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Prediction to Performance

The Science of Managing Student Success.

Closing the achievement gap. Meeting accountability requirements. Improving proficiency rates. Identifying at-risk students earlier. Making more informed instructional decisions. Each of these complex issues is daunting to even the most experienced educator. Still, answering a simple question may make the solutions to these issues more tangible and strategic: Can we predict how students might perform on standardized assessments?

The Significance and Science of Prediction

What if we could accurately assess what students know, use the assessment data to predict student performance on standardized test, deliver the appropriate prescriptive instruction, and report the results as needed? The good news is that most districts already collect and manage data used as the assessment foundation for standards-aligned digital learning solutions. By implementing the proper solution, you could fully utilize that information to close the "instruct-assess-predict-report" cycle and maximize your students' achievements.

Connecting Prediction to Intervention

Pearson Digital Learning offers K-12 solutions to helps you achieve these objectives. With Waterford, SuccessMaker and NovaNet, you can integrate comprehensive reporting with standards-aligned, research-based prescriptive instruction, completing the cycle and supporting the needs for all students.

What you Gain

By pooling the data from hundreds of thousands of students, Pearson Digital Learning has developed methods for painting a highly accurate statistical picture to not only predict how a student will perform on a test today, but also plan for how long it will take him or her to achieve a given performance level in the future.

Maximizing students success and meeting accountability requirements are not mutually exclusive. With the latest technology-based learning solutions-such as Waterford, SuccessMaker, KnowledgeBox and NovaNet-you can do both. Bringing together the expertise of educators and the power of technology to predict performance and target instruction enables you to positively influence your students' present and future success.

About Peggy Kinder

Currently the Vice President of Education for Pearson Digital Learning, Peggy Kinder has worked in public and private education as well as in the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas. As an administrator with a diverse background, she has been responsible for the implementation of many new and emerging technologies.

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