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Diane Allen Who’s the Bully?
After Stuart Chaifetz posted a videotape of teachers bullying his autistic son in a school in the North Bergan (N.J.) School District, N.J. State Sen. Diane Allen proposed a bill that would streamline the dismissal process for teachers found to be bullies. 
Robert Scott TEA Leader Resigns
On July 2, Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott will step down from his role with the Texas Education Association after five years. Although he served longer than any other commissioner in the last 20 years, Scott says the last five years were “grueling.”
 Bill Tucker Going Gates
Bill Tucker, former managing director of the nonprofit education think tank Education Sector, has left the organization to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as deputy director of policy development. Tucker’s previous work focused on virtual schooling.
 Bennett New leader for CPS
On May 31, Barbara Byrd- Bennett took over as interim chief education office, for Noemi Donoso, who resigned in April from Chicago Public Schools less than one year after taking the post. Byrd-Bennett has led reform efforts in Detroit and New York.
  New Alert System
In light of the disappearance of high school student Sierra La Mar, who has been missing since March 16, the Morgan Hill (Calif.) Unified School District changed its alert system to notify parents in the morning and night if their children don’t show up to school.