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Reading Comprehension: Strategies for Independent Learners, 2nd ed., $34.00

In this revised and updated edition, professors of education Camille Blachowicz and Donna Ogle present practical, researchbased approaches to comprehension instruction. The authors describe specifi c classroom practices to help students in grades K9 compare and evaluate print and online sources, develop vocabulary, build study and test-taking skills, and become motivated readers. This edition includes new research on informational literacy and academic and content-specific vocabulary development, and explores the impact of recent federal initiatives. The text also includes sample activities, classroom- and text-based examples, resource lists, and reproducible classroom tools.



Powerful Learning: What We Know about Teaching for Understanding,, $26.95

This comprehensive compendium of effective K12 teaching practices addresses projectbased learning, cooperative learning and performancebased assessment, as well as instructional strategies in literacy, math and science. Eight authors explore the ways in which these models generate meaningful student understanding through rich classroom stories and correlating videos of innovative teaching available online. The book offers insights into the best ways educators can enable students to think critically, transfer skills and knowledge, and become flexible problem solvers.



NETS-S: Visual Arts Units for All Levels,, $44.95

Mark Gura, former director of instructional technology for the New York City public school system, promotes the creative use of technology to provide highly motivating, relevant art activities for students. Twenty classroom projects cover such skills as working with graphics files, creating slide shows, hyperlinking multimedia, creating digital animation, working in virtual reality, and more. These projects are flexible enough that they can be modifi ed for use in a variety of grade levels and classroom situations. Art media include drawing, painting, design, drafting, printmaking, sculpture and threedimensional design, which are also contextualized in general and art-specific historical and cultural studies designed to engage students through reflection, analysis and criticism.



Integrating Literacy and Math: Strategies for K6 Teachers,, $25.00

Authors Ellen Fogelberg, Carole Skalinder, Patti Satz, Barbara Hiller, Lisa Bernstein and Sandra Vitantonio explore methods of incorporating math content into the language arts block to help students gain skills for reading many kinds of texts. By bringing reading, writing and talking into the math classroom, this text’s approach seeks to support the development of conceptual knowledge and problem solving in addition to computational skills. The book explains integrated instruction and gives teachers the tools to make it possible. Grounded in current best practices for both language arts and math, the book also includes planning advice, learning activities, assessment strategies, reproducibles and other resources, plus real-world classroom examples.



Teaching English Language Learners: Strategies That Work,, $29.99

In this authoritative resource, professors of education Katharine Davies Samway and Dorothy Taylor offer hundreds of ideas, strategies and tips for bringing diverse English Language Learners successfully into the educational mainstream. Through frank, accurate and insightful information, the authors examine over 90 specific teaching situations educators may encounter when working with ELL students in grade 6 and up, including socio-cultural, listening, speaking, reading and writing situations. The book also addresses parent issues and includes appendices with book lists for further reading as well as Web sites and other reference materials for continued study.