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Prediction to Performance: The Science of Connecting Assessment to Instruction

Retaining students. Reducing dropout rates. Assessing students' strengths and weaknesses. Delivering targeted instruction and intervention. Managing student Achievement.

To meet these challenges and to help all students earn their high school diplomas, schools require something implicitly mandated by No Child Left Behind: a continuous improvement cycle of identifying students who are not progressing, providing additional instruction, and reassessing until students demonstrate competency.

Pearson Digital Learning offers a proven solution to help manage the improvement cycle and, thereby, maximize student achievement. It's called NovaNET.

Connecting Assessment to Instruction

Designed for grades 6-12, NovaNET is a comprehensive, online courseware system that delivers thousands of hours of standards-based, interactive curriculum in the core subject areas and electives, as well as integrated assessment, student management, and record keeping.

NovaNET optimizes individualized learning by using an adaptive instruction model. Central to this model’s, effectiveness are formative assessments, frequent feedback, and valid measures of progress. Research has shown that formative assessments can impact students’ progress if the results are used to inform instructional decisions; provide timely, relevant feedback to students; and engage students in their own learning.

NovaNET houses a valid, reliable assessment called BASI or the Basic Achievement Skills inventory. BASI is a group of self-administered, multiple choice assessments that measure math computation and application vocabulary, spelling, language, mechanics, and reading comprehension skills.

With NovaNET, districts can easily connect assessment to instruction and intervention. Here's how:

1. Initial assessment by BASI identifies students' strengths and weaknesses.

2. Student is placed in NovaNET prescriptive course based on BASI results.

3. Course pretests student to adapt instruction to his or her individualized needs.

4. System continually checks student for understanding and provides feedback.

5. Teacher monitors student progress using BASI as a measure of assessment.

Connecting Student Progress to High Stakes Test Achievement

Educators can take the connection between instruction and assessment to the next level by leveraging NovaNET assessments to manage student achievement district-wide. How? Students' BASI scores can be correlated with their state assessment scores to create targeted goals. In this context, NovaNET acts as a link from state standards to state assessments.

Correlating students' state test results with BASI results provides a statistical relationship between them. The statistical relationship determines a "cut point" or target levels at selected confidence levels. Using the information as a benchmark, educators can identify appropriate instruction and manage student progress.

With this data, we can meet all students' needs and help them soar to their highest potential.

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