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Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control Version 4.0, Software $6,995

This updated version of network traffic management solution software includes traffic monitoring, such as detecting threats in e-mail; traffic reporting; spam blocking; content filtering; bandwidth management; firewall security.

The newest version, with extensive reporting and security functions, also helps network administrators meet the increase in legal and regulatory requirements.

Silvan S. Tomkins Institute

Managing Shame, Preventing Violence: A Call to Our Teachers, Video $29.95

This video empowers teachers of any grade to understand and reduce student rudeness, incivility, sexual misbehavior and explosive violence. The video uses two decades of research at the Silvin S. Tomkins Institute.

The hour-long video shows examples from movies, television shows, news broadcasts and other materials so teachers can spot the "minor" problem before it leads to disruptive classroom behavior.

Research Press

CARE Child and Adolescent Risk Evaluation: A Measure of the Risk for Violent Behavior, Test kit $75

Developed as a prevention tool to identify youths at risk of committing violence, the CARE Kit test includes 25 assessment forms, 25 case management forms and a manual. The assessment form measures risk factors, such as peer relations, and protective factors associated with youth violence. The Case Management Planning Form uses information from the assessment to help measure the intensity of potential problems and identify the types of intervention needed. And the manual provides instructions for scoring and completing forms. It also reveals the development and validity of the program.

MGT of America

MGT School Safety and Security Audit, Data analysis From $5,000 to $10,000/school based on number of schools and enrollment

This national consulting firm for K-12 discovered that an effective data collection process can help districts and schools identify various factors affecting safety and security. Data can be gathered annually and then safety and security goals can be assessed. Methods to gather such information include: checklists, focus groups, safety committee minutes, video cameras in school buses and high traffic areas as well as prevention hotline recordings.

Data Management

School Security VP2, Visitor sign-in system

Prices vary depending on size and numbers of badges, ranging from $69 for 400 large badges to $129 for 1,400 small badges. Volume discounts are available

This new Visitor Pass2 is a visitor sign-in system that helps schools raise the level of safety and security. It provides individual self-adhesive visitor badges and creates a confidential, chronological log of all visitors. While creating an automatic visitor registration of guest sign-ins, School Security VP2 labels cost less than alternative badges.

With the VP2, visitors sign in on a label and a duplicate of each badge creates a confidential record of all visitors.

Pearson SkyLight

Bully Prevention: Tips and Strategies for School Leaders and Classroom Teachers, Book $27.95

Author Elizabeth Barton creates a guide for school leaders and educators that defines the bully-victim-witness relationship and offers tips to pinpoint bullying behaviors in class. She shows intervention techniques using conflict resolution and methods for developing students' social skills.

The book also covers legislation regarding bullying behavior and legal responsibilities of schools, as well as proven strategies and sample anti-bullying programs to give examples on how to deal with bullies in school.

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