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Product Focus

Product Focus: Interaction made simple with projectors

A guide to one segment of education technology
  • Panasonic's PT-CW331R Ultra-short Throw Interactive Projector
  • Epson BrightLink 595Wi
  • Boxlight ProjectoWrite5 Projector
  • Infocus IN2126a Projector
  • Hitachi CP-TW2503 Projector
  • ViewSonic PJD8353s Short Throw Projector
  • Casio XJ-ST145 Short Throw Model Projector
  • SMART Technologies Inc. SMART LightRaise Interactive Projectors
  • Optoma TW610STi+ DLP Projector
  • Sony VPL-SW536CM Short-Throw Projector
  • Mimio MimioProjector

The latest interactive projectors can turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard, allowing for greater collaboration between teachers and students.

Using accessories like digital pens, teachers and students can draw or write notes simultaneously on full-screen and side-by-side projections. Today’s interactive projectors can display 3D images and be connected to smartphones and tablets. All of these functions can help an educator create a more engaging learning experience.

PT-CW331R Ultra-short Throw Interactive Projector


Now with 3D projection, two users of the PT-CW331R can simultaneously write or draw figures on the projected image with an interactive pen. This can be done in either half- or full-screen mode. The projector also can store words and figures drawn on the image to be shared later.

BrightLink 595Wi


From the latest line of BrightLink projectors, the 595Wi is the world’s first touch-enabled 3LCD interactive projector. As many as six students can touch, draw and select using intuitive and familiar gestures. A mouse can be programmed to toggle between frequently used actions. The projector can be mounted directly to a wall or whiteboard.

ProjectoWrite5 Projector


The ProjectoWrite5 features dual screen link, which creates two separate and independent interactive screens. And with the addition of dual pen, two separate presenters can interact with the screens and send content back and forth. Users also can send and display images or web pages from a mobile device. The ProjectoWrite5 can project up to four mobile devices at one time.

IN2126a Projector


The remote control allows users to instantly dim images to divert the students’ attention back to a teacher. Dimming also extends the lamp life. And when teachers plug in the optional LiteBoard adapter, they can convert a classroom wall into a collaborative, interactive workspace. The IN2126a also can display files from Apple or Android notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

CP-TW2503 Projector


The Hitachi CP-TW2503 projector offers improved image quality, flexible connectivity and wireless networking. The projector’s interactive features enable users to take notes on the display or comment by pen or touch. The digital pen auto-calibrates in six seconds. Up to four users can interact with the image at one time and two projectors side-by-side allow for continuous drawing on two screens.

PJD8353s Short Throw Projector


With the optional interactive package that transforms any surface into an interactive whiteboard, this projector supports two interactive pens at once for collaborative teaching. The ViewDraw2 software allows two users to simultaneously write or draw during presentations. Made for small to medium-size classrooms, it can project large images from short distances.

XJ-ST145 Short Throw Model Projector


Teachers and students can control presentations on this projector via smartphones and other mobile devices. With interactive pens and software, the Short Throw Projectors can turn any surface, like a classroom wall, into an interactive whiteboard. With optional software, this projector can add a third dimension to 2D images and video.

SMART LightRaise Interactive Projectors

SMART Technologies Inc.

These projectors allow two students to simultaneously draw and write on a projected image with either a pen or finger. LightRaise projectors can produce screen sizes up to 100 inches (254 cm) in widescreen format. Teachers can use the included SMART Notebook collaborative learning software to create activities and add sound to their lessons.

TW610STi+ DLP Projector


Used as a wall or ceiling mount installation, the Optoma TW610STi+ allows educators to turn any surface into a collaborative workspace. The digital pen can write directly on the screen or be used from a distance. The 3D-ready projector also can project large images from a shorter distance.

VPL-SW536CM Short-Throw Projector


This projector allows two users to collaborate on the same image with supplied pen devices and drawing software. Its short-throw design delivers a large image from an extremely short distance, which reduces glare and creates a clearer view for students. When using the Pixelwork's VueMagic mobile app, the projector can display images from student and teacher tablets wirelessly.



Teachers can use the MimioProjector to display lessons, graphics and images on a dry-erase board or any other flat surface. An accompanying pen or stylus allows teachers and students to manipulate images created with MimioStudio software. For collaborative learning or small-group instruction, two students can simultaneously draw and write on a projected image while using digital pens.