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Activist Passes

Author, advocate, and defender of public education Gerald Bracey died Oct. 20 at age 69. Renowned as an expert on standardized testing, he released his final book, “Education Hell: Rhetoric vs. Reality,” earlier this year.


National Tech Plan

Karen Cator, the Department of Education’s newly named director of education technology, has drafted the Obama administration’s National Education Technology Plan, revised every five years, and will release it in Jan. 2010.



The American Speech- Language-Hearing Association presented Vice President Joseph R. Biden the 2009 Annie Award on Nov. 23 for speaking openly about his speech impediment as a child in his book, “Promises to Keep.”


New Superintendent

In a unanimous vote, Valeria Silva was named the new superintendent of St. Paul (Minn.) Public Schools. With over 20 years of experience in the district, Silva said that she felt ready to move ahead as the district leader.



Leading educational reformer Ted Sizer died Oct. 21 at the age of 77. Sizer founded the Essential Schools Movement in 1984 and was an organizer and mentor for the Forum for Education and Democracy.