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Resources for District Leaders

Our latest picks for books and materials



My Website Is Better Than Yours: Learn HTML and Web Design from the Inside Out!, $19/PDF, $29/paperback

My Website Is Better Than Yours, written by Nicholas Longo, CoffeeCup Software's founder, teaches readers how to create a Web site that stands out above the rest. It covers the fundamentals of the Internet and Web sites, HTML tables and HTML basics, and Web page formatting. Other sections include cascading style sheets, creating and using forms, an introduction to scripting and DHTML, search engine optimization, Web site security and e-commerce, and the deconstructing of popular Web sites.



Two Years to a Career in Computers and Information Technology, $32.95

Author Claire Wyckoff examines 10 job profiles in the growing field of technology that are available to students with two-year degrees. Intended for students in grades 9 and up, each volume looks at a separate technology industry based on the Department of Education's Career Clusters. Each features approximately 10 to 12 informative articles on jobs, followed by appendixes providing job-seeking and interview tips. Job profiles include computer programmer, computer repair technician, computer systems installer, computer-aided drafter and designer, cybersecurity expert and more.



What Works in K-12 Online Learning , $37.95

What Works in K-12 Online Learning by Cathy Cavanaugh and Robert Blomeyer provides a comprehensive overview of effective online teaching and learning practices. Based on extensive experience and research, it covers a full spectrum of topics including virtual course development, online learning in elementary classrooms, differentiating instruction online, professional development for teachers of virtual courses, one-to-one laptop programs, and the future challenges that virtual schools face.



The Little Mac Book, Leopard edition,, $19.99

The Little Mac Book, now published in color by author and teacher Robin Williams, introduces first-time Mac users to the basic features of a Macintosh computer. Her step-by-step directions address a variety of areas, including surfing the Web and using the mouse, menu commands, and keyboard shortcuts.



Virtual Reference on a Budget: Case Studies,, $39.95

Virtual Reference on a Budget by Teresa Dalston and Michael Pullin is a practical resource guide that offers advice on how to create a virtual reference service in schools or public libraries without purchasing expensive hardware and software. It includes resources to help library media specialists sell the idea of virtual reference to administrators and technology coordinators. Contributors also address the knowledge and skills needed in using and evaluating electronic databases, Internet materials and online services with hands-on experience in these areas, plus exploration of issues in offering online services.



Transforming Schools with Technology,, $26.95

Author Andrew Zucker argues that technology can and will play a central role in efforts to achieve crucial education goals. He develops his arguments by drawing on the latest information about digital technologies and what we know about how they affect teaching and learning in real schools. He offers a unique perspective on both the promise and pitfalls of investing in digital tools and tackles compelling educational goals for technology, such as making schools engaging and relevant and improving the ways in which educators measure and account for learning.



A Quick Reference Guide to Mastering All That Is Leopard!,, $29.99

This quick reference guide by best-selling author and educator Robin Williams is not written for intermediate or advanced users, but instead, it's perfect for those beginning the Leopard OS learning process. Readers can read from start to finish, or jump to areas of interest to uncover new and exciting Mac tools, such as Spaces, Quick Look, and Time Machine. The book covers the enhanced features for favorites such as Mail and iChat as well.



Seriously Cool 3D Tricks in Photoshop,, $11.99

Author Chad Perkins introduces readers to new 3D features in Adobe Photoshop CS3. For this book, Perkins, a classroom instructor and video presenter, has taken excerpts from his book Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended to cover layering styles on 3D objects. Additional coverage is given to adjusting luminance of 3D objects, using layer masks on 3D layers and playing back 3D animations.