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Questions for Superintendents

Sponsor: Spectrum K12 School Solutions

1. Have you developed an action plan that addresses the sharing of information and the building of consensus to guide and support RTI implementation?

2. Have you ensured that the necessary level of agreement has been reached and documented with internal and external stakeholders to proceed with RTI implementation?

3. Have you identified the district systems and data including leadership roles, funding sources and decision-making processes that are in place to support RTI and ensure accountability?

4. Have you identified your role and the role that central administration will play in implementing RTI?

5. Has a district-level needs assessment been developed and completed that analyzes your district’s framework supporting universal, strategic and intensive instruction?

6. Have you reviewed and analyzed the current performance of students receiving universal, strategic and intensive instruction with your leadership team?

7. Have you considered the integration of the RTI implementation action plan into school improvement and professional development plans for a unified effort and the efficient use of resources?

8. Do you have a district-wide evaluation process in place to assess the fidelity of RTI implementation, impact on student outcomes and effectiveness of interventions and instruction?