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Michael WilliamsA Texas First
Texas Gov. Rick Perry named Michael Williams the state education commissioner. He will build on improvements and ensure children are prepared for college and the workplace. Williams is the first African-American in Texas to hold such a post.

Keep Students in Class
Donna LiebermanDonna Lieberman, executive director of the N.Y. Civil Liberties Union, is one of many advocates fighting to keep New York City students in class when it comes to discipline. Students can no longer be suspended for one-time, low-level infractions.


Award-Winning Board
Jose EspinozaThe Socorro Independent School District’s new leader, Jose Espinoza, looks forward to working with an award-winning Board of Trustees (2012 Region 19 Board of the Year) “to further the academic agenda” of one of Texas’ top school districts.

Denies Federal Findings
John HuppenthalAriz. Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal denied findings of a federal civil-rights investigation that the state incorrectly identified some students as proficient in English. A voluntary resolution requires schools to offer intense language instruction.


Interim in Md. District
Alvin CrawleyAlvin Crawley is interim superintendent of Prince George’s County (Md.) Public Schools for the 2012-13 school year. Crawley was deputy chief of programming in the DCPS Office of Special Education and replaces William Hite, Jr., who now leads the School District of Philadelphia.