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Programs to Bolster Your Career

Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.

Program Title: Non-Credit Continuing

Education Course

Description: University College partnered with faculty members from the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education to offer a noncredit professional development program for K12 administrators. The program covers contract negotiations, human resources, board of education meetings and electronic records management. Upon completion, a noncredit certificate is given.

Format: Online and classroom

Association for Supervision and

Curriculum Development, Alexandria, Va.

Description: Classes for administrators cover various topics, including contemporary school leadership, conflict resolution and effective leadership. Interactive, self-paced courses provide flexibility. Courses are up-to-date with instructional strategies and learning theories and include video and audio clips, tips from experts and actual classroom examples, as well as instructional strategies and learning theories.

Format: Online

The Broad Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif.

Program Title: The Broad Superintendents


Description: Prepares executives who have successfully led large organizations and have a passion for public service and places them in urban districts to dramatically improve the quality of education. Operates like an executive training program. Participants attend weekend sessions over 10 months while continuing to work in their current jobs. Sessions cover CEO-level skills and the best practices in education reform leadership.

Format: Weekend sessions

Chapman University, Irvine, Calif.

Description: Professional development credits used for professional advancement. Offers follow-up seminars, independent study courses, and workshops for administrators.

Format: Online, workshops and conferences

College Board, New York, N.Y.

Program Titles: Building an AP Program: A Workshop for Administrators, Pre-AP Instructional Leadership Through AP Vertical Teams

Description: Workshops for K12 administrators touch on topics related to developing, managing, coaching and coordinating an AP program, pre-AP strategies, AP vertical teams, and the PSAT/NMSQT. Participants learn leadership and administrative techniques and tactics.

Format: Online and classroom

Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Description: Provides professional development in integrating technology into the classroom for K12 technology coordinators, principals and superintendents. Includes a combination of essential hands-on and theoretical work and is designed to make use of new technologies.

Format: Online


Offered through the University of Wisconsin, Black Hills State University, and North Dakota State University, among others

Program Titles: Leadership, Podcasts in

the Classroom

Description: Offers a range of highly interactive courses online and geared toward professional development. Courses are designed to help administrators improve professional skills as well as learn about new technology and processes.

Format: Online

EdTech Leaders Online, Newton, Mass.

Description: Offers high-quality online professional development workshops for K12 administrators focused on specific subject areas and grade levels. Standards-based, project-based workshops are kept up-to-date by leading experts in educational technology. They include six sessions and an online overview to learning.

Format: Online

The Economics Center for Education and Research, Cincinnati, Ohio

Description: Provides professional development for K12 administrators, as well as courses and workshops for graduate credit through the University of Cincinnati or for noncredit participation. Educators obtain lesson plans, activities and cross-curricular content while enhancing instruction, planning and student performance.

Format: Classroom

Holyoke Community College,

Holyoke, Mass.

Program Titles: Understanding Aggression in the Classroom, Advanced Classroom Management

Description: Provides courses with Virtual Education Software for administrators consisting of interactive instruction on strategies for teaching students with special behavioral and learning needs. Courses allow K12 administrators to work on their own schedule, and independent study options exist.

Format: Online

Northcentral University, Prescott

Valley, Ariz.

Program Titles: Non-Degree Studies,

Degree Programs

Description: Offers degree and nondegree programs through the School of Education and provides courses and degree specializations designed to meet the needs of education professionals.

Format: Online


Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.

Program Title: Elementary and Secondary School Administration

Description: The Professional Development Program offers a range of programs and workshops, consulting services, graduate level courses and degrees to educators.

Format: Online and classroom

Nova Southeastern University, North Miami Beach, Fla.

Program Titles: Institutional Technology,

Distance Education

Description: The Fischler School of Education and Human Services provides programs in leadership, teaching and learning, human development and family studies, training and professional development, instructional technology and distance education, and communication sciences and disorders.

Format: Online and classroom

Penn State University, State College, Pa.

Description: The College of Education offers credit and noncredit courses for K12 administrators, principal licensing programs and professional development opportunities. The Law and Education Institute Conference aims to educate participants on prevalent legal issues.

Format: Classroom, conferences and workshops


Scholastic RED, New York, N.Y.

Program Title: Developing Foundations for Early Childhood Success, High School Literacy

Description: Combination of online learning and site-based study groups that aim to improve classroom instruction and raise student achievement

Format: Online and classroom

Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J.

Program Titles: Continuing Education,

Professional Studies

Description: The Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies works with Seton Hall University’s colleges and schools to provide opportunities for working professionals to continue their education.

Format: Online and classroom

University of Alabama, Huntsville, Ala.

Description: The Department of Educator Programs designs, develops and conducts quality credit and noncredit professional development programs to meet in-service needs of K12 administrators and staff.

Format: Online and classroom


University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md.

Description: Continuing and Professional Studies department offers professional development programs for administrators.

Format: Online and classroom

University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.

Program Title: Professional Development for School Administrators

Description: The Instructional Coaching Institute is designed to help principals and school leaders learn to coach faculty members to embed standards-based education into systems and practices of their schools. Participants practice how to coach others in “learning how to learn” through relationships, collaboration and commitment, with a focus on increasing teaching effectiveness.

Format: Online and classroom

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minn.

Program Title: Education Policy and


Description: Professional development courses ranging from licensing K12 administrators to become superintendents to courses for improving administrative skills. The administrative licensure program is designed to address the competencies the state requires for various licenses.

Format: Classroom

University of Pennsylvania,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Program Titles: Principal Licensing,

Educational Leadership

Description: A comprehensive professional development and curricular enhancement program for pre-K12 educators.

Format: Workshops, conferences, online

and classroom

University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education, Los Angeles, Calif.

Program Titles: School Business Management Certificate, Professional Preparation for

Reading, Differentiated Curriculum for Gifted and High-Ability Learners

Description: Provides programs designed to meet continuing learning needs of practitioners and academics, and in administration and leadership for all education fields. Content includes administration, leadership and educational psychology.

Format: Online and classroom

University of Virginia, Richmond, Va.

Program Titles: Technology Leadership,

Adolescent Literacy

Description: The Center for K-12 Education at the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies delivers courses, conferences, degree programs, endorsements, licensure programs and workshops. Courses and programs can be tailored to fit a school’s needs.

Format: Online, classroom and workshops

University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

Program Titles: Principal Certification, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Custom-Designed Professional Development

Description: The Center for Educational Learning’s offerings are custom designed around the needs of principals and central office leaders through one-day or multiday sessions.

Format: Classroom and online