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Product Focus

Promoting creativity and learning with science lab equipment

New products for chemistry, biology and physics labs allow more engaging and safer experiments
  • Echo Meter Touch by Wildlife Acoustics
  • Heart and Lungs Lab App by Isygames
  • SPARKvue by PASCO
  • QBiC MS-1 Wide Angle Wearable Camera by Elmo
  • DataHub by Ward’s Science
  • Starter Electrochemistry Meters by OHAUS Corporation
  • Vernier Energy Sensor by Vernier
  • ChemAssist Mobile App by Fisher Scientific
  • MiScope by Zarbeco
  • STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning

Technology is revolutionizing the study of science in K12. New products for chemistry, biology and physics labs allow more engaging and, in some cases, safer experiments.

Following the BYOD and 1-to-1 trend, many of these products come with mobile apps so students can take their inquiries outside the classroom and analyze data instantly in the field.

Echo Meter Touch

Wildlife Acoustics

Used for homework or field trips, the new Echo Meter Touch from Wildlife Acoustics echolocates and identifies bat species in real time. The key-fob sized device captures the ultrasonic waves and records them through an iOS mobile app.

The Echo Meter Touch plugs into any Apple mobile device. Teachers and students also have access to a bat biology curriculum with in-class activities, field work and at-home projects.

Heart and Lungs Lab App


This mobile app includes simulations that teach students how the human cardiovascular and respiratory systems work.

Heart and Lungs Lab includes a school-level anatomy study guide, a practice test with two levels of difficulty, and six different labs for learning about the heart and lungs through exploration and experimentation.



With this mobile app, students and teachers can share data and collaborate on science lab activities in real time. It includes assessment and journaling features for observations, and 70-plus free interactive lab activities. Educators can also design their own interactive labs and create customized assessment questions. The free SPARKvue app is available for iPad, Android and Chromebook.

QBiC MS-1 Wide Angle Wearable Camera


This wide-angle wearable camera has a short throw lens that lets users record science experiments from less than one inch away. The super wide-angle feature allows students to shoot creative high resolution photos or Full HD video. The camera also connects wirelessly to iOS and Android smartphones through the QBiC App for instant uploading to Facebook, Instagram or any social media.


Ward’s Science

The DataHub probeware system—which includes software and devices used to make scientific measurements—can have 12 to 15 probes in one compact, wireless unit. Students in physics, general science, biology, chemistry and environmental science classrooms can wirelessly transmit data from the DataHub to any mobile device using Bluetooth technology. Built-in GPS enables location-based data collection, plotting and real-time data analysis.

Starter Electrochemistry Meters

OHAUS Corporation

Available for the 2014-15 academic year, this new line of lab equipment can be used in electrochemistry and water quality experiments in a variety of science fields. Products include pH and conductivity meters along with meters that test for salinity, total dissolved oxygen, total solids and oxidation-reduction potential in water.

Vernier Energy Sensor


The Vernier Energy Sensor is designed to study renewable energy systems. Students can connect the device to a small wind turbine or solar panel to measure current and voltage. Data analysis software—such as Logger Pro or the LabQuest mobile app—can then calculate power and energy output.

ChemAssist Mobile App

Fisher Scientific

Science teachers can manage their stock chemicals using the free ChemAssist mobile app. Available for use on Apple devices, users can scan the QR code on any Fisher Science Education chemical’s label to inventory the item. Chemicals from other brands may be added to the app’s inventory manually. ChemAssist also sends notifications when it’s time to reorder chemicals.



This digital microscope combines a video camera, precision optics and LED lighting in a device that fits in the palm of one’s hand. MiScope’s 40-140X magnification lets students examine the fine details of insects, textiles, electronics or any other tiny object. Images can be viewed on a computer screen as well through a small eyepiece. Students can capture photos or movies while taking measurements and drawing on live photos.


Accelerate Learning

The online, inquiry-based curriculum can be used as a core science curriculum or as a supplement. STEMscopes provides digital learning materials, assessments and ready-made science kits for each grade level. Teachers have access to 35 resources per standard and can develop lesson plans with an intuitive dashboard and drag-and-drop system.

Late Night Labs

Macmillian New Ventures

Appropriate for some AP-level high school curricula, Late Night Labs recreates a traditional science lab environment on the computer. For classrooms and online programs, the virtual chemistry, biology and physics labs let students explore in a safe, interactive environment. Each experiment module comes equipped with all necessary instruments, materials and texts.