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“Ninety-one percent of teachers reported having access to computers in their classrooms, but only 22 percent said they have the right level of technology.” – Source: PBS Learning Media (2012)


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Fuse
Fuse Algebra 1: Common Core Edition, $59.99
This full algebra 1 curriculum is now available for the Apple iPad. Fuse is a mobile platform that allows teachers to personalize learning through guided instructional videos and formative assessment. This edition is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and is available at Apple’s App Store. Fuse is also available for algebra 2 and geometry.


Blackboard Analytics, pricing based on subscription
Analytics provides data warehousing and reporting solutions to help teachers and administrators use data to more effectively engage students and improve performance. Analytics for Learn, which is currently in field trial, will work with Blackboard’s learning management system and is scheduled to be available this spring.


Canon canon
VB-M600VE IP Security Camera, starting at $1,299
This IP security camera from Canon is a vandal-resistant dome camera that can be used to record video in remote locations on school campuses. The camera comes with built-in video analytics that detect abandoned, moving or removed objects along with abnormal sound levels. It’s also equipped with the Easy Setup PTRZ Tool software application, which allows the pan, tilt, rotation, zoom and focus to be set from a remote location after installation.


Epson mega
MegaPlex MG-850HD Projector, $799
Epson’s newest portable projector has a built-in dock to connect an iPod, iPhone or iPad. With built-in 10-watt speakers, a mic input to capture the speaker’s voice, and a clear picture with HD 720p resolution and 2800 lumens, this 3LCD projector is all you need for a presentation. Epson says the lamp will last up to 5,000 hours.


KarbonStream karbonpad
KarbonPad Tablet, contact KarbonStream for pricing
The write-on tablet by KarbonStream makes it easy for students and educators to collect, analyze and use data. KarbonPad’s processor uses a stroke-analysis algorithm that translates numbers and symbols into data. No special stylus pens are required—paper, pens, pencils and erasers are suitable for this device. The 14.5-inch by 10.5-inch tablet weighs just over two pounds.


Empowering Writers empowering
The Essential Guide to Writing, $75
Empowering Writers has released a new writing guide to help school districts make the transition to Common Core State Standards. As required by the Common Core, narrative, expository and persuasive writing are addressed, along with poetry, basic research skills and response to the text. The Essential Guide to Writing series is available for grades 2, 3, 4 and 5. Empowering Writers recommends that this guide be used with the narrative and expository comprehensive guides. 

BenQ BenQ
MW860USTi, $2,499
This new projector from BenQ features a brightness of 3,000 lumens and is equipped with the PointDraw Pen 2.0, enabling real-time teacher-student interaction. The PointDraw Pen allows students to contribute to the lesson from anywhere in the classroom with faster response time up to 25 feet away from the board. Other features include 20-watt built-in speakers along with LAN and USB display settings. This projector is 3D ready.


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