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First-ever national Digital Learning Day on Feb. 1 attracted participation from 39 states, 15,000 teachers and 1.7 million students . – Alliance for Excellent Education (2012)

eInstruction eInstruction
Insight 360, starting at $1,299
This new formative instruction system allows educators to teach interactive lessons, measure student understanding, and track progress with one device. Insight 360 can be used with an interactive whiteboard and student response systems and can track longitudinal reporting against standards to ensure measurable student growth. Insight360 can also be used with the new Mobi360 application for the iPad.

Elmo USA elmo
Student Response System, starting at $989 for class set
Elmo USA, whose main product line focuses on document cameras and digital presentation solutions, recently released its first student response system (SRS). Handheld clickers allow students to participate in quizzes, tests or interactive lessons. Teachers can instantly view the results and adjust instruction accordingly. This SRS features visual effects such as countdowns, graphics celebrating correct answers, and competitions for the quickest answer. Teachers can also analyze data if used with iRespond software.

eScholar escholar
myTrack, pricing based on number of students
This new student-centered solution allows for collaborative goal planning. myTrack uses data from eScholar’s Complete Data Warehouse to give educators a better understanding of each student’s needs. It personalizes education by identifying at-risk students early, recommending effective interventions, monitoring student progress, and engaging students in the goal-setting process.

Enova DGX 16, contact AMX for pricing
AMX’s new digital media switchers include the Enova DGX 16, which features AMX technologies SmartScale, InstaGate Pro and the NetLinx Controller. This modular matrix switcher is a future-proof HDMI/HDCP solution that can scale to any resolution. Each video board provides four connections, and each enclosure holds four video input and four video output boards up to a maximum matrix of 16x16.

Casio casio
XJ-A146 SLIM Projectors, starting at $999
Casio’s newest line of SLIM projectors weighs only five pounds and is one of the thinnest high-brightness projectors on the market. The XJ-A146 has a wide-angle 2X power zoom lens that allows for a wide projection distance. The projector comes equipped with USB capabilities, a presentation timer and MobiShow, which makes presentations possible from most mobile devices.

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