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Questions for Superintendents

Sponsor: Spectrum K12 School Solutions

1.Have you considered the potential of RTI to unify your school district by eliminating the silos of special and general education?

2.Are you embedding the key components of RTI into your school improvement process to maximize achievement for all students?

3.Do you know the Return on Intervention for your district, including the return on your investment dollar, any change in the referral rate for special education, and which interventions are working?

4.Are you considering the potential benefit of shared and coordinated resources across your district by redirecting the 15% of IDEA Flow-through Funds earmarked for Early Intervening Services?

5.Are you taking advantage of sharing personnel such as school psychologists and speech pathologists, who were permitted to work only with special education students prior to IDEA 2004 and who may now focus on prevention?

6.Are you considering the benefits of RTI implementation for student behavior as well as academic performance?

7.Do you know that teachers report feeling more supported when addressing the learning challenges of their students when they get the RTI team’s targeted involvement and assistance?