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Resources to Get Up to Speed

Organizations offer courses and other resources designed for administrators to learn what they need to know about technology.

ASCD’s PD Online offers 110 courses on everything from Common Core State Standards to literacy strategies to STEM education. (

ASCD also offers PD In Focus 2.0. “This constant connection to on-demand video can help energize staff members and makes theories on instructional improvement come to life,” the website states.

The online video library and handouts are searchable by topic, grade level, subject, and classroom type. “Users can collaborate around the videos, rate them, and keep an online journal of observations.” (

International Society of Technology in Education provides a catalog of online courses, webinars, and books on subjects like digital citizenship, digital storytelling, and project-based learning, known as NETS for Administrators (similar products exist for students, teachers, coaches, and computer educators).

The organization describes them as supporting standards to evaluate the skills and knowledge that administrators need to support digital age learning and implement technology. “Transforming schools into digital age places of learning requires leadership from people who can accept new challenges and embrace new opportunities.” (

Through another important resource, the Leading Edge Certification program, administrators can link up with other district leaders and build their own technology and leadership capacity. (