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Report breaks down school revenues, spending

Districts reported spending $520.6 billion on “all education functions” in FY 2011

The median revenues per pupil for public schools were $12,054 in fiscal year 2011, while the expenditures per student were $10,326, says a report on K12 finances from the National Center for Education Statistics.

School districts reported revenues of just over $607 billion in fiscal year 2011, with about 43 percent of the money ($264.6 billion) coming from local governments and 44 percent ($267.8 billion) provided by states. The federal government added just under $75 billion (12.3 percent).

Districts reported spending $520.6 billion on “all education functions” in FY 2011, with 65.5 percent ($341.1 billion) spent on instruction and 30 percent ($158.2 billion) on support services, the report says.

States spending the most per pupil were Alaska ($25,132), District of Columbia ($18,475), New York ($18,133), Wyoming ($16,744), and Connecticut ($15,056). There was a wide range in spending among the nation’s 100 biggest districts—New York City Schools spent the most per pupil, at $19,770, while the Alpine School District in Utah spent the least, at $5,361.

After New York, districts spending the most per pupil were:

Boston City Schools ($19,181)

Baltimore City Schools ($15,483)

Montgomery County Schools, Maryland ($15,421)

Howard County Schools, Maryland ($15,139)

Atlanta Public Schools ($14,483)

Anchorage School District ($14,439)

Milwaukee City School District ($14,244)

Columbus City Schools ($14,213)