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PLATO Learning

As 2003 draws to a close, I am pleased to look back on a year of great accomplishments made even more special as we celebrated PLATO Learning’s 40th anniversary. Each day we deliver on the promise of our Company mission ? to ensure the success of all learners throughout their lifetimes.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness success every day in elementary schools, middle and high schools, colleges and community programs across the United States and around the globe, and PLATO Learning is privileged to assist educators in bringing that success to students at all stages of learning. The coming year will bring new challenges to states, districts and schools, but continuous improvement in teaching and learning will remain our joint focus. As a leader in computer-based and e-learning instruction, our commitment is to provide outstanding educational technologies and professional development to help leaders meet these evolving challenges.

We partner with thought-leaders in the education industry to ensure that we develop the best products and services for schools, improving the lives of both administrators and students. Earlier this year, we brought together a panel of nationally-recognized education leaders and researchers to offer guidance and recommendations on the best products and research programs that PLATO Learning can develop to address the evolving challenges administrators and teachers face each and every day. It is by partnering with these leaders that PLATO Learning can provide the education community with thought-provoking research such as our recently published white paper, “Choosing and Using Learning Technology: Making Evidence-Based Decisions.” As leaders seeking guidance in sifting through the many programs available to you, and competing for ever-tightening budgets, I encourage you to download this paper via our web site at

We are rewarded by hearing about schools achieving success through the use of PLATO Learning technologies. One telling example is at Calera High School in Shelby County, Alabama. Beth Glasgow, the school’s technology resource teacher, recently shared the story of their success with us. “Just one year after the introduction of PLATO Learning products, 100 percent of our graduating class passed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. We use onsite professional development and PLATO Learning correlation ser vices to assist our teachers, too. Thanks to PLATO Learning, students and teachers at Calera are equipped with the necessary academic skills and tools for a bright future.”

Calera High School illustrates just one of many examples of how we partner for change with every one of our clients. PLATO Learning is proud to be the first education technology company and of our long history of student success. We look forward to continuing our tradition of of leadership and strong partnerships with education leaders as we face another year of challenge.


John Murray, President & CEO, PLATO Learning