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Product Focus

Product focus: Keeping schools safe with the right surveillance system

Equipment can keep a watchful eye over students and prevent the wrong people from entering
  • Ocularis Mobile by On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.
  • Micro Dome Full HD Network Cameras by Canon
  • Summit Series 960H Super-Res DVRs by FLIR
  • M2014-E Network Camera by Axis Communications
  • FlexiDome Starlight HD 720p Camera by Bosch
  • IS-IP14K by Sentry360
  • Plug & Play NVRs by Speco Technologies

School administrators know they need to try to stop violence before it happens. Having the proper surveillance equipment can help district leaders keep a watchful eye over students and prevent the wrong people from entering a building.

When it comes to surveillance systems, districts have a range of technology from which to choose. Whether it’s a set of cameras, video recording systems, management software, or an all-in-one surveillance package, here are some of the latest security products available for districts.

Micro Dome Full HD Network Cameras


Designed for indoor environments, this new series of network cameras has high-sensitivity sensors and wide-angle lenses to provide HD resolution video, whether its recorded during the day or at night. Video playback can be done directly from the camera’s memory card, without having to download content to a computer.

Ocularis Mobile

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.

Administrators on-the-go can monitor live surveillance video and view synchronized playback of multiple cameras with the Ocularis Mobile application. The app, made for an Apple iPhone or iPad, can stream up to 16 HD cameras. Users also can toggle from multiple camera views to single video streams.

xProtect VMS

Milestone Systems

This video management software is compatible with various IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders, so schools can mix and match hardware that best fits their budget. xProtect can create interactive building maps that display camera locations, providing a consolidated overview of a school’s entire security network.

WV-ASF900 Series


This facial-recognition video surveillance system can be connected to as many as 20 cameras throughout a school. Images of visitors’ faces and their movements in chronological order are stored, and can be viewed by administrators live or at a later date. Users can also create alerts for people registered in the system.

Summit Series 960H Super-Res DVRs


With real-time recording and HDMI connectivity, this video recording system can be accessed remotely at multiple sites. Users can also view multiple video streams from the Summit Series 960H compatible mobile apps available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and iPad.

exacqVision Start VMS

Exacq Technologies

Up to 32 cameras can be connected to this video management system and multiple users can be connected simultaneously. Its search capability enables fast retrieval of desired video, and multi-camera playback lets users view recorded scenes from multiple angles. exacqVision can also be accessed via any web browser and via exacq Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

M2014-E Network Camera

Axis Communications

This small network camera system is designed for smaller indoor and semi-outdoor spaces, like corridors or hallways. Features include motion detection, a tampering alarm that sounds when a camera is damaged, and a built-in slot for a memory card to store video. The camera can be mounted up to 26 feet away from the main control unit.

FlexiDome Starlight HD 720p Camera


This camera provides clear images throughout the day and at night. The day-to-night filter can be switched remotely via video management software, or automatically via a light-level sensor built into the camera. The FlexiDome Starlight also can detect people’s faces in a scene and send a high quality JPEG image of the best shot of each face to administrators.

Plug & Play NVRs

Speco Technologies

This network video recorder can connect up to 16 cameras, and includes full HD recording and playback. Up to four users can concurrently view security camera footage on various internet browsers or via a free iPhone, iPad or Android app. The Plug & Play NVR software also allows users to search for a specific camera or video timestamp.



The IS-IP14K is a compact multi-megapixel network security and surveillance camera. Along with motion detection, the camera also has automatic exposure and white balance capabilities to capture the best picture when lighting changes. Users also can control video brightness, contrast and saturation to adjust to changing conditions.

Video Insight v5.5

Video Insight, Inc.

The latest version of this video surveillance system allows users to manage all cameras, DVRS and other equipment from a single location. Administrators can upload school floor plans to create a visual representation of camera locations. Users also can receive alerts when a server or camera crashes. The system can be monitored remotely with mobile apps that are available for Apple and Android devices.


Maxxess Systems

As a security management system, eFusion acts as a hub for all security hardware and software. It integrates all of a district’s equipment, and can display event video data by network, facility or by geographic area. Other features include alarm management, graphical floor plan support and customized reports.

One Call Now

One Call Now

This software allows schools to quickly send alerts and announcements to parents, teachers, staff, and communities by phone, text message, or email. The system includes 30 pre-recorded and customizable messages translated into 11 languages. Typed messages can be instantly translated into one of 52 languages.