Jersey Superior Court, has ruled Gov. Chris Christie's $820 million budget cut to New Jersey public schools unconstitutional for leaving schools unable to provide a “thorough and efficient” education.