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Proud to be part of the solution

A letter to educators from CDI's chief

Dear Educator,

These days, the economy and the environment are high on everyone's lists of concerns. Here at CDI, we're proud to be part of the solution in both those areas by helping school districts meet their technology goals in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.

We know that every computer we sell represents a significant savings for a school. If that school was accustomed to buying brand new Dell computers and it now purchases CDI Certified Dell computers, school officials can either afford a lot more technology for their budget or they can divert some funds earmarked for technology to other programs. Either way, we are helping children get a better education, and that is important to us.

We also know that every computer purchased from us is a computer that did not have to be manufactured from raw natural resources. By recertifying secondhand computers, we extend the life of existing technology and help prevent toxic waste from being created. Recertification creates almost no waste, requires very few resources and is largely the product of labor and expertise, not material. Since we ship over 10,000 computers a month, the environmental benefit is significant.

As the CEO of CDI, I am proud to be running a successful company and providing employment for almost 200 families. But the real goal is to get more computers in the hands of students, while doing our part for the environment. For the last few years, CDI has been achieving that dual goal extremely well.

We thank our educational customers for this success and we remain excited about the opportunity to help your students prepare for the future.


Saar Pikar, CEO

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