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Projecting a Positive Experience in Phys Ed Class

Adam Ebbole, a physical education teacher at the Ravenswood Ridge Elementary Network in Chicago, Illinois, has discovered an innovative way to solve the often awkward problem of picking teams during daily gym class, avoiding the sometimes painful popularity contest that is team selection. Ebbole received a new Epson VS210 Projector from and he’s putting it to great use.

“I have an iPad app that I use with the projector,” he explains, “It picks the groups for the students, which is both a time saver and also prevents any student from being the last choice for sports groups.” Ebbole uses the app’s features to make sure that his school’s high population of students with special needs aren’t “…waiting around after all the athletic kids are picked” and he also uses the projection app to “break up groups of students who may be more likely to talk than exercise.”

Activities in the Spotlight

Mr. Ebbole is a busy educator, teaching 450 students in 15 classes, grades K-8. He uses his new projector in a variety of ways. “I use it for the kindergartners a lot. I usually can’t hold their attention for 50 minutes, so if I use the projector to screen an exercise video, like yoga, they’re not just glued to the screen, they’re also active the entire time. I can also introduce all the kids to new and international sports, like tchoukball, and using videos is the best way to show them how to play.”

Making the Most of Class Time in Physical Education

Students in Ebbole’s class also learn time management. Using his iPad, he projects a timer for students, helping them get through the exercise stations faster than when he used a stopwatch. With their eyes on the projected countdown, students kept time on their own and finished the exercise course on time so they could spend more time in their favorite sports activities during class. He also uses the projected timer to explain to students that participation affects their grades. “With half the time left on the clock, I’d see students who hadn’t been active at all. I was able to start a conversation with them about what their grade should be if they only did half the work. They’ve realized that I watch them more carefully than they assumed!”

60 Seconds of Inspiration…Projected Daily

Mr. Ebbole uses his new projector for every class, every day. He says, “As a gym teacher, I get every excuse under the sun. I went to college with Matt Scott, a Paralympic basketball athlete. He lost the use of his legs early in his life, and Nike® featured him in a TV spot called,” No Excuses.” I play this every day for every class. It’s only one minute long, but it makes quite an impression on the kids because you don’t see he’s in a wheelchair until the end.”

Projection Technology Gets Physical

The use of projection technology across the curriculum often concentrates in the reading, math, science, and social studies areas, but Adam Ebbole’s practical, strategic use of his new projector spotlights that great results are possible when committed educators have powerful tools to engage and motivate learners.