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Work With No Pay

The salaries of regional superintendents in Illinois were removed from the state budget, although they have continued to work with no pay—for now. Gov. Pat Quinn has said the state's 44 regional superintendents are elected locally and should be paid by local funds.


Waivers from Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will provide qualifying states a waiver for schools facing sanctions under No Child Left Behind providing they prove another form of accountability. The Obama administration urged Congress to reform the law, yet Congress has failed to do so.


Murder in Maryland

A mother of a special needs student killed both her child and herself after leaving a note, "School—can't deal with school system." Montgomery (Md.) County Public Schools would not pay for her son, Ben Barnhard, to attend a private special needs school.


Support from Damon

Actor Matt Damon, who spoke at the D.C. Save Our Schools rally, has been outspoken about supporting teachers as their tenures and accountability system has come under fire. Damon also spoke out against charter schools and corporate takeover of public schools.


Getting on Board

Anne L. Bryant, executive director of the National School Boards Association, is behind the recent unveiling of a toolkit, Students on Board: A Conversation Between School Board Members and Students, to get board members to talk with students about school climate.